Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chit Chat and a Cupcake Birthday Card

Hello from frigid Colorado. You may have heard, we got dumped on snow-wise a week or so ago. I don’t remember what the final total was, but it was well over a foot of snow. Then it snowed again a few days later, about 4 inches. It snowed a little again last night. And this morning it’s really, really cold. We are more than making up for all the gloriously warm weather this winter has brought up to now. I knew we would. *Ü* Amy was supposed to do a Girl Scout Cookie Booth sale this morning. I was supposed to be the parent helper. I was quite relieved a few minutes ago when the troop leader called to say they cancelled the booth sale. I sure wasn’t looking forward to standing outside for 3 hours when it is well below freezing, even if it is for a good cause. So, instead, a little later this morning, I get to take Jessica and a friend to an open gym event at Jessica’s gymnastics place. At least that is indoors.

I’ve been fascinated by the icicles that are forming as the weather tries to warm up and the snow tries to melt off the roof. Thought I’d share this one…It’s even more impressive now, but I don’t relish standing outside at the moment…


What you can’t see is that the largest icicle stops just about a foot above the railing on the porch. Wow!

Steve has put the lower cabinets in place in the kitchen and it’s sporting a plywood counter top. Hey, at least it’s functional, right? I was trying to take some pictures of the kitchen and look what happened!

 IMG_0170 IMG_0167

I think this is what they call photo bombing? Silly girls! But we got a good giggle over it.

And now, for the real reason you probably stopped by…to see something crafty.

My friend Susi’s birthday is today and I crocheted her a scarf (but forgot to take a picture of it, darn) and a card. I did remember to take a picture of the card!

 104_0269 104_0270

I used a new Doodlebug paper pack called Sweet Cakes and I was really happy to find it in a 6x6 pad at Archiver’s. They sell the collection in 12 x 12 with some stickers, but I liked the smaller size. I bought a coordinating stamp set that was a.dor.a.ble. Unfortunately, the clear stamps were cheap, cheap, cheap and I took the set back for a refund a few hours later.  Darn. The stamp set had cake stands and an apothecary jar and lots of fun doodads. Oh well. I used this Cupcakes set  from Hero Arts instead. I colored the cupcake with Koh-i-noor pencils and blended with odorless mineral spirits. I even decorated the inside! My inspiration for this card is from this post on the Doodlebug blog. It’s the last card showcased. I added a glittery brad to the center of the flower. Ink colors are Holiday Red and Bubblegum from Close To My Heart.

Well, that’s it from me for now. Maybe now that football is done, I can spend some more time in my crafty corner. Hmmmm…

Have a great weekend and thanks so much for stopping by!



Laurel said...

Such beautiful icicles, adorable girls and such a yummy card! Love the paper!

Jackie said...

so what did you decide for your counter top?
Love the icicles

Barb said...

Awesome icicle photos...we don't get stuff like that around here. ;) your girls crack me up, popping up in your kitchen photos! LOL! and your cupcake card is the cutest! the background paper you used is perfect. i'm sure your friend was pleased with the card and scarf. p/s i still wear the neck warmer you made me a few years cozy! :)

i do hope you can spend more time in your crafty corner, i miss looking at your goodies.

stampmonkey said...

So glad you didn't have to spend that morning outdoors...I get cold just being inside! ;P Those icicles of yours are soooo cool (no pun intended). We only get them way up high on the upper roof overhang, where they're too high to get to enjoy.

Your cupcake card is so cute --great coloring job on the image, cute inside treatment, and I really like your paper choices (I'd have never thought to use Bubblegum with Holiday Red, even though they're in the same 'season'). Bummer you didn't remember to take a pic of your scarf, though I'm sure it was beautiful (like all your fiber arts!). I'm sure your girlfriend was awed by your talent and very touched by your thoughtfulness.

Your silly girls --but how fun that they enjoy having their picture taken. ;D I've been away from blogging for so long I didn't know you were redoing your exciting for you! Can't wait to see what your countertops look like, and your cabinets look really nice (they look identical to the ones in our house, only ours don't have the pretty door pulls).

big hugs,