Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wizard Owl and a Card!

 Hi Friends!

I was told marching band was a big commitment and I believed those who told me that. But I didn't get just how busy life would be until I was in the midst of it. And I wasn't even the person who was doing the marching, the practicing and the playing! But I was the one who was taking the marcher, the practicer and the player to where she needed to be. And I am also the volunteer, helper and all that. I fully comprehend what a commitment marching band is now. :) The season has ended and my marching band student has completely and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and is eagerly looking forward to next season. Mom is happy that the marcher is happy, but also kind of happy that things should slow down a bit. Then the marcher told the mom that she signed a paper to try Winter Guard(Flags that perform inside).

Oh yes, she also joined the recreational basketball league again.

The other daughter is doing great as well and is very busy, but doesn't need quite as much driving around as the first one does.

I have not been into my crafty space in what feels like a really long time and I do miss it. I am hoping that someday soon I will venture back in there. I mentioned before that I do have time in evenings, but don't do well cardmaking then. But I do enjoy doing handwork. Last summer, I came across a magazine online with a counted cross stitched wizardly owl on the cover that I instantly fell in love with. The magazine hadn't even been released at that point. I began stalking the stores in anticipation of buying the magazine for the pattern. Finally I found it and I got to work. I enjoyed creating this piece very much. However, I probably will not be stitching on black cloth ever again. Especially dark gray on black. My poor eyes sure got a workout and at times I needed extra light to see where I needed to stitch. But...all of that was SO worth it when I finished. I actually was done with the stitching awhile ago. I just needed to take the time to create the fabric border. I grabbed that time the other day and the project is completely finished.

I'm so happy with how this came out.
Feel free to enlarge to see it better. 

One of the more recently releases from Lawn Fawn was Happy Harvest. I decided to get it after I received my first paycheck for this school year. There was a day where I had some time to work on cards and I was so sure I would get oodles and oodles of cards made. This is the only one that got started. I didn't even finish it that day. But I eventually got it done. Sorry for the not so great photo. I took it with my smartphone. And there's some nice shadowing from the overhead lights going on. 

Colored with my prismacolor pencils. Popped up a bit and already in the recipient's hands. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! 
I truly hope you are doing well and are ready for a Happy Halloween (if you celebrate). 
I also hope I will be back again soon. 



cm said...

OH MY STARS!! Jeanne, forget the 'crushing over' and 'smitten by' steps, because I've fallen head-over-heels in love with your cross-stitched wizardly owl! He's handsome, striking, beautiful...awesome! WOW! I've done a lot of cross-stitch in my time and at the moment, have a partly finished Noah's Ark birth sampler for my nephew awaiting attention (he's already three!!). You've sparked a desire to pick it up and get the show going (hopefully, I'll remember how). AND, I have a cutie-patootie snowman with birds also in my closet! Another 'something' that really needs doing. Then there's the animal alphabet still not done! Yeesh! My old eyes aren't what they used to be, so the cross-stitch is more challenging, but...aren't the rewards amazing when they're completed? I have cross-stitched on black before and I agree: challenging! How wonderful you found the magazine. Your card, too, is ever so sweet; such lovely colouring! I'm in awe at how busy you are, yet you still find time to create things that bring so much joy! You, my friend, are a treasure!

cm said...

Me is a link to my cross-stitch Noah's Ark 'work in (slow) progress'

Sharli Schaitberger said...

Jeanne, your tapestry is amazing - a real HOOT! ( *grin* I couldn't help it!)
I love the colors and I know-for-a-fact that I. Can no longer stitch on dark fabric. I am in awe of your skill!

The card is adorable, too! Such nice coloring and a definite "Fall" feeling!

As for marching band - I feel a special connection! I was I marching and symphonic music programs for MANY years and loved every minute - even the bone numbing 6 am marching practices on a half frozen field! You are a great Mom!


KayM said...

Wowzers!! That owl cross stitched piece is utterly amazing!! The colors are so vibrant and gorgeous! I'll bet that was a lot of fun to do! Now, like Carol, I'm wanting to drag all of my cross stitch stuff out! haha! No no Kay! Remind me how much I have going on!! :) The card is darling!! You are so awesome with the Prismacolors!! Again making me want to drag those out too! haha! Your shading is awesome even with the not so spectacular photo, the card is amazing! Glad the girls are doing so well, but sorry you're having to work so hard at it all. You're pretty amazing :)

stampmonkey said...

Ditto what KayM said, "Wowzers" is right!! Your owl stitchery is mesmerizing, and those colors give it almost a black-light effect. You did a beautiful job with this project {like usual!}, though sorry it was so tough on your eyes...understandable though with the dark colors on the black cloth. I've never cross-stitched on black cloth before, but after hearing your story I never will. It's strikingly beautiful though! Your binding looks nice too --the color really makes the owl pop out.

And your fall card is so sweet! Looks like a darling stamp set {first paycheck worthy for sure ;)}, and your coloring looks great! Love the cutout background and the way you placed the pumpkins. Super cute! It's great that you can still find time to be so creative despite your busy schedule.

As for your countless hours of taxiing and helping out with any and all needs for your marcher, practicer, and player --and the upcoming flagger and basketball star-- they will never be forgotten by her. As tiring as it can be, you'll look back on these {long -lol} days and remember that they were special times you two had together, no doubt strengthening your mother-daughter bond. You're a wonderful mom, Jeanne.

Enjoy your weekend!

hugs, Christi

Alanna said...

WOWSERS Jeanne, that cross stitch piece is simply amazing. I love the owl and the colors and it looks fantastic on the black. It would have looked awesome with a white background but the black just makes it pop off the page. I wonder how many hours go into something like this? You are truly amazing with what you create.

I love the Lawn Fawn card. Such a great card design with the circle just partially cut. Your shading looks fantastic on the pumpkins.

I'm glad you survived marching band season. I've heard that it is very intense. I suppose the life of a taxi mother will never be done. Once you get one activity done, another one pops up to take its place. I suppose it's all good but I'm sure you are ready for just a bit of a break.

I hope you get to watch the Broncos game tonight. It should be a good one and I am definitely a bit nervous.

Barb said...

You are amazing! Your cross stitched piece is just gorgeous! I appreciate your talent so very much!

And that card there looks really familiar! *wink* You really did a great job on it, Jeanne. It's beautifully colored and it looks perfect sitting on fireplace mantle. Thank you for your thoughtfulness!


cm said...

THANK YOU for your visit and for warming up this cold, blustery day! I have "respond to Jeanne's note" on my to do list...stay tuned! You're such a sweetheart!

cm said...

I've had 'one of those' weeks, and your comments have added so much joy! You make me feel like a card-making rock star (oh how I wish!). THANK YOU for being so awesome! Wishing you a wonderful Saturday; I'm going to try to get cards done for my mom to send. Fingers crossed!

Darnell J Knauss said...

Your harvest card is so sweet and colored beautifully, Jeanne! But, wow, that counted x-stitch STOLE the show on this post! I can see why you instantly fell in love with it! I love it and the fabric border you made for it. It must be really sensational in person and, as you say, worth the wear and tear on your eyeballs!! (Maybe the active child will allow Mom's Taxi to park in the driveway a little over the holidays?!) Hugs, Darnell

cm said...

*Waving hello*! Just a quick pop-in to check in that you're a-okay and that you're enjoying what I'm sure is a hectic, yet wonderful Thanksgiving season! Hope Thursday sees you surrounded by family and friends, fabulous food, and the warm that comes from thanks, giving and love! I'll be thinking of you...

cm said...

Happy December, Jeanne! A quick pop-in to say THANK YOU for brightening this blustery day with your sweet comment! Your visits bring me such joy! Yes, the waterpark was a blast; my husband is slowly regaining his energy *grin*
Have a marvelous Wednesday!

Marika said...

This is the coolest cross stitched owl I've ever seen, Jeanne! WOW!!