Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Unexpected Visitors!

Hi there!
This is the view that greeted Amy and I as I pulled into the driveway yesterday afternoon. 
There are 10 turkeys there!

2 males and the rest females.

They were just hanging out.

I called my neighbor to ask if I needed to call anyone and she told me this little harem had been wandering the neighborhood all day. She figured they'd wander off on their own as they had been all day. It was funny watching cars drive by, slow down, stop, and phones coming out for photos. Amy even got a Girl Scout cookie sale out of this. Ha, ha. Jessica was still at school and missed out on the Turkey Trot. 

You just don't see this very often in the middle of suburbia.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

I've not been able to get to my crafty space in so long. 
Hopefully sometime soon I'll be able to get back to it. 



Alanna said...

That is so cool Jeanne -- how strange and definitely not something you would see very often. Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather.

Patti said...

FUN!! what a great surprise!! : ) I hope they all made it home safe.

Thanks a bunch for sharing!


Happy Crocheter said...

Oh Jeanne, what a neat thing to see. Thanks so much for sharing. Love and Hugs, Tamara

Kay Miller said...

Oh how fun!! Turkey's are a very common site around our house if the dogs don't scare them all away, but how neat to find such a large group of them in a neighborhood! I'll bet that did cause quite a stir! And so funny that people were stopping to take pictures! Thanks for sharing your pictures! ((Hugs))

stampmonkey said...

What a fun sight to see! Wow! We've had one run through our back yard before, but TEN? That's amazing, especially in suburbia, like you said! Wonder where they came from?? Way to go, Amy, for making a cookie sale during all the hullabaloo --quick thinking! ;) And I hear ya on not having time to get crafty ;( ...hopefully that will be remedied for both of us soon.

Sending hugs

Sharli Schaitberger said...

Life continues to surprise us! What a great one this is - and I'm glad you captured photos so others would believe your story! LOL These guys are just gorgeous!

cm said...

JEANNE! Hello, wonderful friend! Who would have thought these feathered, typically woodsy turkeys would have wandered for a visit into the suburbs and found themselves safe and comfy in your yard! Talk about cool! I've seen wild turkeys only once. We were visiting the 'neighbours' near my grandparents' farm and, I was sitting in the car, waiting for my mom to bid the folks farewell, when all of a sudden in tromped about 30 turkeys, gaggling and gobbling at one another to beat the band. They trotted in front of the car, and proceeded merrily into the neighbours' yard, right beside the house, and planted themselves for the evening; some in lower branches of the big trees, others alongside the trunk. Obviously, they were well-familiar with the area, having obviously staked their claim. The neighbours said this was a nightly occurrence (had been for about four years), and come morning, they'd gather themselves into their turkey-herd and wander off into the forest, doing whatever such birds do to while away the hours. Next night, like clockwork, they'd be back. Too funny! Actually, mom and I caught a glimpse of them parading along a second time, as we were driving down a country road. I had no idea they were SO big...and noisy! Glad you shared this 'marvel of nature' with us...and kudos to your daughter in landing a cookie sale!

Patti said...

Neat that your hubbers is from SD! By all means please let me know if you are in the Black Hills! it would be so much fun to meet you. I have meet several crafters from blogland : ) it is great fun!


Charlene said...

I have turkeys wondering my neighborhood also! They fly on the roof, and their soooo cute!

Barb said...

Well my goodness! How fun is that?! Wild turkeys! Hahaha! I'm glad you were able to capture photos of this. You'll be talking about this for years to come. Beautiful birds!

cm said...

Hello, sweet friend! A quick pop in before heading to church to wish you a HAPPY EASTER! Hope you have a splendid day, filled with celebration and, of course, chocolate! Your visits, as always, are highlights of my day; you sure know who to make me feel special!
Hugs and love~c