Monday, March 26, 2012

Of Mice and Cards and Schtuff…

True story. On Saturday night, after the girls and I got back from Build-A-Bear (Girl Scout event), where the girls made bunnies (which I think  it’s funny, it’s called Build-A-Bear, not Build-A-Bunny), we were snuggling on the couch watching the end of an episode of Too Cute on Animal Planet. Okay, tangent…this show is so simple in it’s premise, filming kittens and/or puppies from birth to 12 weeks or so, add a fun narration and sit back to go awwwww numerous times. It’s just, well, too cute! Any way, Amy kept slightly turning to look behind her. Which tuned me in to her and I thought I could hear some, well shuffling. Uh-oh…If I ignore it, it will go away, right?? So I snuggled in til it was time for them to go to bed. Then I started looking in the bookshelves behind the couch. And, yes, I did the girly dance and made a girly yelp when it ran out of the bookshelf and then under the couch. Dang…a mouse! ARgggghhhh! WHY?@! I know why, it’s been nice out and certain people in the family (not me, because I know better) keep leaving the door open to the backyard…not just the door, the SCREEN door. That’s how they get in, people!

So, Steve decides it’s a good idea to move the bookshelves, with the stuff still ON the shelves to see behind them. After getting conked in the head by a falling object, he determines, yep there’s a mouse back there. Sigh…It’s been so beautifully long since we’ve had a mouse I actually haven’t stocked up on traps in a while, but some old ones were hanging out on the bottom shelves. Loaded them up with peanut butter. Then Steve sets up his humane mouse trap, the tubes hanging over the edge of the shelf and over a tall plastic trash can/tub. No luck on Sunday.

But, I decided it was as good a time as any on Sunday to do something I’ve been meaning to for a long time. Watch a Waltons marathon while straightening up my yarn mess. I enjoyed the shows, got my kids to kind of watch it, and made it through half the yarn stash, but didn’t catch a mouse. Darn.

Woke up this morning, darn, the traps are still set and sat down to check out email/blogs. My computer desk is right by the couch/bookshelves. And I hear it. Dang thing is messing around in my shelves and I refuse to get up to go after it. The dog is flipping sitting on the couch, hears it shuffling and does nothing. Useless canine! My toes are up off the floor and I try to ignore the noise until Steve gets done getting ready for work. He comes out and I tell him the rodent is messing around. He comes over and looks and says, Dang, this thing is foolproof. The da*% mouse is IN the tub! The stupid thing by-passed the tube apparently and somehow, someway fell into the tub. I was hearing him try to get out!  Argghhhh, but Yay! Got it! I drove it over to the dog park, said buh bye and good luck and hopped back into the van and went home. When I told Amy this morning, she said that should tell those mice not to mess with us! Really! Wish they’d listen. And I truly hope he hadn’t invited any friends to join him in our house. Time will tell, I guess.


Did you miss me? *Ü*


Here are my cuties with their new besties…


Goodness, aren’t those gingham shoes to die for? And look behind Jessica, those are small fries…Friends for the bears/bunnies you build. What a racket (thank goodness Amy didn’t really notice the giraffes…)


Amy chose glasses for her bunny. Oh yeah, Amy recently got glasses, too! Surprise! She’s nearsighted, like her dad and mom.

And I made some cards…


I was inspired by this card and then forgot the banner part…oops. Still, I like what I came up with…


And here’s what inspired the card above…

These first two cards are made using paper from DCWV’s new paper pack called Spring Fling. I like the vintage feel of the paper. Especially because it’s not a scratchy vintage. Meaning they didn’t mess up the prints with lines to make it look beat up. I don’t know how to describe it right, hopefully you get the idea.


When I need guy cards, the Green Tea stack from DCWV seems to work well.  Here’s the card that I was inspired by.

I think I’ve yammered long enough. Today is the first day of Spring Break here. Better get some breakfast so I’m fortified for whatever the girls feel like doing today.

Thanks ever so much for continuing to stop by, especially because I’m not the best blogger these days. I appreciate your patience!

Hope to see you again, soon.



Laurel said...

My goodness, look at your girls they are really growing! Beautiful cards!

Alanna said...

Oh Jeanne, so sorry to hear about the mouse drama. I absolutely am terrified of them. So glad you caught it and am hoping no friends were left behind.

Your girls are so cute, love the bunnies. And your cards are gorgeous. I love the butterflies on the first two. Enjoy the spring break!

Jena said...

Ugh - mice - hate them!!! Good luck keeping them OUT! Love the girls and their bunnies - so cute! We went to Build-a-Bear when I was pregnant with Brailee so we should plan a trip for her. Enjoy your spring break - I hope the weather is good for you! Oh, and love your cards as always, especially the second butterfly birthday one. Thanks for sharing!

Sharli Schaitberger said...

I'm still laughing about the mouse! I can just imagine it getting by the trap and into the tub . . . but hey! Whatever works, right?!

The girls have grown! Golly - how long has it been since I've seen photos of them? Maybe 6 months?? Wowie-looking so sweet with their bunnies . . .

Thanks for the neat card ideas - I'm only copying these days, not much time for originality!


crochetwithtamara said...

Hi Jeanne!

It's nice to hear from you again. I just love the bunnies that the girls made and oh my gosh they are growing up so fast. I love their hair short!

Oh and I do love all the cards that you make!


Kim Burmeister said...

Holy Moly! You are nicer than we are to mice. Yuck!

Cute Bunnies! Amy looks cute in her glasses too.

Your cards are wonderful. So cheery!

Barb said...

I love your story telling! You crack me up! LOL! Sorry to laugh about your little visitor, but I just couldn't help it! I was picturing you, sitting in your crafting area with your feet off the floor! Well. I am glad you got it and I do hope you don't have to deal with any more.

Your daughters are so cute! And I love their new friends. My girls, now 15 and 20 still have their friends from B-A-B. I love the glasses on both the bunny and your daughter, too cute!

You've been busy in your craft space! I love your cards. You do butterflies so nicely! Thanks for sharing with us.

And yes, I do miss you!

Barb :)

Gloria said...

Well, at least the critter is gone, and now you can concentrate on more important yarn, family, and creating!! LOVE the cards!! It's warming up here in Utah, so I will be out digging in the dirt tomorrow..waiting for the snow that is coming AGAIN in a couple of days. SIGH.. anyway, miss you...but know that you have a life... (grin)

gloria in Utah :)

stampmonkey said...

Yes, I've missed your posting, but figured you were busy doing life {a very good reason for not posting if you ask me...we only have one shot at our time each day, and with a family to take care of there's not always a moment to spare}.

You did a great job telling your mouse story -lol! Can't imagine going through all that, but I have NO doubt it's totally worth every minute of it to get rid of your uninivited houseguest. {And like Kim said, you're much nicer to a mouse in the house than we are...though, fortunately we haven't had to deal with that in over six years. *knock on wood*}

I remember those B-A-B days --we, too, have some great pictures and fluffy friends still around to remind us, but honestly I don't miss spending our hard-earned $$ there...what a racket! Your cutie pie girls are growing up so fast! Amy looks so cute with her new glasses, and getting glasses for her bunny was only fitting. ;)

Your cards are wonderful, as always. Good description of your vintage papers, beautiful job on your butterfly cards, and great design on your guy card.

Enjoy your spring break...and hopefully from now on those 'certain people' will leave the screen door closed. ;P

big hugs,

Anke said...

I wouldn't mind them so much if they weren't so destructive :) They are kind of cute LOL. I love the bunnies the girls created, very cute! Your cards are just gorgeous as always. I love the butterflies!! Looks like you haven't been around too much either!! Have a wonderful Easter!!!