Sunday, June 15, 2014

Having Some Artistic Fun

As I was watering my flowers one day last week, a friendly neighborhood butterfly decided to come for a visit. It looked so lovely fluttering from blossom to blossom, that I had to take some photos. When I chat  on the front porch with my neighbors across the street, we'll see this butterfly flitting around in their yard or other yards. Makes us smile, that is for sure. (This photo was taken with the up close flower scene setting on my camera, one that I haven't used all that much because I forget to move the dial sometimes. And I didn't edit the photo, it is straight out of the camera-well, except for my name down there in the corner).

I've mentioned my friend, Barb, a time or two. *Ü* Some recent email chats with her and her blog posts about watercolor has piqued my interest in playing around with watercolors myself. As I have said before I am supremely watercolor challenged. I recently watched this you tube video by Amy Rysavy where she reviews the Artist Loft brand of watercolor paints. These are Michaels "house brand" of watercolors and this review, coupled with projects Barb has been sharing using watercolors prompted me to buy a set (with a coupon, even though they aren't expensive at all without a coupon-hey, save where you can, right?) I watched a few other videos on using watercolors in cardmaking and took the plunge to play a bit. (Boy oh boy, You Tube is amazing, isn't it??) I messed around  a while to get the background and set it aside to dry(for like a week, because the girls and I were off doing summer vacation activities or I was watching more You Tube...that site can get addicting).

I knew going in to creating this background that I wanted it to look sort of like a sunset. Not sure I got it right, but the feel is there. I also knew I wanted to use this Hero Arts cling stamp for the silhouetted flowers. So, yesterday I stamped it, not even considering that I was stamping onto watercolor paper and the surface wasn't smooth! (Yeah, I'm not the brightest bulb, sometimes). It looked awful and I was so bummed. But before I chucked the piece in disgust (it was the only one I painted this way) I remembered a trick I saw Jennifer McGuire do with a black marker on an image that didn't stamp cleanly and decided to try it, using a Micron pen. Oh thank heavens, it didn't look too bad and I was able to salvage the image. I'm very happy with the final result. Whew! This isn't a card at this point. I've toyed with the idea of adding a sentiment, but I kind of like it as is. Who knows...maybe I'll frame it and keep it for myself. 

And finally, I'm going wayyyyyyyy out on a limb here, sharing this next picture. I've recently become intrigued by something called Zentangle and ZenDoodling. If you Google either term you will come across tons of links/images/videos on this art form. There are boatloads of pins on Pinterest and Flickr as well.  Basically, it's repetitive drawing with the intent to de-stress and express oneself. I used to tole paint years and years (and years) ago, and somehow the art I've been seeing reminds me of the patterns I used to paint. So, I've been playing around with this form of expression as well. Not all Zentangles or doodles are colored, but I can't seem to leave it alone after I am done drawing. I've used my Prismacolor pencils on this page. 

I was really inspired by some pieces I saw on the internet, but I didn't print anything off to "follow" or use as a guide. This is very out of the norm for me! It was fun trying different doodles and patterns. 

Who knows maybe someone will be inspired to try something new like I did. I feel like my creative juices are flowing again, after a very long dry spell!

I'm very thankful to those who share so willingly and freely. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Have a terrific day.


Alanna said...

WOW, what a jam packed post. Your watercolor card is gorgeous. And I'm so happy that you were able to save it even after the image didn't stamp great because of the texture.

And your Zentangle piece? Gorgeous. I can't believe, well I can that you did, drew this by yourself. That's so amazing. I've heard the word Zentangle popping up a bit but didn't actually know what it is. Now I do.

Laurel said...

Wow, gorgeous! Love the Zentangle!

Sharli Schaitberger said...

Your watercolor card is beautiful! The shift and blending of the colors work some kind of magic!

I'm in awe of the entangle! It reminds me of Mary Engelbreit (spl?). I your piece is very soothing to look at! Wow, Jeanne, you are on a roll!

Sharli Schaitberger said...

Eek! I forgot to say how awesome the photo of the butterfly is!! I think it's beautiful with the contrast of the yellow and pink. I can't seem to hold still enough to get a shot like this one. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanne! I love the picture of the butterfly, your watercolor picture and I especially love the last card and all its whimsy. thanks for sharing. Love and Hugs, Tamara

KayM said...

Holy toledo lady!!! These are FABTASTIC!! First off the photo of the butterfly is just lovely! Great close up shot!! The card... oh my!!! Your watercolored background is stunning and how very neat that you were able to save the card by coloring in the spots that didn't stamp perfect! It is definitely frame worthy!! And the zen tangle??? WOWZA! I'm seriously thinking that you are just lying to all of us and really printed that off and colored it! haha! I know you wouldn't do that, but it wouldn't be hard to believe considering how fabulous this drawing is. It's really that good! I'm impressed!! Awesome work on all of your fabulous projects!!

Darnell J Knauss said...

Jeanne, my gosh SO much to comment on, so I'll just start at the beginning!

Your butterfly photo is fabulous!! Great camera! We have a few monarchs around our butterfly bushes but they stay high and out of camera reach, darn it!

You did such a top-notch job with your sunset watercolor!! Go you! And all from watching You Tube and Barb. I took an online class in it, and only got halfway through (so far), but you're right about how amazing these videos are for teaching. It is definitely a sunset, that silhouette stamp is brilliant with it, and I would frame it!! (I can't even begin to count how many black images I have helped along with my black markers!! Phew!)

Finally, girl, you ROCK the Zentangling! I think you have found your passion! This is extraordinary, especially since it is your own design! Personally I like that it is colored. Your trees and hills and border are just magnificent!!

Sorry this is so long. I would say more, but I'm out of exclamation points. Enjoy your day and thank you for sharing!! (Aha, I found some more!) Hugs, Darnell

Barb said...

Well look at you! are GREAT at watercoloring! I love the piece you've shared. Definitely looks like a sunset. And yes, I would frame it, too. It's gorgeous.

You amaze me with your Zentangle skills. AH-MAZE me! This is so lovely! So much detail and so very well executed. Keep up the good work!

I love your butterfly photo, too. Looks very professional!

Thanks for the shout out and yes! Do be careful with YouTube! It's sooo easy to get sucked into that vortex of information! I know I get on there sometimes and hours have passed and I'm all bleary eyed but it sure was FUN! LoL!

Enjoy your journey! Thanks so much for sharing with us, too.

XX~Barb :)