Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Been A Busy Elf...

Lest you think I dropped off the face of the planet after that string of posting last week to almost none this week, I thought I'd pop in and say a quick hello. I also thought I'd share part of the reason I've been so quiet.

Our swim buddy friends, Heidi, Ray (well, I don't know him as well), Annabelle and Ryan are moving to Oregon right after Christmas. Sniff, sniff. (I'll be good Heidi) While I'm completely excited for them and this new opportunity, selfishly, I wish they'd stay in Colorado for they are a wonderful family and so much fun to spend time with. Since life moves forward, whether you want it to or not, we had a fun playdate yesterday to spend some final time together. I think I talked Heidi's ear off. She's such a good listener. *Ü* You know this means I had to get a little gift together, right? Wanna see? I couldn't post this any earlier because Heidi would look, even if I told her not to. LOL

The patterns for these adorable ornaments arrived in my inbox a few days ago and I couldn't resist making them up for Annabelle and Ryan. The pattern is from the Lily website. They are kind of big for ornaments, I think, but Heidi told me since they are moving right after Christmas the house isn't being decorated, so these will add a little festive atmosphere. Yay!
And for Heidi
I crocheted her a bead necklace. Those colors reminded me of Heidi and I had a wonderful time crocheting and remembering all the fun times we've had together.

I have a mile long list of things left to do, so I'd best get to them. I hope to post again soon.

Wish Amy luck this evening as her choir has a performance scheduled outside in a local shopping center. Last night would have been ideal weather for the event. Today, there is a storm slated to move in and bring the white stuff. We're hoping it holds off until much later this evening. 

Until next time, thanks so much for stopping by!
I do so appreciate your visits and wonderful encouraging comments.


Sparkle said...

What darling gifts! And have fun at the concert!

Laurel said...

Oh my goodness, how adorable!

Kathi C. said...

Cute ornaments and a lovely gift for Heidi. Saying goodbye is a hard thing to do.

I hope Amy's concert came off without a hitch or lousy weather. With temperatures in the teams, it's warmer in the frozen tundra than it is much of the rest of the country - go figure!

Enjoy your Thursday, sweet friend.

Kim Burmeister said...

Cute, cute, cute! She is going to love the ornaments and WOW! That necklace is awesome!

Alanna said...

What fun gifts. As always, your talent just shines through.

Jackie said...

You are sooo cool! love your craftiness!