Monday, July 20, 2009

Still Crocheting...

Wanna see the latest projects? LOL

I just finished this bathrobe this morning. It took a few days to make the body part. It's 7 1/2 inches long/tall. It took a bit of time (and I had to rest my wrist a couple of times) to get enough rows crocheted to reach that amount. The rest of it went fairly quickly.
And, yep, there was a pattern for slippers! Jessica picked the colors and specifically asked for the slippers to be made first. LOL
This is not a great shot of Jessica's swim suit cover-up. I haven't pressed it at all yet and you can tell. The girls also asked for a tote bag and a beach ball.
The tote bag was fun, but I couldn't find the beach ball anywhere when I was taking pictures. I used a variagated thread (that you can see on the handle & top row of the tote bag) to crochet the beach ball. If I find it, I'll share if you want.

We took Grandpa with us for swim lessons and lunch this morning.
He was quite impressed with both girls' abilities.
After lunch we headed back over to Adventure Golf because the girls wanted to play another round. We didn't bring the camera this time. It turned out to be good that we didn't, because 1/2 way through the course we were caught in a thunderstorm and got a good soaking for about 10 minutes!(there really wasn't any place to get shelter and the camera would have gotten pretty wet) We continued to play since we weren't going to melt...LOL The sun came back out before we finished the last hole. We tried a different course this time and weren't overly thrilled with it. It was a tougher one, full of obstacles. The girls were a smidge frustrated, but soldiered on very well. It was still a lot of fun and we've got the story of getting caught in a rainstorm! Oh and Amy got a hole in one for the first time! Yay, Amy!

That's it from me today. We'll be taking Grandpa to the airport in the morning so he can continue on to Minnesota. He's going to visit his mom, who is turning 98 later this week! She lives in International Falls, and that's where my dad grew up.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Til next time...



Kathi Carlson said...

Wow! Your dad is coming to my neck of the woods ... or close. Tell him to bring a sweatshirt! Highs in the high 60s and low 70s. Mornings and evenings chilly - very fall-like.

The Barbie duds are gorgeous. Glad, too, the girls had the chance to impress Grandpa with their aquatic abilities. I'm sure he's quite taken with those two sweethearts. The photos are great. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

OK Jeanne..just when I think I have seen the cutest thing ever that you have do another one! Those slippers are just the BEST!!! I am just loving them. And the bathrobe...just perfect. The bag and wrap also are just amazing.
Love the swimming pics! Sorry Grandpa is leaving tomorrow! You look and sound like you all had a great time though.
Thanks for sharing with us Jeanne.

Alanna said...

I love all the items you crochet for your girls' barbies.

Fun pictures of your day. I'm glad you all are having a good time.

Sharli said...

I want to grow up to be one of your barbie dolls!!! YOu make the cutest things for them!

Love the photos and glad Grandpa had such a good visit! The story about playing miniature golf in the rain sounded like it might have been "sad" but you all just "made-do" and enjoyed it anyway! That's the spirit!

Kim Burmeister said...

Holy Moly, Jeanne! The new additions to Barbie's wardrobe are awesome! Cute, cute, cute!

I bet grandpa is sooo proud! Love the pics you keep showing us. You need to participate in the 365 challenge next year with me.

AaronB said...

Barbie looks great! And I love the tote!

Jean said...

Oh my gosh, slippers! Tiny cute slippers!! My eyes are crossing just thinking about trying to crochet that. Awesome!

Sparkle said...

What a great robe! I love those slippers though!

-Julie said...

Barbie is oh-so well dressed at your house! She pretty much stays naked around here!
The girls look like they are doing awesome in the pool! Glad you had such a great visit with your dad!

mE said...

Jeanne, Dahhhhhling....

You're turnin into quite the Barbie fashionista! I love this!


** Maricar ** said...

Your Barbie is stylin ... Your crocheting is amazing. You're such the crafter!

Kariberry said...
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Kariberry said...

Wow his mom is 98! How cool!
That is one well dressed Barbie doll. Will you teach your daughter's how to knit? My mom taught me. I remember sitting on the floor by her side.{she was in the chair} Nice memories make me smile and miss her. TFS
Nice pictures too!