Friday, October 14, 2016

Play Day!

Hello there!

I had a day off yesterday that I told no one about, just so I wouldn't get told...since you have the day off, can you...You know what I mean, right? I had such high hopes of getting all these cards made and wouldn't you know it, that didn't happen. but I did get one completed, so that's good. 

But first my last post I mentioned that my daughter was working on a rollercoaster project and I was asked to share the completed project. Here you go! I did take video of the marble running through it, but there were some false starts and I don't know how to edit that out, so trust me when I say, the marble does go through the track with out jumping it...most of the time. Thankfully for the girls, it worked perfectly the first time the teacher tried it. Yay! :) They also shared a write up of what they learned about different kinds of energy (potential, kinetic and also friction). I think I said they were learning about Newton's Laws of Motion. Oops, I was wrong (not a surprise). That's the unit they have just started this week. I jumped the gun.
Anyway, the theme of their rollercoaster was Steampunk, which is why you see that fancy base. I think they did a great job on it. They had high hopes of making this even more intricate, but they realized it would take much more time than they had available to do that. They were very happy with the completed project. All the projects the class did looked amazing. I never did anything like this when I was in middle school (well, junior high is what it was called way back know in the Stone Age).

I shared this on my Instagram account a bit ago, but never did get this up on the blog. I follow different colorists on You Tube and now on Instagram. As I think I've shared before, these colorists create tutorials or show what they are doing as they color. One colorist always attacts my eye because I just love the color combinations she uses. Her name is Julie and you can find her channel here. Recently she did a three part video series on the butterfly in Magical Jungle. It helps that she uses Prismacolor pencils. I absolutely fell in love with the colors she used on the butterfly and I simply felt compelled to color the butterfly. My hand is a little lighter than hers, but what really sets off the coloring is the use of the white pencil to fully blend the colors. I just bought another white pencil last week because I am using it so much. :)
I am so happy with how this looks!
Gosh, I wish I had more time to color.

And finally, here is the single card I was able to create yesterday. Oh my, I totally copied the one that inspired this. Karin, of Peppermint Patty's Papercraft, is mega talented. She creates and shares the most beautiful watercolors! And she makes fantastic cards, too. Oh, to have such talent to come up with these fantastic projects. You should check out her blog, if you have never been. Anyway, last month she shared this card and I was completely and utterly smitten. 
Here's my version of the card. 
Yep, a complete CASE, but colored with pencils and not Copics. I was also intrigued by the paper shaker bits. That die is also from Mama Elephant. I like the idea of picking the colors you want in cardstock.  Thank you so much for the inspiration, Karin! (if you ever stop by and read this) 

I have to say though, I didn't anticipate how long it would take to create the card when I sat down. There's inlaid die cutting. I colored a bunch of images thinking I'd make a couple of cards (snort) and then there's the frame. Oh, the frame about did me in. LOL I don't have frame die cuts so I was trying to finagle it with dies I do own and...well, it wasn't pretty. I was getting a bit frustrated. So, I ended up just cutting strips and using them. It worked. I should have added some interest to the strips, but at that point I wanted to be done. LOL If you could have heard me talking to myself throughout the making of the card, you'd be laughing your head off!

Okay, so my leaves are a bit different than hers. Well, I picked up some Spectrum Noir glitter pens at Hobby Lobby recently. (I went on a bit of a shopping spree with my first paycheck of the school year, if you can't tell). I thought the fall colors were so pretty. I tested them on some Lawn Fawn die cut leaves. I just had them laying out, so I added them to the card. They are pretty sparkly!  The sentiment is also from Lawn Fawn, as is the banner.  The cardstock is all Close To My Heart...Goldrush, Honey, Ocean and Cranberry. Some (or all) of them could be retired colors, but I don't keep track of that now. I saw on another card the use of a lighter teal with fall colors and I thought that was so neat. So that's why you see a bit of the dark teal color in with the others in the shaker bits. That's for you, Michele. (smile)

The girls and I have the day off today. Teacher inservice day. Yesterday was conferences, which are scheduled for all day in elementary, but after school only in middle and high school. If I can squeak in some crafty time you might see me back.
Promises, promises.

Thanks ever so much for stopping by! 
Hope you have an awesome weekend!


Sharli Schaitberger said...

Hi Jeanne! I love the butterfly! I need to think about what you've said about the white Prismacolor pencil. I have them (well, they are in MN under the care of Bryan for the winter). I brought back my Inktense pencils and for the second winter seasons let Bryan be custodian of the Prismacolor pencils. The look on his face when I asked him made it all worth while!

I also love the shaker card - pretty autumn colors and all the perfect shaker elements inside!

The science projects these days are certainly more sophisticated than anything I ever did - WOWIE! So proud of the girls!


Laurel said...

Cute card and that coloring is gorgeous! I don't have the patience to do that!

Barb said...

The rollercoaster project looks REALLY cool! I want to see the video!

As usual, you always blow me away with your colored pencil skills! This butterfly is GORGEOUS!

Your card is so cute! Clever idea to use paper for the shaker bits!

I Card Everyone said...

You've taken me back to the days when my own kids were in high-school, Jeanne! Spaghetti bridges, making race cars out of record albums [and I'm still REAALLY upset that he used my Lionel Richey!] and mouse-trap cars, too.l I'd love to see that marble rollercoaster in action!]
Thanks for playing cards today, Jeanne ... whether you are CASEing a favorite designer, or not, you bring such joy of your own to the table! LOve that confetti - how did those slip by me?
Now. About that butterfly? COMPLETELY PHENOMENAL!!! Please remind your fans to 'enbiggen' for full appreciation! Thanks for those teal leaves - wouldn't it be loverly? xx

Alanna said...

So nice to see you on blogger - yay for an extra day off! I love the roller coaster project - what a neat thing to do.

The butterfly is so beautiful. I love the colors you used for coloring.

And your card is so cute. I love that little girl and the fun paper shaker bits. Sorry the lack of frame die was giving you fits. I think you came up with a nice alternative.

I'm also so glad that you could treat yourself to a few new things - you definitely deserve it. I am loving the spectrum glitter pens although I haven't seen them at our Hobby Lobby.

cm said...

WOW! The girls’ roller coaster is amazing! Like Michele, I too, would love to see it in action! The steampunk base: toooo cool! I don’t recall nifty projects like this during my ‘stone age’ junior high days, but I remember my brother doing several (he’s 14 years younger than I am). I seem to recall an erupting volcano at one point…my mother was not impressed with the trial run on the kitchen table *grin* Your card is sheer delight! You may have ‘cased’ the basics, but those special touches make it entirely your own! The teal leaves and sparkle…fantastic! I need to check out the SN glitter pens at some point. Your butterfly: breath taken away in complete AWE! Jeanne: gorgeous, stunning, enchanting! Your colouring is incredible! WOW, WOW and WOW! Hope you have a frame in mind, because from my perspective, these work of art *needs* to be part of your home décor. Who knew that a white pencil could have such a dramatic effect! I need to find some colouring time (not to mention simply keeping up with cards time…and then there’s the whole laundry thing *grin*). Going back to ooh and ahh over close-ups…
Hugs and love~c

Anita in France said...

Gosh, where to start, Jeanne! With the rollercoaster, I think ... cool, clever and so awesome ... what a fantastic project! Your card is just adorable ... sweet little girl, so beautifully coloured ... and all those gorgeous autumn colours in the leaves and confetti (including the teal!). Your butterfly ... oh. my. goodness! It's stunning ... such amazing colouring and detailing ... you must be so proud to have created such a beauty ... incredible doesn't do it justice! Yep, stunning! Hugs, Anita :)

Loll said...

Hi Jeanne. Your butterfly is STUNNING!! How ... you have serious colouring skills my friend!

And your sweet fall scene card is adorable. The frame turned out well with the strips of paper.

And the project by you daughter and friend is very cool. Great job girls! xx

Kay Miller said...

What a neat project the girls did! That looks amazing and how great that it worked the first time the teacher tried it! Fabulous! Wow! Wow!! I don't even have words for your coloring page! That is outstanding in every way possible! Your coloring is stunning! Now you have me thinking I'm getting out the white pencil today and giving that a try! Very inspiring! Your card is SO adorable!! Oh gosh that is so cute! I love the little ME girl, she has always been one of my faves, and the way you made the frame, and the shaker bits is just amazing! VERY cute indeed! Sorry I'm so late commenting! ((Hugs))

Karin Åkesdotter said...

You are just the sweetest Jeanne - Thanks so much for you kind words! Please stop by my blog when you have the time (-;

Big hugs!!!

Karin Åkesdotter said...

Forgot to say how amazing the coloring on that buttefly is - just stunning - I could look at it forever!!!!!!

Darnell J Knauss said...

What a fun post, Jeanne! Thank you for sharing a picture of the steampunk roller coaster project! As someone who grew up in the age before the Stone Age (of course, my memory doesn't allow me to know what age that was, I just know it was a million years ago!), this is pretty sophisticated compared to what I did in Junior High! Go girls!!

Your butterfly coloring is out of this world, my girl! You are truly a colored pencil artist! Thank you for sharing Julie's link. I'm going to check it out (might not be until after the holidays) because I have (cough) sets of colored pencils and need to see some videos to get into them and use them. The colors of your butterfly just make me ITCH to learn!!

And, finally, your CASE of Karin's card is so adorable and so wonderfully detailed! Well done making a frame with strips! I LOVE the jewel tone colors! Lots of hugs, Darnell

Karin Åkesdotter said...

Just came to say Hi - and make sure it's not my computer playing a trick on me - and that I'm not missing new posts from you. Hope you've had a wonderful start to the new year! Lots of love Karin I'm so grateful for your kind comments and support - means the World to me!