Saturday, December 1, 2018

Quick Life Update and a Snowmanpalooza!

Hello there!

It's been a minute, hasn't it? Life sure has a way of getting in the way of doing some of the things we enjoy in favor of other priorities. I've missed you all though, and sharing. I'll give you a quick update and then get to the cards I want to share. 

It's been a busy fall season with school being back in session. The girls had their marching season, which is always very hectic. This is Amy's Senior year and I am trying to savor all the "lasts."
This is from Senior Night where the seniors who are in the band, on the football team or are cheerleaders and poms honor their parents. It's a nice tradition. 
Here's her Senior poster. I thought I had designs of a trumpet and treble clef to cut with my Cricut or Cameo, but couldn't find any. So, I used some Casual Fridays stamps instead. Amy loved it and we got lots of compliments on it. Yay for stamping!

And if you will forgive a very proud mama moment, Amy is still in Girl Scouts and is working on earning her Gold Award (the highest award in Girl Scouts). She had to come up with a community service type of project as one of the requirements. She planned a CPR training and first aid class/workshop to be held at her high school. It was open to teachers and students. She held the workshop last week. A local news station interviewed her and filmed the workshop. They aired the piece that night and to our surprise, they started the newscast with her story!
Here is a link, if you are interested in watching.
I'm very proud of her. 

As for me, work has been a challenge so far this year. Our school was one of several schools selected for an upcoming audit by the state department of education. Many people from the head office are coming in almost daily and many procedural changes are being made to make sure we are in compliance for the audit. I've never been through one before and it's quite interesting and a bit(okay, a lot) nerve wracking. A couple of more weeks til the audit and hopefully we do well and things will settle down. 

I have been doing some creating here and there, but not consistently and I miss it. 
The cards I have to share today were inspired by this card by Christy Gets Crafty.
I just loved how she colored the adorable little snowmen in the Mama Elephant Little Snowman Agenda set. The top card is a copy of her version, but I Copic colored all the images(and fussy cut them out) and used the rest for the second version. The little iridescent snowflakes are from a little bottle  that I found in the Target Dollar Spot a couple of weeks ago. The die with the square openings is from MFT and the sentiment is from Lawn Fawn. 

Thank you so much for stopping by.
I hope you have a lovely holiday season. 
I also hope to be back before the start of the new year. 

Crafty hugs!


Darnell said...

Hey, welcome back, Jeanne! I can see how Life has kept you away from us. I don't blame you for wanting to savor those times with Amy and you should be very proud of her! She has accomplished an incredible feat earning her Gold Award and she was very poised and enthusiastic on the news program! You can tell she impressed her school and the folks on the shoot from the station and what a wonderful thing she is doing for everyone's health and safety!

Your CASE of Christy's cards is excellent! I love that design and now have it on my to-CASE list, too! And thank you for the introduction to Christy! I don't know how I've missed her, but now I'm following her thanks to you! Happy Holiday Hugs, Darnell

Laurel said...

Such cute cards! Congrats to Amy and good luck with the audit! We are going through renovations this year. My room is next on the agenda!

Kay Miller said...

Congratulations to Amy on all of her amazing accomplishments this year, and to you for being a great mom and raising a great girl :) I loved seeing the photos! Your cards are adorable! That little snowman set is on my wish list! I love seeing how you used it! Very inspiriting! The backgrounds are really pretty too! Have a wonderful week! ((Hugs))

Happy Crocheter said...

It was so good to hear all about what's going on in your life. I can't wait to watch the video about Amy. Of course you should be proud of her. (I just can't believe that she's already a senior) :) Love and Hugs, Tamara

Patti said...

Oh Jeanne no wonder you are a proud Mom! I got teary eyed watching the video!!They did a wonderful job of recognizing Amy's efforts as well as getting the word out there to hopefully inspire other schools to do the same. The Gold Award is a high honor that speaks of the kind of daughter you raised! I'm proud of YOU! for a job well done : )

I wish you could add a video clip of the band playing!! I miss the sound of it. My nephew was in the marching band and my sister used to send us video clips of their performances : )

Sorry about the audit gulp! I used to be in banking and it was pretty standard for the Feds to camp out while running audits. Don't let it worry you they WILL find some things they want you to change here and there and it will be a pain in the neck for a while but as my grandma used to say.... this too shall pass!! : )

You are choosing the better thing when your family events keep you from papercrafting but we sure do miss seeing your delightful creations like this one!! too too sweet!!

I Card Everyone said...

Jeanne! We are not blessed with your blog posts often, but what a fabulous job you do when you have an extra moment! So much to love here, Amy - congratulations!! Is this the Girl Scout's equivalent to an Eagle Scout? You are the very first in my experience, and it is a very big deal - you should be very proud, Mama! Can't wait to watch the video - what a fantastic project!
I love all of these darling little snowmen, but you already know which guy is my fave, right? A darling duo of cards!
Big holiday hugs heading your way, my friend! and thanks so very much for sharing! xx

I Card Everyone said...

How could you NOT be so very proud of your girl??? I just finished watching, and even shed a few 'mama' tears, Jeanne! Well done, Amy!!!
I'm so happy those cameras were rolling!

Alanna said...

How wonderful to hear from you on your blog Jeanne. It does sound like you've been very busy.

It sounds like Amy's senior year is going well. I love the poster you made. Yay for your stamps coming in handy to help decorate it.

And no need to forgive your proud mama moment. That is so cool that Amy is still in Scouts and her project sounds amazing. I am looking forward to watching the news clip - that is super cool!

Good luck getting ready for the audit at work. I know my clients are sometimes worried about their audits and I truly hope that you all are prepared and that you can get all your ducks in a row.

I love your card. Those snowman are just too cute and it's such a great card design.

Thanks for all the updates and have a happy December!

Sharli Schaitberger said...

Hi Jeanne~ so glad to see your post - the update is much appreciated although I find it impossible to believe Amy is a Senior already! She is one smart young woman - getting that gold award is a BIG DEAL, and I believe her musical talents will serve her well, too. They say that people who study music do well in STEM. If she's looking to nursing - she's right on track!

Your stamping for her poster is perfect (wowzers!) and the cards you made are delightful! This was a post worth waiting for! Hugs!!!!

Loll said...

First of all ... WOW!! Amy did AMAZING with organizing the CPR class and how she handled herself on camera. I can see why you are so proud of her Jeanne! CPR does save lives and I have first hand knowledge when my hubby went into cardiac arrest at home. The more people that know how to do it, the better off everyone is.

I think your daughter is going to be a leader ... well, she already is, but once she is finished school. Her sense of community and caring for others is a testament to how she was raised. I'm proud of you and your husband too!

Your two cards are ADORABLE You are so very talented. Sounds like life is super busy for you, but hopefully you'll be able to find some time to craft in the future ... and share your amazing art. We all benefit from seeing it. Loll xx

Anita in France said...

Wow, Jeanne ... what a great not-for-a-while post ... fabulous to see you! No wonder you are proud of Amy ... what drive, enthusiasm and caring she shows ... and how fantastic that she's working for her Gold Girl Scout Award. She came across brilliantly on camera ... so natural ... and so committed to her plan! Hope the arrangements for the audit at work continue to go well ... it'll be good to get that done with!

Your cards ... they're adorable ... your colouring of those cute snowmen is, of course, fantastic ... seems they each have their own little personality! Hugs, Anita :)