Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sweet & Sassy Girls

The girls and I had a Mommy/Daughter Date courtesy of Jessica's Brownie Troop. All I knew going into this was to go to a particular address (a 45 minute drive, give or take). I mistakenly thought it was a deal that included both moms and daughters, but when we got there, I quickly realized this was a place strictly for the younger girls. *Ü* The place is called Sweet & Sassy and must be a wanna-be fashionista's paradise. hee, hee. The girls got glammed up and put on a little fashion show.

 The girls were ushered to a back room where they put on a fancy dress of their choosing. They also got to select a nail polish. Here my girls are waiting for whatever will happen next...

 The girls started out sitting next to each other and then before I knew it, they were on opposite sides of the stage. LOL I got to do a lot of rushing back and forth to get pictures.

 Nails, first. Then hair!

 You may or may not be able to tell here, but after they Aqua Netted and teased the heck out of the hair, they sprayed on GLITTER! Then they added a glittery star.
 I could NOT resist taking this shot of a brother who was drug into the place. I'm sure it was the very last place HE wanted to be. 
(I think he's actually watching a video that was playing on a tv...but seriously, isn't this the funniest look, and oh so typical of a boy in a very girly place?)
 Jessica's turn!
 Here comes the glitter!
I don't think she minded a bit! 
 I think Miss Amy is pretty happy, too.

And the fashion show! Watch out Project Runway. 
The girls also got to dance to a couple of songs and form a human knot that they had to work together to get out of without letting go of each others' hands. (they earned a patch for their vests by doing this) 
Such a girly day, but both girls had a blast.

They were going to Olive Garden for lunch, but it was getting late, so we opted to leave and pick up lunch at Wendy's before making the trek back home.

I noticed that they had areas for hair cuts, and getting nails and pedicures done (like the big girls do). As we were leaving there was a party of girls who were just about to start with that. They got to don some pretty cute robes. There were areas for making your own lotion and even lip gloss. Oh my...kind of like Build A Bear, but for girls.

Guess who wants to go back?

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed sharing this fun time with us.
Now I gotta get back to cross-stitching.
Hee, hee!


Laurel said...

Oh my gosh how fun!

Alanna said...

Looks like they had a great time. And I bet that they totally want to go back.

I loved the picture you took of a brother. Too funny.

crochetwithtamara said...


Thank you so much for sharing your day with us. I loved seeing the girls all glammed up and you are so right about that little boy. He looks so-o-o-o bored.

Love and Hugs,

Kim Burmeister said...

Oh, so much fun! The girls look so pretty.

I love the picture of the brother you included. My boys would have been dying there too. They even hate shopping.

What a great day!

Beth aka BR-T said...

That looks like a great time...I couldn't help but laugh at the poor brother though!

Carolyn said...

How fun for them! Looks like they had a blast! Oh the joys of being a young lady. Yeah i don't think my boys would have liked to wait on a sister to get all dolled up. It's not manly. :)

Jackie said...

Sounds like the girls had a great time playing grownup :) too cute

Anke said...

Oh my goodness, how fun is that! My girls (well, Rachel anyway) would have loved that!!! The more glam, the better. That little boy's face is priceless, that would be my Michael too! They just hate stuff like that!!!

Jena said...

So cute - looks like they all had fun...except for the poor brother ;-)

mE said...

LOoks like they had a BLAST! And they are sooo pretty, too! I bet they're still talking about it. I got a great laugh of the brother... that's what Brent looks like when he's out shopping with me.. tee hee. MEN!