Friday, October 11, 2013

Knitted Lace With a Twist Cowl(s)

Ahhhh...I am loving the arrival of football season and the cool, crisp air that invites one to snuggle on the couch and work on handwork.  I've been really into knitting these days. I found a booklet at Hobby Lobby and fell in love with the cover project. Only, I couldn't find the yarn in the stores I frequent. So, I first made the project, a knitted Lace with a Twist cowl, with some multicolored  Loops and Threads yarn (a Michaels brand of yarn) called Seaside. While the colors are very nice and will coordinate well with my coat, I still pined for the yarn used on the front cover of the booklet.

I took advantage of an essentially free shipping promotion at and bought the Red Heart Boutique Midnight yarn in the color Harvest Moon. I finished knitting the cowl the other night and just finished sewing it together. Gah...I love those colors. The camera hasn't picked it up, but there are strands of gold thread throughout the yarn that give it just a slight sparkle. 
Oh and I discovered that a different Michaels, one a little further away, does carry this several colors. May have to pick some up sometime!

I'm currently working on knitting a hat for Amy. In purple, her favorite color. Will share when it's finished.

Thanks so much for stopping by. 
 I have some more projects (cards) to share. 
It's feast or famine with me, I guess.



Laurel said...

Oh those are wonderful!

Sharli Schaitberger said...

Oh, how beautiful!!! You are SO TALENTED!!

KayM said...

OMGosh!!! Those are stunning! I bow down to you!! I might can make a card, but I don't think I could do something like that! The design you have knitted into them is so pretty and the colors... wow! Really gorgeous gorgeous!! Oh and I love crisp weather to snuggle on the couch with handiwork!! Just love this time of year! Have a wonderful Saturday!

mE said...

saweeet!!! You finished it! it turned out gorgeous! I may have to buy some uarn and beg uou ad pay you one. hehe.

love ya!


Barb said...

So pretty, Jeanne! Your knitting skills are AWESOME!! These are gorgeous. I'm looking forward to wearing the sweet scarf you made for me! Just waiting for it cool off here.