Thursday, August 5, 2010

Great Week With Grandpa!

Hi Friends!

As I type this, my dad's plane should be taking off for Minnesota, the next leg in his trip. Yep, he's been here and gone already, but what a great week we had together!
Dad hadn't had a chance to buy a little prezzie for the girls, so he insisted we go to Target and the girls picked out these teeny tiny Hello Kitty things. Oh my, they play with them constantly! My dad is thrilled to see how well they play, and with such imagination.

We went miniature golfing a couple of times. So fun. The second time we went my dad got THREE holes in one!

Way to go, Dad!

We went to this model train show, only to find out it was closing 10 minutes after we got there. Steve said it didn't close til 5pm, but it closed at 3. Bummer. But we still got to see this great set up for a few minutes.

We took Dad to the girls' swim lessons.

Even though he says he can't see well, he sure enjoyed it!

We went to lunch at the school after lessons. Love those silly girls!

Dad couldn't wait to go to the zoo. Our friends, Dave and Tracy, joined us.
Then we went out to eat (at Gunther Toody's). Yum!

My dad loves to eat at Gunther Toody's (50s Diner) and Cracker Barrel. Here we are at Cracker Barrel. 
He sure loved his meatloaf!
A kind patron allowed me to be included in a photo.
We also went out to a place called Joe's Crab Shack. Oh my, was that ever fun! The waiters wear funky socks and funny t-shirts. They also dance all over the restaurant. Loved it!

The time went by way too fast, but Dad sure was generous.
He asked me what I wanted for my birthday.
I was honest (and joking) and told him I wanted a Wii and a Cricut Expression.
He had no clue what either thing was.
So, I told him.

For my birthday (and Christmas)



I honest to goodness NEVER expected him to buy it, but am so thrilled.

Steve just rolled his eyes when we told him.
He has yet to play a game, but maybe we'll get him to try it once.
(Dad bought him the movie Avatar, on blu-ray, though)
The girls and I are having a blast with it.
So did Hattie, who came over to check it (and Pam, the hamster) out.

And speaking of the hamster...who is super cute, and fun to pet...guess who wants one of her very own now?
Yep, Miss Jessica would love to have one.

It remains to be seen if it will happen, though.

So, that's what we've been up to for the past week.
I've been reading blogs, but haven't had time to comment, hope you don't mind, too much.

Hopefully I'll get back on track soon.
Although, school starts on the 18th
and we may have to cram in a bunch of end of summer fun.

Thanks for stopping by!
I sure appreciate the visit.


Laurel said...

Whoa looks like fun was had by everyone!

mE said...

It looks like you've been having TONS of fun with your dad!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE the new hair color! The fabulous YOUNGER Jeanne! :)

Congrats on your Wii! I bet you will have loads of fun with it once you get a chance to boot the kids off!


Sharli said...

I'm so glad you had such a fabulous visit with Dad and that you didn't waste a moment of it blogging!! Your photos are so much fun - the girls look SO happy - and I agree with Erin - your hair looks gorgeous!

Wii - wow, that's wonderful!! Dad's are pretty special . . .


Sparkle said...

Your post makes me miss Denver SO MUCH! I've been to ALL of those places, lol. The people who work at Crab Shack just crack me up. :) And Brent always beats me, but I still love to minature golf. Glad you had a great week.

Kim Burmeister said...

Looks like you had a spectacular week! Have fun with your Wii! Happy Belated Birthday.

Kathi C. said...

What a great bunch of photos! Everyone looks so happy. I am so glad you had a wonderful time with your dad.

Woo hoo about the Wii!!! You and the girls (Steve, too, if he ever tries it) will have SO much fun together!

Have a great Friday, sweet friend!

Alanna said...

What a fun time it sounds like you all had. I loved the pics. And how exciting for your new present. Wiis certainly are a lot of fun.

Enjoy this gorgeous Friday!

Carolyn Christie said...

Such great pics!! Glad you had such a great time with your dad!! Special memories never forgotten, gosh and a Wii, too. Have fun!!

Felicia Fernandez said...

Wow! I haven't checked in for a bit and it sure looks like you've been busy. I'm glad to hear that you had a great time with your dad. I'm not much of a Wii person either, but it is fun to play.

I am putting Mazie to sleep today. Her hips are so painful for her to walk and get up that I just can't bear to watch her struggle. She's 12 1/2 and it's time she not suffer anymore. The boys are pretty upset, we've had her for 6 years. But that's how life works and I know you understand. Love and miss ya!

Jackie said...

How fun to have time with your dad...the girls seem to love their grandpa...and YES!!! you were totally spoiled :)

Barb said...

SUCH fun times with the Tomshack Clan!! LOVED seeing the family look great, btw! And you will really get a lot of enjoyment from your Wii...there are soooo many fun games to add to your collection.

itsabrt said...

Oh I loved reading this post about your dad's visit how wonderful! You guys did so many awesome things together and I am so happy you got a Wii, Dads rock! Beth

Kelley Eubanks said...

Looks like you guys had a great visit! Love seeing the pics! :)

Catch Phrase Enthusiast said...

I am so glad to see and hear that Grandpa is doing well! The girls are soooooooooo big now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jena said...

It's been so much fun going through your blog tonight - it's been too long! Looks like you are all having fun - I know it's super late, but Happy B-day! And have fun with that Wii - when we moved, that was the last thing we packed before we left and one of the first things we unpacked ;-) BTW - did you know you can watch movies online from Netflix on the Wii - we probably use ours for instant movies more than games anymore! Hopefully I'll be back to visit more regularly - I gotta stay caught up with your cute family and fun projects. Take care!