Tuesday, July 27, 2010

She Likes It....Hey Mikey!

Name the commercial product that was for (slightly modified).  Hee, hee!
No words necessary, right?
That smile says it all.

I didn't know Amy was going to try to hold Pam today, without gloves. I guess she was just anxious.
Thankfully, no nipping happened.

We had to run a few errands this morning and Amy bought Pam a package of wood sticks flavored with apple. Apparently Pam started gnawing on it right away.

I think the carrots we've been giving her through the cage and all the times the cage has been opened to put in a possible house, or a treat, or a toilet paper tube have sort of acclimated her to us. 

Right now Amy's got her in the ball in the great room.

Methinks someone is in heaven.

She is pretty soft. LOL



Barbara said...

I think there are two little girls at your house who definitely love their little pet. Those were really sweet pictures.

Hugs XX

Kathi C. said...

That would be Life cereal! Those are some incredibly sweet smiles on those little faces. I can't tell if Pam was smiling or not. I bet she was. She was probably thinking she'd landed herself a pretty sweet new home, too. I can't wait to see how you scrap these cool photos.

Enjoy Wednesday, Jeanne!

Sharli said...

Your girls are SO happy! What a beautiful smile. I remember my first hamster . . . they ARE soft! They are very interesting (especially at night) and my favorite part was when they stuff their cheeks full of things. Pam is one lucky gal.

Kim Burmeister said...

These pictures are great and say it all! She is in heaven. It is so nice to see our children happy. I think this was a good buy for Amy.

Maria said...

Your daughter has such beautiful hair! And that smile! She's a charmer all right . . .

It's wonderful to see how much she's enjoying her pet!

Carolyn Christie said...

What JOY a new pet can bring to a child! How fun for them!!

Anke said...

isn't it wonderful to see them this happy with a furry little thing like that! Hopefully there won't be any nipping even in the future! Great shots!!!
Thanks for proofreading again, you were right about the "i" of course :)

Jackie said...

pam looks huge for a hamster :)

Heather said...

I had two dwarf hamsters as a youngster - one was a nipper and feisty as anything, and the other the most docile creature. It made for fun times. :)