Sunday, February 22, 2015

Aloysius the Owlet (or maybe the penguin...)

Hi there!

Back again. I know feast or famine, right? Two posts in one day. If you didn't see my other one about the crochet-a-long I'm trying you can check it out here. This one is about a crochet project as well. Sorry, no cards...yet.

Back when I found the Happypotomus pattern from HeidiBears, I also saw a pattern for Aloysius. He is an owlet. A pretty dang cute owlet. I tried reallllllly hard to resist buying the pattern. But(hangs head)...I caved. Every time I thought about it, I'd hear it calling to know you want to download me and make me. Not in a creepy way, mind you. Okay. What really struck me was the wings on the doll. I thought they were so neat looking. So, anyway, I had a certain someone who came to my mind when I looked at the pattern, too. I've crocheted it, boxed it up and sent him to his new home, where I'm sure he is going to be very happy.

I've developed a pretty neat friendship with a gal named Kay over the past couple of years. I've talked about her before on this blog. If you haven't been to her blog, My Joyful Moments, you should seriously take a peek. Oh and plan to stay a bit as you meander around and take in all the eye candy. This gal has got some serious card making talent. She is also a fabulous polymer clay designer as well. She has an Etsy shop where she sells the clay ornaments that she makes. But you know what? They sell out in minutes. That's how fantastic her ornaments are. I mean, I don't even get to see them posted, they are gone before I can get to the shop. As I said, we've developed a pretty special (to me) friendship and she is the one who immediately came to mind when I saw Aloysius. I'm not sure why, as I have other friends who like owls too, but I felt a strong urge to create him for her and so I did. He's in his new home now and so I felt like I could share.

The penguin part comes in because he sort of also looks like a penguin. It could be because I didn't stuff him all that well. Oh well. Owlet, penguin, I think he's cute either way. :)

Enough he is!

I really liked the look of the wings as a solid color, but what really drew me in was the scallop on the wings. Gah! So darn sweet!

Now I ask you, could you have resisted this face?

So, now you see I've been a little busy creating. But I couldn't really share until it was all done. 

Thanks ever so much for stopping by.
Hope you have a great week!

PS Kay, I hope I didn't embarrass you. I'm just get so happy when I see what you create and I want to share it with others. 


Alanna said...

Wow Jeanne. What a labor of love. I can see why you were called to buy the pattern. I love the colors. I'm sure Kay will love this and I can totally see why you thought of her. I'm sure she will absolutely love and treasure it. Hope you're staying warm.

Laurel said...

Oh cute, cute, cute!

Pop's Cards said...

Wow sweetie, I really wish I could do this, I had a try but I end up with a a line skirt, somewhere along the line I either loose or add heaps and just cannot do it, I try almost every week, what I need is someone sat next to me saying no don't put it in there or yes that's right, my daughter would love this cutie, your so cool hugs Pops x

KayM said...

Oooooooh you are too sweet!! Thank you SO much for your very kind words about me Jeanne!! And no, I'm not embarrassed, I appreciate your sweet words very much and I LOVE my Aloysius!! I'm so glad you thought of me when you saw the pattern. He looks so cute in my happy place :) Your crocheting skills are amazing!! Thanks so much my sweet friend!! (hugs)

Darnell J Knauss said...

Another fun creation, Jeanne! It has to be a delight to put these together and see them finished!! Have a wonderful week! Hugs, Darnell

Anonymous said...

OH my gosh Jeanne, I can see why you couldn't resist that cute owlette pattern. He turned out so darn cute. I love the wings too. Thanks so much for sharing. Love and Hugs, Tamara

cm said...

Oh my, Jeanne, what a wonderfully amazing, sweet, heart-warming gift you've given to the wonderfully amazing sweet Kay! Aloysius is an absolute gem, and knowing Kay's talents well (I agree: she's phenomenally creative!), he's perfect for her! She'll appreciate every single stitch and the immense time and energy you invested in creating him just for her! Your generosity and kind spirit is so touching!

Sharli Schaitberger said...

Jeanne, it's darling!! You are crazy creative - I love the crochet especially (probably because I am totally incapable to do that!) and I agree that the wings are awesome! Wow!

Barb said...

Such a cute little owlet! What a wonderful gift for your friend. Your crochet skills are amazing, Jeanne!

cm said...

Jeanne, your comments sure bring a smile to my face! I agree: butterflies over donuts any day! Thank you, too, for wishing my husband well over the weekend. He doesn't compete in the sport of biathlon; rather, he's the 'office' guy for the sport, which means that whenever biathlon competitions take place, he's involved in the organization and, often, the timing, of the events. During the winter, he's crazy-busy...actually he's crazy-busy all year round, even though biathlon is a winter sport. Things will settle down a bit in April; then he can have - maybe - his evenings free again! Have a fabulous Friday, my friend!

Roberta Mendes said...

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Faye Wynn-Jones said...

What a lovely project Jeanne. Your cute owl made me smile! x