Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm Alive, I Promise...

Hi there!

I figured I would check in with you to let you know that I am still alive. Things got a little more hectic than usual and I've not been able to come up with projects to share with you.

I have been working on some things "behind the scenes," but you'll have to wait a bit to see them. My friend Alanna surprised the heck out of me a few weeks ago by asking me if I'd like to be a guest designer for the month of March at Lollipop Crafts. After I recovered from the surprise that she would even want me (who is in no way a designer of anything....a copier, yes, a designer, no) to participate, I decided to stretch myself and accept the challenge. So, I've been busy creating some cards for her to share at Lollipop Crafts. She posted a spotlight the other day and I'm thrilled to say, she also asked another good friend of mine, Barb, to participate as well! You can read our introductions here, if you'd like. Thanks so much for your faith in me, Alanna! I've had a lot of fun creating for you. *Ü*

Then, on Friday, Steve tells me that his car, a 98 Saturn with over 177,000 miles on it, needed a new clutch. He had it at the repair shop waiting for an estimate. This car was mine, first. We got it just before Amy was born because the little beer can Geo Metro I was driving wasn't going to work real well with a baby and all their paraphernalia. LOL Anyway, we've had it a long time and it's served us well, but dropping a bunch of money into this car was not really a smart investment. So, we spent the weekend car truck shopping. Part of the time I was researching on the internet for the type of truck he wanted, part of the time (Saturday night) was spent checking out a few options, then wandering several dealerships while they were closed on Sunday (great for not getting hounded, but not so great when you want to get it over with, you know?). On Monday, Steve took half a day off work (the girls were already off school, I know...again) and we bought his new to him truck. At first he didn't want a red one, but as the weekend went on, he kept thinking about it and decided it was too good a deal to pass up. The girls are thrilled, too. Mostly because it's something new to us. LOL I'm happy to know he'll be driving a more reliable vehicle.
(picture taken by hubby)
So, all this, plus a little early spring cleaning (the weather's been so nice lately, it awakened the urge to fling off the dust and a bit of the excess around here), has been what's been keeping me hopping these days.

Thanks for your patience. I hope to have something fun to share in the not too distant future. Until then, thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you are doing well in your neck of the woods!



Laurel said...

Nice truck and congrats on the guest DT!

Kim Burmeister said...

Congrats on the DT gig! You deserve it! I think you are very creative.

Nice truck! Red always looks good.

Thanks for keeping us updated.

Alanna said...

I know that you've been busy working on some super fabulous projects. I can't wait for everyone to see what you've come up with.

So happy for you all about the new truck. It looks great.

Have a great Friday dear friend.

Carolyn said...

Nice truck is right! Congrats on the new wheels, Oh and congrats on being on the DT. How fun!! Looking forward to seeing your creations!

Sharli said...

Hi Jeanne! It's so fun to have new wheels - the excitement of trying to remember what you drove to the mall when you leave and can't find your car! LOL (I'm sure Steve doesn't have that problem!).

Congratulations on the design team honor - I'm looking forward to seeing your creations!!!! I always love what you come up with - very nice and always from the heart!