Friday, January 31, 2014

Amy's Flower

Jessica hasn't had the best week, darn it. She came home early on Tuesday afternoon with a fever and has been home sick ever since. It's not the flu, but most likely the same virus that laid her low a couple of weeks ago. I almost sent her to school this morning, as she was quite perky yesterday afternoon and evening, but she felt pretty puny (and looked like she felt pretty puny) when she got up. So, I erred on the side of caution and kept her home to hopefully kick the bug once and for all. Amy had a night this week, too, where I thought she was going to be parked on the other side of the couch with Jessica, but whatever was in her system seemed to be more food related than an illness. Whew.

Whenever the girls are home sick, I like to hang out with them and keep them company. This meant I had lots of extra time (in between taking care of Jessica) to work on the giraffe I've been crocheting for Amy. And, happily, I finished it yesterday! Amy was quite happy when she got home from school. She promptly named her new friend, Flower. I found the pattern for this project here. The motif used to create the doll is called African Flower, which is what inspired Amy with her not entirely original name. But hey, it's her doll.

Instead of regular worsted weight yarn, I used size 10 crochet thread from my stash. It's the type of yarn that one typically uses to crochet doilies. Most of my stash is Aunt Lydia's brand. It really wasn't too hard to put together, although in all honesty, I did mess up a few times sewing incorrect sides together. That certainly wasn't the pattern maker's fault, but operator error. LOL In the end, it was a fun project to work on. 

I'm glad Amy is happy with her new friend.

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I hope you have a great weekend!


Barb said...

This is just adorable! I love all the colors! You are AMAZING, Jeanne!I know Amy was really pleased with her new friend. And I'll say it again, I wish we lived closer to each other, because we would be some "craftin' fools!" Aren't you lovin' your Silhouette?! It's the most fun I've had in my studio in a while. LoL!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Barb :)

Alanna said...

So sorry to hear about Jessica. Hope she can kick it and be back strong for next week.

Your giraffe is seriously so adorable. I've told you before but it's worth mentioning again just how incredibly talented you are.

Hope you avre doing okay with the weather. And GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!

mE said...

I loooooove this darling.giraffe! Loooove it. Hope Miss Jessica gets feeling better quickly.

We need to have a crochet day :)



mE said...

... and a Silhouette day. :)

~Wendy Tunison said... are so awesome! That is so stinkin' ca-yute!

KayM said...

Oh you know how much I love this cute little giraffe! You did an amazing job on it and I'll ditto Alanna about how talented you are! Your workmanship is superb!! Even if you did sew a few pieces together wrong :) heheh! Such a cute picture of Amy too! Hope you're staying warm and since I'm neutral here... GO BRONCOS! haha!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Jeanne that is the cutest giraffe I have ever seen. I can't even imagine making one with size 10 thread. You are awesome and I bet Amy thinks so too. thanks for sharing! Love, Tamara

Sharli Schaitberger said...

Wowie, I love Flower! This is adorable, Jeanne. You are SO TALENTED with yarn! Hope everyone is feeling better by now! Hugs!

Jan Oyer said...
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Jan Oyer said...

Do you have an underside view of the giraffe?

Jeanne said...

Jan, if you come back to check this. I have taken a picture and am willing to email it to you. If I hit reply, it won't go to you as you haven't linked your email to your profile. My contact information is jtomshack at gmail dot com Thanks for asking.