Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Little Holiday Elf and Kid Craftiness

Oh my gosh, I’m back again! Yes, I’ve been a busy little bee the past few weeks. This is another project that has helped those creative juices to flow. Jessica and I were in Michaels one day over the summer  looking for some crafty supplies for her. She had checked out a craft book from the Bookmobile that stopped by her school once a week during summer break, and she wanted to make some of the projects. While we were wandering around we saw a display for holiday projects and they had those “free take one” patterns. It stayed in my purse for a month or so I must admit. But, I did use it! Check it out…

103_0096 103_0097

Golly, it’s good when football season starts. I can get some projects done while watching the game(s). *Ü* I did have to do her hat a second time, truth be told. The first time my stitches were too loose and the hat came down to her collar, covering her whole head. Not a good look. And I couldn’t find the right sized  pom pom maker (that we used to make all those Angry Bird pom-poms), so I ended up using my fingers to make the pom-pom. Hopefully we can find a spot for her at holiday time. Here’s  the link if you would like the pattern for her.

And I have to share some of the things Jessica was inspired to make from the book she checked out. The flowers and embroidery floss are what we were shopping for that day in Michaels. Yes, I know I have a plethora of craft supplies, but sometimes even with all that, you need to look for that just right item.

103_0098 103_0099

These sweet little fairies are hanging over her head in bed. 


And this sweet fairy oversees us in the living room.  Aren’t they lovely? She did a great job!

This next project is the first one she worked on and she really impressed me! It’s a dancing doll (as best we can remember) I just took these pictures a few minutes ago.



Can you believe the amount of detail she put into this? I remember her working so patiently on the coloring. And the precision she managed with the cutting.  So impressive.

And I can’t neglect Amy…she wasn’t into the crafty projects this past summer,  but over the weekend she created a little vehicle with Lego pieces and conducted a scientific experiment with it. And she also took pictures of the vehicle. Not too shabby on her part! The black rod with the red end is spring loaded somehow and her experiment had to do with drag affecting the distance the vehicle traveled.

 103_0093 103_0094

Gotta say I am proud of my girls.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Alanna said...

Wow, all of the projects are amazing. Your crafty gene has definitely been passed down to your girls. You've got every right to be proud of your sweet girls.

Sharli Schaitberger said...

Hi Jeanne,
The fairies are so sweet, and such detail! I think both of your girls may have a dose of your creativity!

Happy Crocheter said...


I love the little Christmas doll and I especially love that your girls are so creative in their very own ways. It's so good to have you back.


Barb said...

I love that you are sharing your love of crafting with your daughters. The Holiday Elf is the cutest thing!