Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Few More Crochet Hats…

Jessica’s teacher told me that her son loves the owl hat I made for him. I guess he has, up to now, refused to wear any hats, but once he got the owl hat, he wears it all the time. Yay! She asked if I’d be willing  to make a couple more. Of course, I said yes.

Here’s the second owl hat…


I just changed the accent color and when I braided the tails, I grouped all of the same color together.

For the next hat, I kind of wanted to try a different style altogether and I hoped it would work out okay with her son. What do you think? Would a 2 year old like to wear something like this?? LOL

104_0084 104_0085

I just couldn’t resist this hat. I got the pattern from the same gal who shared the owl pattern. You can find it here. She says she hasn’t tested the pattern except on her own kids, but I went ahead and tried it anyway. I didn’t have any issues and it fit Jessica okay, so it should be fine (I made it the same size I made the owl hat). I got the yarn at Michaels. It’s the one she recommended and it sure is soft.  And thankfully, I had plenty of black buttons in my stash.

The teacher was in a meeting when I brought the hats to give to her today, so I just left them on her desk with a note. It’s nice to leave a happy surprise.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are having a great day.


Laurel said...

These are awesome, love the snowman one!

Barb said...

These hats are too cute! I don't know if a 2 year would wear the snowman hat or not...I'm a little older than 2 and I know I would wear it! The owl, very cute!