Sunday, September 15, 2019

Halloween Shaker Tags

 Oh my goodness! I had not realized my last post was at the end of January! Way to drop off the face of Blogland. Well, if you are reading this, you know that I am still here. I am still creating from time to time, although I do post more frequently on my Instagram account (@crafterjeanne if you are on that platform). I know many of you choose not to add another element of social media and I respect that. I've gotten a few questions recently asking if I was still posting. It's always my intention to post, but I have let life get in the way. I do have a couple of projects to share, but I thought I'd give a brief life update. If you'd rather scroll past to the pictures, feel free.

My older daughter graduated high school in May and turned 18 in June! Crazy how fast that time flew. It's like the line in the song by Luke Bryan called Most People are Good,... the days go slow, but the years go fast. She got her first job (working as a cashier, or rather, Guest Advocate) at Target. She started college at a local community college where she wants to get into their Nursing program. This college has an excellent nursing school that is very well respected. They are starting a baccalaureate program. So far she is enjoying her prerequisite classes.

My younger daughter is a junior in high school this year and is continuing in the marching band and all of the clubs she enjoys. I am still volunteering quite a bit. She is a section leader for the Pit members (the instruments like marimba, xylophone, etc). She is also enjoying her classes so far.

As for me, I am still working in the elementary school kitchen, where they keep me hopping! It's been a roller coaster of a beginning to the school year due to some personnel issues, but I am hoping things will settle down. I've been hoping for things to settle down in the kitchen for a long time now. It's a big part of the reason I've neglected this blog. I come home pretty tired.

I have made some personal goals to try to pick up on things I've been neglecting and posting here is one of the goals. I am really going to strive to post more regularly.

So, onto what I chose to share today. First up is a counted cross stitch project I made for Amy. She is my giraffe lover. In fact, just last night we were at the Denver Zoo for my husband's company employee appreciation day. Amy couldn't wait to stop by the giraffe enclosure. She was so happy to see Dobby and the three other giraffes they have in house. Anyway, I found this pattern on Etsy from Awesome Pattern Studio.
I'm currently working on a stitching project that I started way back when, even before the girls were born or not long after Amy was born! I think I put it away worrying that Amy would find the needle and poke herself. But over the summer I decided to update my wall decor in my kitchen area and this project felt like it would fit well with the new decor, so I'm trying to finish it. It's kind of slow going, but I'll get there. 

And now to a more seasonal project. I recently made these shaker tags after seeing them online on D Kirby Stamps blog here. Lawn Fawn just released these absolutely adorable mini village houses in a Halloween theme and I could not resist even though my girls are past the trick or treating age. 

I followed the inspiration project for the most part, but I did a little something different for the background, although you can't really tell here. I used some Nuvo Shimmer Powders to get the night sky. I think I covered up too much of it. I also used some wonderful iridescent embossing powder from Love From Lizi (a UK company) on the tags, but again, the area is a tad too small to get the full effect. Oh well.  I also used iridescent stars from Martha Stewart (they've been in my stash for years). The images are colored with Copic markers. 

That's it from me for now. Thanks so much for stopping by. I get so much inspiration from all of you crafters out there. Thank you so much for all the sharing. I hope you don't mind my CASE of your ideas. 
Til next time, crafty hugs!


mE said...
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mE said...

SO happy to hear from you again and see you crafting again, Jeanne! I'm trying to reboot my blog, too... it's hard to keep up on everything. FB is easier to post on for me.

I LOVE your giraffe cross stitch and your shaker tags! I may have to make them just because :)


Gloria said...

Good to see you are posting again. Love the projects!! Life here is crazy too!! Survived 2 large events in May and June and gearing up for 2 more in December. Our little store keeps me hopping. Need to get back to crafting again, but the thing that sells best is my fudge! Lol. Now that it's cooled off, that will be what I focus on. So you will have a nurse in the family. We have son and my son-in-law. They both love it. My best to you and your busy family. Hope to see more updates soon! Gloria in Utah :)

I Card Everyone said...

I was sitting right here in front of my computer when this baby popped in! Yay - I'm SO very happy to see this today!
Jeanne, you find the most wonderful patterns/kits to cross-stitch - I'm betting the back side of it looks just as great, knowing how particular you are!
The shakers? Who cares how old those girls get! I'm betting they'll be tickled pink to shake them up! I particularly love your coloring on those teensy little trick-or-treaters, my friend!
Awesomeness!! Thanks so much for catching us up!! xx

Kay Miller said...

Jeanne those shaker cards are absolutely ADORABLE!!! You did a smashing job on them! Your coloring is excellent too! Cute as can be! Nice to hear an update on everything going on with you, although I already knew it all! Haha! And what is this about being too old for Trick or Treating?? You need to get throw out that idea right away :) Hugs my friend!!

Darnell said...

Hello, Jeanne! It's always lovely to see you post! I enjoyed your update very much and am delighted that the girls are doing great and it sounds like your job is going a little easier! It's hard to get that kind of conversational update on IG so thank you for taking the time to return here. Your projects couldn't be more amazing! That giraffe cross-stitch is so impressive in those stunning colors! Amy is going to be over-the-moon to receive it and both girls are going to be tickled with your Halloween shaker jars! They are so sweet and perfectly colored for the holiday! Hope to see you back soon!! Hugs, Darnell

Anita in France said...

Great to see your post, Jeanne, and hear all your news! I can certainly empathise with you not having chance to post regularly ... life can so get in the way!! Your projects are fabulous ... those little tags are adorable, such sweet scenes and so beautifully detailed ... and the giraffe cross stitch is awesome, so full of interest and so wonderfully executed ... perfect for your giraffe-lover! Looking forward to seeing you again! Hugs, Anita :)

cm said...

OHMYSTARS! How did your recent posts get by me (I know: blogger acting up! Sheesh)! Taking time this cool, sunny Saturday to catch-up; I see plenty of eye-candy!
You certainly have busy days, my friend! I admire your energy and, especially, your capacity to create beautiful things, even when you're exhausted! The giraffe: stunning (I have so many cross-stitch projects waiting in the wings!). Your little tags: spooky-adorable! Love all the details that add to the scary (tee hee) scenes!