Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cross Stitch Ornaments

Hello and Happy New Year to you! 

I hope you are well and getting excited for the coming year. I guess it's coming ready or not, but it probably helps to look forward with a sense of excitement over a sense of dread, yes? 

I haven't been able to sit down and create stamp lately. Although to my credit I DID head into my crafty space and clean off the surfaces(are you tired of this tune? I sure am). It almost looks barren with everything put neatly away and not piled high to the ceiling. I must be enjoying that look a little too much for I appear not to want to mess it up at the moment. I have been stitching though, and recently completed some cute ornaments. I didn't actually even start these until Christmas morning after the gifts were opened and the girls were playing with and inspecting their new goodies. LOL They aren't very big, but I think they pack a very nice cuteness wallop. 

I originally saw the idea on Pinterest, but am not much of an online shopper, so didn't order them. Imagine my delight in finding the pattern and sleds a few months ago when I discovered the stitching shops not too far from me. :) They are stitched on perforated paper. I like the addition of dimension with some beads and buttons. 

I hope you have fun ringing in the new year with your family and friends. Be safe, whatever you do! I'll probably be curled up on the couch stitching away...

Thanks so much for stopping by. 


Laurel said...

These are so cute Jeanne! Happy New Year to you!

KayM said...

Oh I love these!!! I love little projects like this that work up quick and these are just adorable! The sleds are so cute too! How lucky you were to find these in a shop near you! I'm glad that even though you haven't had much time to stamp, you still have some creative work you can enjoy. That's important to us crafty girls :) Hope you have a VERY wonderful new year! ((Hugs))

mE said...

I love these, Jeanne! I agree with Kay, they look quick to work up, which is important for me lately. I need quick, small projects. I think you're right, they d be fun to add small embellishments to! I was just talking to my mom about making ornaments for my nieces and nephews (9 of them) next year and these would be fabulous! We are going to have to figure out a time to get together soon! (I can work around your work schedule.)

Happy New Year girlfriend!


Faye Wynn-Jones said...

Oh Jeanne, these are lovely! Wishing you a very happy new year x

Alanna said...

How stinking cute are these? I love that you made them into little sleds.