Saturday, August 30, 2008

Floral Frenzy Card

100_4682 When I saw this card on Debbie Olson's Thinking Inking blog, I knew I had to make one for myself. She explains well how she cut out the rectangle with her Nestabilities. I'm sure you could also use your trimmer. I decided to run the Garden Green piece through my Swiss Dots embossing folder to add a little texture.


Here's what I did on the inside. I adhered the cut out flower with pop dots.

I wasn't quite sure how she got her bow to look so nice, so I opted to just tie a knot.

Stuff I Used:

Floral Frenzy stampset, Sweet Blush ink, Lemon Tart ink (PTI) Garden Green cardstock, and ink, white grosgrain ribbon, Friendship's Blessing stamp set for the stem of cutout flower (CTMH), Cuttlebug and pop dots.

And this concludes today's stamping session. Thankfully, the pinched nerve must be starting to heal. It wasn't quite as difficult to stamp today, but I noticed I didn't get even pressure on some images, so forgive those that you see.

I appreciate your visit and hope you have a wonderful weekend! If I am lucky, I'll go out to play again before the weekend ends.


French Knot Card

This next card was first inspired by this one by Mel at Mel Stampz. Then I saw this one by Maria at Card Inspired and had to try it for myself. (You can click on the image to make it larger)

100_4685 .100_4686

I found some neat Double Mat stacks by Cloud 9 at Joann's. They are hung with the embellishments for this line. They are packaged in a bag and there are two sizes of the papers so that you can double mat pictures. I love the colors! This one is Cinnamon Stick. Nice and fall-like, yes?

I sponged some Barn Red ink (CTMH) around all the edges. The flowers and brad are from Hobby Lobby. That Paper Studio line is awesome! The ribbon is a Dollar Tree find. I used DMC floss number 918 for the French Knots (no faux here, I used to cross-stitch!)

It didn't take too long to do the stitching and I kept getting interrupted while working on it. Thanks for the inspiration, Mel and Maria!


Gridlines Pearly Card

I was able to meander into my craft room today and have a few cards to show for it. I'll be posting them in separate posts.

The first one is my version of this one by Julee at Poetic Artistry, and this one by none other than Kathi (surprise). I thought the whole presentation was striking. Like Kathi, I don't own the actual stamp set (yet) but I thought using Papertrey Ink's Gridlines stamp set might work well. And yep, there's a lot pearls on this card. But I like 'em! It's a pretty straightforward card, but feel free to let me know if you have any questions.


Stuff I used:
Cocoa, Chocolate and Breeze cardstock, Cocoa, Breeze  ink (CTMH); Gridlines, Birthday Basics (PTI), Pearls from Hobby Lobby, Circle Nestabilities.

Thanks for looking!


Friday, August 29, 2008

Swim Lessons

I'm still playing a bit with this Live Writer. And it looks like I can change fonts! Neat-o!

For Anke, some bloggers use the strikethrough to be funny. They might write something that is what they really mean, but do the line through it and write what is proper or nice. It's just a way to play with writing. The gal who writes the blog "Because I Said So" uses the strikethrough in a funny way.

I had some time to work on a digi layout of swim lessons this summer. It was hard to get good pictures but I wanted to use what I managed to get.


What do you think?

Hopefully I can do some creating this weekend...

Thanks as always for visiting.

Stuff I Used:

Template: Jen Caputo Collection 26 (Scrapbookgraphics)

Kit: Mary Fran Summer Splash, Summer Sass alpha (Nitwit Collections)

Fonts: Century Gothic, Ck Ali's Writing


One More Test

I checked and the flower is called Angel's Trumpet. Ü

There appears to be a button where dorks like me you can type and the words will have the line through them (called strikethrough) .  Cool beans!

The only thing I seem to have lost is the automatic addition of my name. But maybe I can do an insert of the picture...

Let's check, shall we?


Yep, I can do that...but will I want to each time I post? I dunno...

Thanks for indulging me.

Testing Live Writer

I'm just doing this test post to see how this Live Writer thing I keep hearing about works. I subscribe to a blog titled, Organized Mom and today she had a post about blogging in new ways where she talks about Live Writer. Click here to read it. Since it's free and free is good, I downloaded and (with her help, cuz I'm a dork sometimes) installed it. It's supposed to make the whole blogging experience easier. It's a "What You See Is What You Get" situation. As you type in, what you are seeing is how it will look on the blog. It seems to be easy so far.  I am going to post a picture and see how that works...


Oh that's cool! I added a border!  This is a flower from a plant Steve's been growing this season. I can't remember the name of it off the top of my head, but he's been enamored of it for a long time. Some neighbors had the plant growing sort of wild in their front yard and Steve really liked the blooms. He tried getting seeds from the plant, seeing if he could get a runner, whatever he could think of, but nothing worked to get a plant off the neighbor's. Then they pulled them all out! So, he's searched the past year or so for a plant just like it and we think we have a winner!

I think that's a good test run. Let's see how posting works...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Seems To Be Improving...

My ankle, that is. The swelling is going down and the bruising is lessening. Whoo hooo.

I actually bought an ankle support and returned the air cast today. Let me share why. The air cast (which I just now realized I never took a picture of, d'oh) was comprised of two plastic pieces that were molded to semi fit a leg on the inside and outside. Attached to these plastic pieces were two plastic "bags" with foam inside. They were about 1/4 inch thick. The "bags" were attached to the plastic with adhesive. Think of wide double stick tape. One puts the plastic pieces with the bags on either side of the leg and run two wide pieces of velcro tape wrap around your leg to hold the cast in place. There was a strip of fabric across the bottom to "hold" the unit ( so it wouldn't ride up or off the leg I guess). Well, in less than a week of wearing this device I noticed the bags were slipping off the plastic pieces! The instructions said to wear this unit with laced shoes. Sounds good in theory, but I'd have to get a shoe a couple of sizes bigger. There was no way on this earth I was gonna fit my foot with this contraption on into a shoe. So I compromised and wore tennis shoes that have no backs. I think they call them mules. I also had to put rubber bands around the velcro bands because they were flapping in the breeze. Oh and I had to wear a tube sock to allow for ventilation. I paid a decent chunk of change for this device and was extremely annoyed that it was not living up to what it was supposed to do.

This morning I found an ankle brace that supports the whole ankle area and allows for compression for the swelling and it cost less than half of the air cast. I think it gives better support too. And I don't have to wear a tube sock or anything!

I also figured out that recently something must have been updated in my Internet Explorer (or Norton) which causes my Gmail to almost grind to a halt. After percolating on the situation for a day or so, I remembered I had Mozilla downloaded and I tried getting into Gmail using it. Worked like a charm! Now I'm back to my speedy Gmail. Hobbily Happy Dance!

No chance to work on any new creative projects. Today the girls were invited to our friend Hattie's house for an afterschool tea party. Dang, I forgot to take my camera again. It's so cute to see the kids dress up for these shindigs! Oh and they practice really good manners, too! It was fun!

Til next time, thanks for stopping by! Ü

I {heart} The Readers of My Blog!

I have been given this award not once, but twice, by Christi of Blessings on Paper and Barb of The Buzz ! Thank you ladies oh so much! I think we have a mutual {heart} fest going on. Ü

I have to shamefully admit that these wonderful gals let me know about this a little bit ago and I've not mentioned it here until now. I am sorry for that! I got completely sidetracked by my ankle saga-which is improving, thankfully.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE fan of blogs. I read them faithfully. I would be completely embarrassed to admit just how many blogs I keep up on. I would have to give this back to both Christi and Barb as I love what they create and how they share in their posts. I know I'm supposed to pass this along and I hope that you will not think of me as a party pooper by not narrowing down any faves. I enjoy all the blogs I read, each for different reasons. If you click on any of the blogs in my list over there, I think you would definitely find yourself inspired in some fashion!

Thank you again ladies. You really made me smile!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Made Two Cards Today!

And if I could jump up and down in excitement I would! Ü

Unfortunately two cards (with minimal stamping) is all that I could handle. It wasn't too bad getting out to the room (yea), but my right hand is balking at gripping things well. I didn't even think about that when I decided I had to try to create something. I had to use my left hand to aid the right hand to do what I wanted it to do. So, until the nerve heals I don't know how much I should actually stamp. Boo hoo, sniff sniff.

Anyway, here's what I made:
How fitting that I should make a Kathi Card, huh? She inkspires me SO much. Here's her version. She made this card the week after I broke my ankle, so it's been a while that I've wanted to make this one. Hey, Kathi, I broke down this morning and picked up the paper pack at Walmart while I was grocery shopping (in the motorized cart).

Credits: Martha Stewart dp from Walmart (Woodland Beauty I think it's called), Black textured cardstock (Hobby Lobby), Black ink (CTMH), White grosgrain ribbon (Dollar Tree), Black satin ribbon (Michaels), red and black brads (my stash, but probably Hobby Lobby), red flower (Prima), Just Blooms white flowers, leaves(CTMH), red jewel gem (Hobby Lobby), Cuttlebug, Circle and Scallop Nestabilities.

This next card is my version of this one on Treasure Oiler Designz. I loved her red butterfly, but I don't have that paper. So I chose to use my K&Co Berry Sweet dp. The butterfly was stamped once on the circle and once on a scrap and cut out(not very well-don't look too closely). I added the pearls because I've been seeing the look on other butterflies and liked it. It's a pretty straightforward card, I think. Oh, I corner rounded the white Just Because.
Other Credits: stamp set Fluttering By (Verve), Summer Sunrise cardstock, ink (Papertrey Ink), pink brads (my stash), Cuttlebug and Nestabilities.

It felt really good to get out to my room. Thanks for visiting!

Sunny Sight-digital layout

I just finished the journaling on this layout this morning and thought you might like to see the layout.

Amy has planted a pumpkin and Jessica a sunflower. They go out regularly to check on them. Since I haven't been able to witness the progress in person, Steve would take a few (albeit blurry) pictures to show me. Well, Amy has asked to be able to take pictures and he's been letting her. She does a pretty good job most of the time. I really like the one of Jessica standing by her sunflower, even if it is blurry. The other picture was taken by Amy yesterday morning when I ventured out. I gave her some pointers and had her try the shot again. Not too bad, huh?

Template: Jen Caputo's Collection 26 at Scrapbook Graphics.
Kits: Haute Spring by Zoe Pearn (Sweet Shoppe Designs) and the green paper is from Forever Not Solids by Mary Fran (Nitwit Collections). Acrylic Alphabet for title is by Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals. (I got it as part of a Jessica Sprague class). Fonts: Century Gothic and Roselyn

Thanks for visiting! Maybe I'll be able to work on another layout a bit later today.

Any Gmail Users Out There?

Do any of the people who read my blog use Gmail? If so, are you experiencing any problems with it? For some reason the past few days it's taken an inordinately long time for the main page to open up after I login. Then it takes a long time to open each message. Usually it's pretty quick and I've had no complaints. I've done several virus scans and nothing is showing up as a problem. I'm only using 13% of my available space on it, so that can't be slowing things down.

Any guesses as to what might be going on?


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Went Shopping This Morning...

Granted, my title doesn't sound too exciting, but for me it was because I went to Michaels and Hobby Lobby for the first time since I broke my ankle. For some reason I didn't think they had any wheelchairs and I didn't think it too smart to hobble around those stores. Well, since I can sort of walk on the foot now, I decided to venture into Michaels. They have a wheelchair! Yippee. So, they've got lots of new stuff for the fall and I was just wandering around with a 40% off coupon in my pocket, enjoying looking at all the new product. Nothing really grabbed me...gasp...until I looked at their book section. They had Becky Fleck's book on Page Maps! Whoa! If you love the monthly newsletter from Page Maps, you'll understand my glee. There was my coupon purchase. If you didn't click over, page maps are layout (and card) sketches that are really fun. Now I have a book I can take out to my craft room! Sigh...

So, I decided to venture to Hobby Lobby. I didn't see a wheelchair, but I took a cart to check out the scrapbooking/stamping section. As I am approaching the display for the Cricut/Cuttlebug stuff, I see a new product hanging there. Upon getting closer I literally gasped. They are carrying NESTABILITIES! Oh. My. Gosh! I had a 40% off coupon in my pocket. I decided on the circle scallops. They have some dies that I haven't seen before, but I thought I'll work on the basics and then move on to other dies. Can you believe it? I couldn't. So, if you have a Hobby Lobby near might want to check it out. And for those of you who don't (Kathi) I also found out that Joann's carries them online and you can use their 40% off coupon (does that help?). I wandered around a little bit more and they have also added matstacks from their line called Paper Studio...similar to DCWV. Neat-o. Suffice it to say, being gone for a month made it fun to shop...they've gotten lots of new goodies. Then upon checking out, I saw they have new registers, too. That print out itemized receipts. That's cool, too. Previous receipts had a code and price on them and they were about 1 1/2 inches wide. Now they are "real" receipts. LOL

I was one happy camper when I drove home. My hubby simply wouldn't understand, but I knew you all would. Ü Now, if I could just get out to my craft room! I'm leery on trying because I went across the front lawn this morning to finally check out Jessica's sunflower and let's just say it wasn't the smartest move I've made. Too bumpy and I could definitely feel it. I have to go across some lawn to get to my craft room so I'm leery of attempting it. Who knows though...necessity is the mother of invention, right? Maybe I can figure out a way to make it in spite of the lawn...

Thanks for reading and sharing in my giddiness. Ü

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Saw Another Doctor Today...

Thanks for all the input and good thoughts about my ankle. I called this morning and got an appointment for this afternoon with a different doctor in the practice. Thankfully he took the time to explain things to me in a way that made sense. The only thing I didn't really like is that he said there must have been "confusion in the message" I got yesterday. There was no confusion, just lack of information given to me.

According to the doctor, the ankle looks good for this point in recovery. It will be swollen and bruised for a while yet. But I am now in an air cast for the next week and a half to two weeks. I am to use the crutches and put 50% of my weight on the ankle. He also told me to put the foot into a bucket of cold water and work on range of motion movements. If I am still experiencing a lot of discomfort in 2 weeks, they will take new xrays and develop a more formal therapy. At least I got an explanation. It does feel better in the air cast. Only I can't see my pink toenails as I have to wear socks because of the plastic part of the cast. Oh well. I can walk better!

The other issue that I haven't really mentioned is that I have developed a large callous on my right palm (lower left part). I have had a pain up the forearm to the elbow and the other night I had a pain in my chest. I have had a sensation that I can't grip very well. I mentioned this to the doctor on Monday, but he didn't explain anything to me about what it could be from-then the whole xray thing distracted me from pursuing it. I figured it was from using the crutches. According to the doctor today, I have pinched a nerve and that is going to take time to heal. Great! Now I'm trying to figure out how to hold the right crutch in a way that won't affect the nerve. The left side is fine, and I feel like I hold them the same, but obviously I don't. My ring finger and pinky seem pretty weak.

So, there it is. He said it takes 6-8 weeks for the bone to completely heal and another 6-8 weeks for it to feel "normal" again. So, hopefully, I will soon feel less discomfort.

Oh and the xray from the hospital? All they did was dictate a report that definitive fracture was seen and that the xray was taken with the splint on. Pretty vague, eh? They didn't even send a picture/film. Oy!

My hand is aching, so I'm done for now. Thanks for visiting and all the good thoughts.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ankle Update...Not Too Sure About This...

Well, I got a call back from the medical assistant who informed me that the xrays showed things were normal. Meaning there was a fracture, but not anymore. The doctor says I don't need to use the splint anymore. Yea, right? So why is my ankle bruised and still swollen? She says (mind you no one has looked at it, other than me and my family-the doctor didn't even see it out of the cast on Monday) I messed up some tendons and it will eventually (no time frame) go away. Really? Okay, since I've never broken a bone before and they say it's okay, I gather up the courage to put weight on the ankle. Standing...not too bad, whew. Walking? Not so much! I hear a couple of pops like when you crack your knuckles. Hurts and I honestly cannot put my full weight on the foot. I tried with a crutch on that side, that works better, but it still feels strange.

Of course, I haven't put weight on it for a month, so some discomfort is to be expected, right? But pain and not being able to put my full weight on it doesn't sound quite right. My hubby is actually very surprised they said I could walk on it. He thinks it is too soon. He broke the same bone years ago and remembers being in a cast for 6 weeks. It's only been 4 for me.

I'm thinking I should probably go in and have someone actually LOOK at it, and then see what they say, right? Or am I being a Nervous Nelly? I'm so not sure. I just know I want it to heal correctly so I don't have future problems.

First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school! Yes, in August. When I grew up CA, we always started the Tuesday after Labor Day-I'm still not used to school in August. It's actually a week earlier than usual as the district is shifting the calendar so that the kids get out of school around Memorial Day. Well, I thought they'd be done by Memorial Day, but they go back for a few days AFTER Memorial Day, which to me, is just plain silly. Oh well. I'm not in charge.

Amy has been so excited to start second grade. I'm tickled to see her excitement. She and her best friend are in the same class again, so I'm sure that helps a lot.

Indulge a proud mama of a Pippi Longstocking wanna be. (just kidding, but there is a little resemblance, no?) I don't know if I spelled the word right, but you get the drift.

Jessica finally started Kindergarten! She was pretty excited herself. Now her class is in the afternoon. Yea, I thought they were having morning kindergarten classes, but I was wrong. It's just like when Amy was in K. The kids who are deemed "at risk" go all day. The kids who are doing well go in the afternoon.

Then there is the teacher issue. We got a call on Friday from the gal who introduced herself as Jessica's teacher. All well and good. The girls and I go in on Monday to see the rooms, see their teachers. In Jessica's class there is a different teacher. Apparently there was a very last minute shuffle. A third grade teacher decided at the last minute (ie on Friday) to teach at a different school. Which meant the gal who was to be Jessica's teacher is now teaching 3rd grade. The gal who is starting Jessica's class is the K teacher from last year, only she has moved on to be the librarian of the school. But, she's taken on the class until they hire a new half day K teacher. Yea, I'm not thrilled. Jessica loves her "interim" teacher and I hope she transitions to a new one in a few weeks without any problems.

She has taken to posing "just so" for pictures. Don't you love the head tilt?
Once she got into the room and sat on the circle, she was good to go. They had pattern blocks to play with and she got right to it. In fact, she waved a distracted good-bye when I left. Whew.

As the girls were in school, I decided I needed to get back on track in keeping up with the house. So, I worked on that for most of the time they were both at school. Boy was I tired, but some rooms looked much better than they have in a month. Ü

The girls had a great time at Triceratops Trail on Sunday. (I called it a mountain. I was wrong). For Carol: Golden is a town just to the west of where we live, in the foothills. Steve would have taken them to nearby Dinosaur Ridge, but the road was closed for some reason. Another trip...and hopefully Mommy will be able to go.

Jessica's itching for a rousing game of Go Fish, so I'd best sign off for now. Maybe more later...

Wanna See My Ankle?

If you do, keep looking. If you don't, stop reading...LOL

I went to the doctor on Monday for the 4 week checkup only to find out that the xray machine was broken! So, they took off the cast (the girls thought the saw was so cool) and put a splint back on so I could go over to the hospital to have it x-rayed. Did that late Monday afternoon. The doctor's office was supposed to receive the results yesterday morning, but at 5:20 PM the medical assistant finally returned my call telling me they never got it at all. So maybe today?

In the meantime I'm in a splint, which is nice in that I can scratch as needed and I was able to shave the leg! And I can inspect the ankle better.

Interesting or bizarre that I took pictures of my ankle?

Gotta go for now and get kiddos ready for school, but hopefully I'll be back later with some other (less graphic) stuff....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Friend of a Lifetime-Digi Layout

Here's a layout I was working on yesterday. Now, before you all get excited about how creative I might have been...don't! You all know how much I love Kay Miller and her layouts. Well, just recently I found out she is now designing for Sweet Shoppe Designs. They send out a newsletter each Saturday morning with new goodies that are on sale that day only. She released some new goodies that somehow landed in my shopping bag, but this kit isn't one of them. Am I confusing you yet? LOL

While poking around the site, I wandered into their forums, and more poking around led me to Kay Miller's Gallery on Sweet Shoppe. Oh the joy of seeing her fantastic layouts, not to mention her gorgeous children! I seriously need a bib. LOL Okay, so that led me to this layout. If you look at her credits, you'll notice she made the layout using a kit that wasn't hers. But she had me at that butterfly. I HAD to have that kit (Haute Spring by Zoe Pearn)-my wallet may not have thought so, but my heart did. And well, the template was already in my I shamelessly copied her layout. I did use some elements that had different colors so those choices were mine (good or bad), but essentially this is Kay Miller's layout done with a picture of my friend of a lifetime, Kelly. They do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Anyway, I had fun creating it and am happy with the choices I made. Hope you like it, too.

The sun is shining today, which is nice. I've got a bit more energy than I did yesterday. Hubby took the girls to Triceratops Mountain in Golden to see what it is all about. I think they will be hiking. He actually asked me if I wanted to go! And do what? I'm not hiking anywhere. Silly man.

Maybe I'll have time to create another layout today? We'll see...

See links above
Fonts: CK Ali's Writing and Roselyn

Friday, August 15, 2008

Gotcha! Digi Layout!

Oh Boy! Am I feeling rusty with the digi scrapping. But at long last, I finally made a layout. What do you think? I'm not 100% convinced I like it. I know I'm not supposed to compare my work with others' creations, but a part of me wishes I could come up with some layouts like those I have seen. Does that even make sense?

It's been a long time since I have created a layout. I ended up having to re-organize all my digi supplies in my ACDSee program-I had lost all the tags. That's the main thing I've been working on since I messed up my ankle. Unfortunately my tush bugs me after too short a time in the chair, so I have been doing this in fits and spurts. I didn't feel like I could (read-should) digi scrap until I got that chore done. I knew if I let it go, I wouldn't go back to it. (LOL) I finished earlier this week (yea) but then had a fit of nerves about creating. Go figure.

Remember how hot it has been in Denver this summer? We broke a record for the number of consecutive days in the 90s. It was in the 100s right after I broke the ankle. Well, just to show how fickle the weather is in my neck of the woods, today it rained ALL day, but the kicker is that the temp was in the 60s. HUH? In the middle of August??? Yeppers. I've had sweats on all day. I have been in the house all day. So what better way to spend the day than to dip back into digi scrapping? Ü

Template: Sya's Blueprints-Totally Square-Scrapmatters
Kit: Swim Team by Kay Miller - Sweet Shoppe Designs,
Date stamp: Janet Phillips -Scrapbook Graphics
Doodle Circle: Miss Mint - Painted Season - Peppermint Creative
Font: Arial (journaling), 1942 Report (date)

Thanks for all the nice comments on my blog facelift. They made me smile. Ü

Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Done for Now

Okay, I think I am done messing with the blog for now. You will have to go to my blog to see the changes. I bought a blog kit from Shabby Miss Jenn and, while it took me some time (I think I'm a bit rusty), it wasn't too difficult to follow the tutorial on how to do it. Ü

I need to add more blogs to my blog list, but I'll work on that over time.

I also decided to play with my signature...what do you think?

Under Construction...

I'm working on fancying up the blog, but have to stop for a bit. If things look or act wonky, please be patient until I can finish up.

my signature 2

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Makes Me Happy!

Hi there!

Remember me? Yes, I know I haven't posted in a while. Not sure that you wanted a daily dose of... I sat on the couch today. I read blogs today. I took the kids to swim class today. Especially if I didn't have any artwork to break up the monotony. LOL Seriously though, I've been a tad busier than I thought I'd be in that I have been taking the kids to swim class and going to stores that have motorized carts. Of course, it takes longer to do anything these days, but I can get around and that helps. My brother, the truck driver, was in town last night, so we met him at a truck stop to catch up for a couple of hours. We went to an "end of summer" party at a friend's house yesterday. I even mopped the floor one day last week...albeit in sections and took lots of breaks. Trying to do what I can in fits and spurts. I think I can go in to the doctor next week to see how the healing is progressing. I have to check the calendar.

I have been experiencing some feelings of frustration and lack of patience the past few days. So today I decided to brighten my outlook by painting my toenails! Okay don't look too closely at my messy looking feet, but note the color I chose. Close to my cast color, eh? LOL I even added a flower sticker to the big toes. Ü
And here you can see that my cast is no longer a pristine pink thanks to our friend, Dave, who started the signing of the cast process. Alas, I can't show you the happy face that is on the bottom of the cast as I am not limber enough to finagle that shot!I got some happy mail today from my blog buddy, Barb! Thanks so much for thinking of me, my friend!!!! You are SO right that I could use a pick me up about now. In addition to the card, she sent me these images to color in! Whoo hooo! (Don't you love how I set the card on my feet to take the picture? LOL)

I'm just afraid I'll mess them up.

Oh the Olympics are starting for the night...I must say I have been watching quite a bit of them. And enjoying them tremendously. Go USA!!!

Thanks for stopping by. Ü And thanks again, Barb, for the lovely card and images.
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Friday, August 1, 2008

BFF Blogger Award

My blogging buddy, Barb, nominated me for this award and I wanted to thank her very much for thinking of me. I'm a little late in acknowledging it, but I hope she understands.

The rules of this award are slightly different from the usual, as in this one is not so much for creativity and's a blog friend thing. How fun!

Only 5 people are to be nominated.

4 out of 5 have to be dedicated followers of your blog.

1 has to be new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.

You must link back to whoever gave you the award.
I hope you will check out these blogs, their talent is tremendous and they are just the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of interacting with. I'm sure they have been nominated before, but here goes...(and I can't nominate Barb again, right, cuz I would if I could)!
1. Kathi - Kathi's Creative Corner - you all know why...
2. Kim - Clearly Inspired - because she clearly inspires me!
3. Christi - Blessings on Paper - I've been fortunate enough to meet her IRL (in real life) and she is as sweet in person as she is on her blog.
4. Angela - My Pixelated Oasis - I may be more dedicated to HER blog than she is to mine, but you've gotta check it out. Angela is a fantastic blogger who shares some awesome pictures and stories. I love visiting her blog.
5 Anke - International House - Anke is someone I sort of met on Jessica Sprague-she was very involved in posting, unlike me, hence the "sort of met." I believe she found my blog from another Spraguemate. She has a full house and loads of digi-talent! Check it out!

my signature 2