Friday, January 27, 2012

I Stamped Today…

Well, hello there! I hope you are doing well and are excited to get to the weekend. Should be interesting around here.

I had several birthday cards that needed to be made for the staff at the girls’ school and I haven’t been able to sit down and make them until today in a marathon session. Thought I’d share them with you.

I didn’t enlarge the photos, just looked at them in the camera screen before I took the cards to be delivered.  I’m sorry to say that the pictures are slightly blurry. But I think you can still get a good idea of what they look like. :-s


This one has been sitting on my craft desk for a couple of weeks! I had most of it ready, but it needed to be glued down. The color is Indian Corn Blue (Close To My Heart). I used a Sizzix die for the flourishes (I cut three), a Cuttlebug embossing folder and a Martha Stewart paper “doily.” The sentiment is from Paper Trey Ink’s Birthday Basics. The doily is pop dotted for dimension. I’m pretty tickled with the final result. My inspiration for this card is from Dawn Easton’s Treasure Oiler Designz blog here.


Can you believe I just stamped on this card?! Oh and added a little Doodlebug Twine, hee, hee. The set is Floral Frenzy and it’s an older set from PaperTrey Ink, but it’s definitely still a goodie. My inspiration card is here and was the introduction to the final floral set in the series by Melissa Bickford. I discovered that I didn’t have a straight line stamp for the stem, what’s up with that? So, I opted to just stamp the flowers in Indian Corn Blue, Watermelon and Crystal Blue, with Sunflower centers (CTMH). The PTI birthday sentiment is stamped in Indian Corn Blue as well.  I eyeballed the placement of the stamps, so they definitely are not perfectly lined up. If I wasn’t so down to the wire, I might have added some leaves, but I still like the look of this card. I am wishing I had the plaid flower set as shown on the inspiration card, though. *Ü*


On my list were two male staff members. Since guy cards are so hard to come up with usually, I just made two of this card. I’m pretty tickled with how this one looks! My inspiration can be found here on The Paper Landscaper blog. I used the Cricut for this one. The circle and stars specifically are cut using the Ribbons and Rosettes cartridge. The stars are 2 1/2 and 3/4. The circle is three inches, but then I ended cutting it in half. The green piece is hand cut to get the edge.  I stamped the blue polka dots using Dutch Blue on a PTI polka dot stamp set. The sentiment is also from PTI. The papers are from DCWV’s Green Tea stack. The twine is from Doodlebug.


I was getting down to the wire by this time and had to come up with one more card and something that wouldn’t take too long. The Paper Landscaper came to the rescue again as I starred this card in my Reader. I chose to use Linen Closet papers (DCWV) and couldn’t be happier with the final result. The swirly pearls are from Michaels Recollections line. The butterfly is a cut from Ribbons and Rosettes and I cut one at 3 inches and the other at 2 1/2. These colors really made me think of the teacher who got this card.

Whew, I got them all done with a little time to eat lunch, snap some pictures (albiet blurry ones) and head out the door to go to the school.  Hopefully the recipients will enjoy them!

Thanks for all the happy thoughts about our kitchen re-do. Last night he and his buddy took out the sink and the rest of the cabinets and countertop, while I was at Girl Scouts with Jessica.  The bottom half of my kitchen is well and truly gutted! Amy took a ton of pictures. Pretty much a blow by blow pictorial of what the guys did. Love it. Steve took today off and worked on laying some plywood down to fill in the space needed where there used to be old particle board (what apparently was used way back in the day).

Here are a couple of the shots she took, plus a little self portrait. *Ü*

IMG_0091 IMG_0107 IMG_0105 

What a happy smile. She just recently got her hair cut short again, but honest, it’s not quite as short as this photo looks.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again soon!


Saturday, January 21, 2012


We've lived in our house since 1996. One of the things we've loved about the house is the kitchen that opens up to the living room. It's bright and looks spacious. One of the things we haven't loved about the kitchen is the tile counter top.

Something that has been in the works for a few months, that I haven't mentioned, is we (well, really, Steve) are changing out our cabinets and in the process, will have to get a new counter top. (darn) While we haven't definitely picked out the counter, Steve has been busy working on the cabinets. Remember when I left for Minnesota? He had just started taking down the upper cabinets.  I did help with the first one!

Here's what the new uppers look like:

 This used to be a cabinet with a blind corner. Now it's an easy reach.
It seems strange to have a cabinet along the outside of the range hood, there will be one on the outside of the stove, too!
We're very happy with the upper cabinets. Steve did a good job.

The next phase was to get the lower cabinets out along the peninsula, which he did a week or so ago.
The step after that was to get the peninsula counter top off, without wrecking the walls.
 I haven't mentioned that the people who put this in, did it as a DIY project. Steve had to figure out where the screws were.
 Hence, the strange missing tile pattern. They used a lot of screws, some hefty nails AND a lot of glue.

 This is where he had to be careful not to wreck the wall. It was a bugger to try to pull out. That puppy was in there tight!
 But, we were persistent. I can say we, because I was helping with this part.
 After a lot of wrangling and pounding (it's been really loud around here), it finally gave way and Steve and I lugged that sheet out of the house. Man, was it heavy!
What a difference, huh?! (excuse the messy rest of the kitchen and living room). Those of you who have been to my house, remember the tile went up as the backsplash? Those were gone first!
Now he can put in the lower cabinets that go along this side. 

We can't do anything about the counter top until all the lower cabinets are put in. In the meantime, we'll use plywood, I think.

Getting rid of that tile is a good thing!

Thanks for letting me share.


Friendly Lion

I've been trying to get into my crafty zone for a few weeks and for one reason or another, it hasn't happened. In the meantime, I've been working on a crocheted lion off and on. I finally finished him (her?)last night and thought I'd share. This is the lion I started before Christmas and quickly realized he/she was too big to finish in time to give to Amy's teacher.
 See that mane? That's the part that I've been working on off and on. The rest of it was done, but the thought of having to do what needed to be done to make that mane kept putting me off.
 I had a couple of rows done, but the remaining space looked so big!
 Finally, I decided to bite the bullet and just git 'r done.
I used a mulit-colored yarn for the mane, called melonberry, and would crochet a chain of 10 and make the stitch, then another chain of 10 and so and so on.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are having a great weekend. Amy's basketball team just played and won their first game of this session. They looked and played great! Yay!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year and a Little Creative Project

Well, hello there to any of you who may still be stopping by to see if I am still alive and kicking. I am indeed.  Happy New Year to you and I hope 2012 brings you much joy and happiness as well as a little creativity. I’ve been reading blogs, but not commenting and certainly not writing any.

I didn’t intend to drop off the face of the blogosphere, but after my brother died, (still so hard  to have to say that) any niggling of desire to blog that I had, disappeared. Thank you so much for the kind thoughts you left on that post and the sweet cards I received in the mail. My time in Minnesota was very difficult, but I’m glad I was able to help my dad and two of my other brothers  out in some small way. The service that for Jim was well attended and for a guy who was in no way religious, my dad selected the perfect priest for officiating the memorial. Jim loved to fish(the act of fishing was relaxing to him), but didn’t eat fish. The priest (named Jim as well, if I remember correctly) loved to eat fish, but despised fishing and even went so far as to jump off a boat and swim ashore to avoid it. His manner was very laid back and personable and he did an excellent job. Jim’s lifelong friend also flew in from Las Vegas to attend. I hadn’t seen him since I moved out of my parents home back in 198….well, let’s just say it was a long time ago, shall we?

I was able to do a little crafting for Christmas presents, but didn’t take any photos. I made a crocheted frog for Jessica’s teacher and a crocheted flapper hat for Amy’s. I started a lion for Amy’s teacher, but it was too big to be able to finish in time. Oh and a few days before Christmas, Jessica told me she wanted a new teddy bear for Christmas,  with a blue dress. I told her it wouldn’t be done in time, and she was content to wait. I finished the bear by Christmas, but not the dress. The pattern included a basket and flowers. I just finished those the other night. Did I mention this project was a knitted one? Yeah, I’m much slower at knitting than crocheting, but the change of pace was nice.

Steve took the week between Christmas and New Year’s off and one of the days he and his buddy took the girls to the mountains. I didn’t feel like going…the thought of a quiet day to myself was too appealing (mom of the year, I admit, I am not…I do enjoy time away from my kiddos). Anyway, I took some time to work on a project and I thought I’d share it today in an effort to ease back into posting.

101_0259101_0260  101_0261

I saw the idea on a Cricut newsletter called The Chirp and I followed the project to this blog post. I finagled my way through the project and am pretty pleased with the final result. The flower was made with the Flower Shoppe cartridge, but I cannot remember which cart I used to make the swirlys. I know I cut two and trimmed them…shoot, if I figure it out, I’ll let you know.

Thought this might be a fun winter project for decor. Only, it doesn’t feel like winter right now. It was in the upper 60s yesterday! Thank goodness this guy is paper, or he’d have melted away by now.

Okay, I’ve got to scoot for now. I hope to see you again, soon. Thanks so much for stopping by!