Friday, August 4, 2017

Hummingbird Counted Cross Stitch and Some Cards!

Hello There!

I felt it was high time I came back and thanked all of your for your kindness and comforting thoughts with regard to my previous post. They meant so much to me. 

I also thought you might like to see something a little happier. 

My mother in law is having a milestone birthday very soon. She is turning 80! She still knits daily and is pretty feisty. Guess I know what I am in for with my husband as time goes by. ;) 

Anyway, she loves hummingbirds. Last Friday I got the bright idea to find a counted cross stitch pattern of a hummingbird and came across a gorgeous one desgined by Sasha Turisheheva that I purchased from her Animal Cross Stitch shop on Etsy. I fell in love with the colors. I downloaded the pattern, printed it, taped it together and pulled my colors. I started on a piece of Aida and worked all that evening. The next morning I went to start working and looked closer at the pattern. I determined that the design wouldn't fit on the size cloth I had. Darn! I had to run and get a new piece and start over. Then I stitched like a maniac every spare minute I had this past week. 

I am SO happy with the final result. My girls and I found this frame at Michaels and I ended up going outside to take a picture. I'm sad to say even this photo, with editing doesn't truly capture just how vibrant and pretty the colors are. The frame has more green in the color than shows up and really picks up the blues and greens in the stitching. Feel free to click on the photo to get a better look. Cross stitch pieces under glass are extremely hard to photograph, but I did my best. Anyway, I think she will be happy with her gift.

And for those of you who stop by to see cards, I've got a few to share today. 

My brother Jeff has done a wonderful job handling all the details that come with someone passing and I made him this card, along with a batch of his favorite cookies. We've always called them Ranger cookies. They have oatmeal and coconut in them. We usually took some on a backbacking trip when I was growing up. Anyway, he loved the surprise. 

The thanks is inlaid and I used a stencil on the background. 

This card is a case from Nichol Spohr. I made this one for my brother who had lived with my dad. He moved in with some friends and I wanted to send him some happy mail at his new place. I think those pineapples are so fun. I followed Nichol's YouTube video to make the stripes, too. 

Finally, I couldn't resist this birthday bus after I saw a card on the internet using it. I colored it with my Zig Clean Color Real Brush markers. Looking at it now, I realize I should have put the sentiment on the other side of the card to help balance it. Oh well. It was fun to make. 

I'm doing okay over all. Keeping busy as you can see has helped. Back to school time is fast approaching. Only a couple of weeks of "freedom" left. Maybe I can squeeze in a few more cardmaking sessions before my time becomes more limited. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! 
I so appreciate your visit.


Anita in France said...

Goodness, Jeanne ... what a treat to see so much loveliness in one post! I gasped at that beautifully stitched hummingbird, it's stunning and I'm certain your MIL will love it! Each card is fabulous ... from the cool stencilling to the fun plaid and pineapples ... and that oh so sweet, wonderfully coloured, little birthday bus ... a trio of delights! Sending hugs, Anita :)

Kay Miller said...

I saw the hummingbird on IG and WOW! It is really amazing! That is a gift of love for sure! SO beautiful! Your cards are all wonderful!! I love the stenciled background and the inlaid sentiment! The second one is darling with all of those cute pineapples! And the third... well lets just say that one happens to be very special to me :) Maybe because I am looking at it right now as I type this comment :) I'm glad you are doing some fun crafty things and enjoying what's left of the summer vacation! Have a great week ahead my friend! :)

Darnell said...

What a treat to see a post from you, Jeanne, and such a full and colorful post, too!! I have to start with your hummer cross-stitch which has blown the top of my head off! You know I love them and I think you did a brilliant job (and so fast!!!) and the frame is great for it. I enlarged it to get every single detail of the color nuances. Your hand must have cramped for days, lol! Your MIL will treasure this!!

And your cards, wow! I'm pinning them all! Love the colors and design of Jeff's card and YES to ranger cookies which I used to make a lot when Dan was young! And your other brother's happy mail is just that: Happy!! What cute little pineapples against that awesome plaid! And your glossified balloons and gift-toting critter VW bus had ME in stitches!! Great cloud stenciling, blending, and coloring! Come back soon with your inspirational self! Hugs, Darnell

Sharli Schaitberger said...

Eek - Your creations are fabulous! WOOT!!! I love that hummingbird and can't believe you did it in less than a week. That is really quite remarkable - it is so detailed!
The cards are wonderful, too! I giggled when I saw the pineapples - they look so HAPPY! The VW bus, the card with balloons, these are all really awesome! I've missed you and your creativity - well, inspiration!

Loll said...

So great to see that you had some crafty time for yourself, Jeanne. The hummingbird is really gorgeous and I'm sure your MIL will be thrilled. I'm so impressed that you were able to get it finished in a week!! Cross-stitch is very time consuming and it would probably have taken me a year! :)

LOVE your cards. Each of them is colourful and happy. How sweet to make your brother a family favourite cookie along with this beautiful thank you card. I bet he loved both. :) And your pineapples are adorable. Great job with that plaid background ... looks complicated! And the bus ... we'll ... it's just SUPER CUTE! Great colouring, Jeanne.

Good that you are keeping busy. Sending you hugs. Loll xx

mE said...

Jeanne! I love your cards and that gorgeous hummer!! I am glad you are back to creating again! We need to get together soon. I have missed you! It has been too long! xoxo

stampmonkey said...

My goodness, girl! You remind me of my mom...a virtual cyclone of speed (and no end to your creativity)! I'm certain your MIL will treasure the stitchery --those colors and detail on the hummingbird are so beautiful! And your cards here are so fun, colorful, and all kinds of happy-inducing! Awesome work (of course)! Here's hoping you get to squeeze in a few more projects before the routine starts up again.

big hugs,

Alanna said...

WOW Jeanne, you've been busy. I adore the hummingbird cross stitch. That is so beautiful and the frame is just perfect for it.

All of your cards are darling. The plaid with the pineapples is so cute and I love the birthday bus.

I'm glad that you've been keeping busy. Hugs!!

Barb said...

Hey there, Jeanne!

I always enjoy looking at your cross stitched projects and this hummingbird is lovely! So vibrant!

Your cards are darling! Each one is so different from the next. I love them all! The pineapple one made me smile! And that bus card is super cute! You've become quite comfortable with your Zigs! You're doing a great job with them.

Mac Mable said...

Stunning hummingbird stitching work and so very beautiful. Gorgeous selection of cards, so creative and very inspirational...Thank you x