Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Got To Create Today...Finally!

It's been two weeks since I've been able to wander into my craft space and I'm excited to be able to share these projects with you today.

Well, what do you know? Another Christmas Tree! LOL I actually finished crocheting this a couple of weeks ago and it's been sitting on my end table waiting for me to find something to decorate it. The pattern for this neat tree is from Amy Gaines and you can find it here. I enjoyed crocheting the tree, I just wasn't thrilled about putting felt circles on it. I found these miniature lights on sale at Joann's as well as the star. The star had a wire attached in a spiral so you could use it as a tree topper. The wire spiral didn't look right, so I pulled it out and just hot glued the star to the top of the tree. The tree skirt is attached, so it's all one piece. I really like those tiny lights. *Ü*

These little elves are sure making me smile and giggle. I'm so happy at how they turned out!
The idea for these isn't mine. I saw it in the 2010 Gooseberry Patch Christmas book several weeks ago. I saw the book at Joann's and was thumbing through it trying to decide if it needed to jump in my basket. Overall, I didn't think so as I've picked up two older versions of Gooseberry Patch holiday books at the thrift store,  but when I saw these guys, I made sure to soak in all the details for recreating later. I've been itching to work on them since before Thanksgiving!

In case it's not obvious in the photo, I used wooden thread spools found at Joann's. I picked up some large wooden balls at Michaels (on a different shopping trip) and the rest of the items I had. That's scrapbook paper around the body and a heart punch for feet. I used DMC floss for the hair and green felt, red fleece and green burlap for the hats. They are completely finagled. I just cut a square, heated up the glue gun and winged it to get the square cut down for the shape I wanted.  I liked the idea of ribbon scarves and pom poms on the end of the pipe cleaners. Those sort of "finish" the arms for me (that idea is all mine). I used a micro pen for the eyes and mouth and pink chalk for the cheeks. 

Another project that's kept me busy is this:
What is it, you might be wondering.
Maybe this photo of my cheesy model will make it clear
I originally saw the idea here on MaryJanes and Galoshes and fell in love with the idea.( That blog is pretty awesome, too, I must add. I love that Taylor is taking up crochet! She's shares oodles of great ideas, too. Be sure to take a few minutes to look around).
I'm making the cowls for the girls' teachers. How funny that Amy's top coordinates with her teacher's gift. LOL
You can find the pattern at The Plum Giraffe and it's very reasonably priced too. The pattern is very easy to pick up and it works up pretty quickly. I'm now working on the second one in a dark olive green for Jessica's teacher. 

I was so bummed when my creative time ended today, it flew by. I have more ideas I want to work on. Hopefully tomorrow I can get back at it. 

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope your week is happily busy and productive.


Phoenix said...

I love your Chritmas tree.

Jena said...

Fun creations - I always love seeing what you've been whipping out - TFS!

Laurel said...

What fun creations!

Sharli said...

You certainly made hay while the sun was shining!! LOADS of wonderful things! The elves are precious - and tree is darling and the cowl scarves will be so appreciated! Just beautiful!


Sparkle said...

Oh so darling! I love the elves!

Just had to laugh that you don't like Nick Lachey (was married to Jessica Simpson) - and yeah Nicole (use to be lead singer of Pussycat Dolls) is weird, lol. But I just love the talent since it's really just all them. Committed is my favorite group, though I should be rooting for the Oregon group. :)

Kim Burmeister said...

Jeanne, your creations are amazing! I love all of them. You are amazing.

Anonymous said...


It's good to see you back doing what you love to do. And what neat and cute ideas. Thanks for sharing them with us. I love the little lights on the Christmas tree too. The spool people are really cute too. I bought a string of wooden spools a long time ago but don't remember what I did with them. Darn, I could make a whole family of spool people if I ever find them.:)I hope you have had a great week too.


Kathi C. said...

Holy cow! You were certainly able to make up for lost time. Your tree is so cute, the elves the BEST, and oh, the cowl. I LOVE it, and so will the girls' teachers. Cute model, too!

Alanna said...

I love everything here but those elves are just too stinkin' cute. The girl's teachers will definitely love the cowl.

Anke said...

I love those little things you made and that scarf is really cool!!!

Jackie said...

I love that cowl....i want to make one!