Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hello and Happy Mail Card

Hello there!

Whoa Nelly, life is a roller coaster. I can't even remember last time I was in my crafty corner before today. But I got there and was able to create this card using Lawn Fawn's Just For You stamp set, along with their Perfectly Plaid 6x6 paper pad. Images are colored with pencils and Winked just a bit. Sorry for the not so great photo. My batteries died in my camera, so I used my phone. If I waited for the batteries to charge, who knows how long it'd be before I got to post. It felt good to create something! The idea for the card came from a couple of different cards I saw on the internet. 

Amy joined Winterguard this year and had competitions on Saturdays(I helped drive students to the competitions and assisted getting the massive tarp off the floor), so getting to create those days was pretty well not happening. She had such a good time. The group made it to the state competition, but didn't pass the preliminary stage. Given this is the first year in many years her high school has even had their own Winterguard team, I think they did an amazing job! Amy thoroughly enjoyed the experience and is looking forward to next year. 

Back toward the end of March we had a blizzard come through that dumped over 15 inches of snow. We got two snow days, but on the second snow day, I slipped on some black ice and tweaked my right wrist pretty good(or more like pretty bad). It still isn't 100%, but I'm managing. I miss doing my handwork.

Our Spring Break was the first full week in April. And I was happily looking forward to finally getting some creating done. Well, life had other plans yet again. I came down with an upper respiratory infection that kept me on the couch pretty much the whole week. Drat. And I was so generous that my husband and younger daughter caught the same bug. :( My daughter was out sick from school all last week, so I was tending to her most of the week-hubby worked from home one day so I was able to head in to work on Friday. My two co-workers got the same bug over break, so I know where it came from. The perils of working in an elementary school environment. 

Our weather has also been on a roller coaster. After that blizzard I mentioned, we had some wonderful spring like weather with temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. This weekend? Snow! Next week-upper 60s to upper 70s. Gotta love the Colorado weather ride!

Thanks for stopping by. I know I am so hit or miss on posting. I sometimes wonder if I should even bother blogging anymore. Do I add much, if anything, to the realm of blogging about what I create?  Is it even interesting to anyone? I do so appreciate your visit, though and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Kay Miller said...

Well, I for one enjoy seeing what you create, so I hope that even if it is sporadic that you will post when you get the chance :) Your latest card is just adorable! I love those cute little LF stamps and the baker's twine down the center with the cute plaid paper is perfection! So glad you got a chance to play! Sorry things have been so crazy for you. I hope things smooth out and settle down now. Enjoy the spring like weather that's coming! ((Hugs))

Sharli Schaitberger said...

Oh dear Jeanne, I'm so sorry that your family, friends and co-workers have all suffered with these germs! And falling is one of my own personal greatest fears! I hope your wrist heals quickly and completely!

Your card is wonderful! The post is aptly named "Happy Mail" because these little smiling snvelopes captured my heart right away! How sweet!! And I love that you used twine at the paper divide - never thought of that! It looks great!

How awesome that Amy enjoyed Winterguard - It's extra work for parents, but so very good for the young people! You know that - you're a fantastic Mom!


Barb said...

VERY sweet card, Jeanne! I love seeing your pencil work! It looks so smooth and well blended.

And I'm so sorry to hear that you've been ill. And your family, too! I know about that all too well. I hope everyone is feeling better by now. The weather seems to be wonky nation wide, as we have been experiencing a lot of 'roller coaster' weather here, as well.

As for blogging, create and share when you can. We will be here!

Take care of yourself!
Barb :)

Alanna said...

Your card is so cute Jeanne and it makes me happy to look at it. Those little envelopes and mailbox are just as cute as can be. This is one Lawn Fawn set I didn't pick up and now I'm wishing I had.

I've never heard of Winterguard before but I'm glad Amy enjoyed it and wants to do it again. You're such a good mother to provide so much help and support.

So sorry to hear that you were ill during spring break -- that's just the worst. And to have fallen as well on ice? Blech. I hope you are over it by now and can enjoy this beautiful spring weather we have going on.

And lastly, you should definitely continue to keep blogging. Even with sporadic posts, it's still so good to see your fun cards that you share.

mE said...

Such a cute card, Jeanne!

Im sure that the sickies are gone since I am commenting so late, and I hope that your wrist is doing better! Brent had that flu bug beginning of March, too, and is still coughing, but better.

As far as blogging.. keep doing it! I may not comment all the time, but I do read your blog and love your artwork. I wish I had not stopped... I keep trying to come back, maybe I just need to DO IT. Keep blogging!

PS... We need to get together soon! I will text you;



cm said...

I absolutely LOVE what you post, my friend, be it updates on you and your family (hope you're feeling 110% better and your wrist quickly regaining its flexibility!!) or photos of your marvelous creativity, both in cards and handiwork! Keep on blogging; we LOVE you! Your LF card is wonderfully pretty! The sherbet colours in your card in the plaid paper and your sweet envelopes (with faces! ACK!!) are scrumptious! The strip of blue adds wonderful impact! Happy mail, indeed! The busy-ness of your days makes me exhausted in just reading about them! Congratulations to your daughter and her teams' accomplishments; sounds like she's found a creative outlet of her own. Fifteen inches of snow: yuck! Your weather sounds much like ours; in the span of an hour, we can experience rain, flakes, gusty wind, gentle breeze, grey clouds, puffy white clouds. The saying here: If you don't like the weather in Alberta, just wait five minutes! Too funny! THANK YOU for your always sweet, encouraging, uplifting comments at my place. You are so treasured!

Patti said...

Oh Jeanne! I'm sorry that it has been so long since I popped in!! I do hope you and your family are feeling 100% now!

I love your card! I know anyone getting that card couldn't help but be happy!! : ) Those smiling envies and mailbox have brightened MY day! I am a plaid loving gal so I just love the paper choices you used as well!

Please don't stop blogging! but don't let it bother you when you don't. Life is seasons and some seasons we play at one thing and some seasons we play at something else : ) We would miss you terribly if you stopped blogging so please don't!!

BIG (((snowy HUGS))) from South Dakota!