Sunday, December 9, 2012

Got Completely Sidetracked by a Crochet Project…

I just finished it, so now I can share. *Ü*

I was shopping in Hobby Lobby one day just a few weeks ago and was checking out the magazines. I flipped over one of the crochet issues and saw a picture that just had me smitten from the second I laid eyes on it. It was a crochet project from Red Heart and the textures I saw made me giddy. I saw the pattern was free, so I wrote down the pattern number, finished up at Hobby Lobby, went home, looked up the pattern, downloaded it (it was free) and noted the number of skeins of yarn I needed. I went back out, to Michaels this time where the yarn was on sale,  scooped up the yarn, purchased it, went home and immediately got started. That’s how hard I fell for this project! And I’ve been pretty much working on it in my free time since then. And I just snipped the last piece of yarn just a few minutes ago, so I quickly snapped some photos to share.

105_0016 105_0017  105_0019 105_0018

Thanks to Jessica, my sweet model, who literally just woke up a little bit ago and was very willing to snuggle under the throw. She has already told me she is going to steal this whenever she can because it’s so soft! LOL  I used Red Heart Soft yarn in Really Red. And it wasn’t until after I got started that I realized I misread the yarn I was supposed to use, but no matter, I love the feel and the texture of this yarn, so it was a happy mistake.

You can find the pattern on the Red Heart website. It’s LW3152. And if you click here, you should go straight to the page where you can download the pattern.

Honestly, the stitches you use to create the patterns are not difficult. The designer uses traditional stitches in unique ways (I feel). If you can do a chain, slip stitch, single crochet, double crochet and triple crochet, you can create this throw. You may need a little help, like I did, with the Barker Celtic Weave stitch, but the designer of the pattern, Bonnie Barker, has posted an excellent video on how to create the stitch. Honestly, it’s triple crochets. It’s just how you place them that makes the fabulous texture!

Speaking of the designer, Bonnie Barker, she has a website that you can find here. She also has a pattern book out that has patterns for creating Aran Afghans. I think I will be looking into buying it.  I just adore the texture she has created in these patterns. She is also very helpful. I noticed there was an error in the pattern and ended up contacting her. She was quick to respond and  indicated some errors were edited into the pattern and immediately shared the correct information I needed to complete the stitch/pattern. I really appreciated her help

I know these pictures aren’t the best, but I couldn’t wait to share and let you know what’s kept me busy these past few weeks.

Thanks for stopping by!


Laurel said...

Look at that cozy blanket. I bet the family loves it.

Happy Crocheter said...

Beautiful afghan Jeanne! Even though you say that the stitches weren't difficult they sure do look like it. Thanks for sharing the info.


Sharli Schaitberger said...

This red afgan is gorgeous and I am moved to share that one of my favorite things my Mom left behind was a small, ivory colored afgan. I think it was really meant to be a lap blanket - it's pretty small! LOL But I have cuddled under it all during my recovery and fall asleep sometimes with the comforting memory of my sweet mother's arms. I know your girls will treasure your hand-made-with-love items, too! Hugs!!

Barb said...

This is just gorgeous!! You did a fantastic job. It actually looks soft! What a wonderful addition to your home decor. I know your girls are going to get many years of enjoyment using it. Thanks for sharing!
Barb :)