Friday, October 11, 2019

Fall Shadow Box Card and Fun Schtuff

Hello there!
Yesterday we had a real taste of winter here in Colorado. A storm flew through and dropped the temps significantly and a little bit of snow. Guess it's getting real. Today is sunny and 50s. I like those kinds of storms. 

I've also had a few days off from work. Believe me, I have enjoyed them. Work is a bit of a challenge and I am working hard to keep a positive attitude about it. Some days I'm more successful than others. But I knew I was going to do something for me these past few days and that means I spent time in my crafty corner. *Ü*

Lawn Fawn continues to be a favorite company of mine. When I came across this shadow box card by Valerie Ward, I fell hard. It was so cute! I made a shadow box card for spring/summer and put it on my mantle. I wanted to put a new one up and this fit the bill perfectly. I made a few tweaks to make it my own, but you can definitely see Valerie's card in mine. 

Though a wagon would be a fun addition.

I dressed up the back side differently than hers. 

And a peek inside.  I thought it'd be neat to ink blend on the three sides, instead of just the back. I cut those two corner corn stalks and glued them on each side. 

All my images were colored using Copic markers and I found  a nice fall Copic color combo post recently and decided to use those blends on this project. 

Originally I stamped all my lined images in a brown ink, but discovered upon coloring them, that it wasn't Copic friendly. Drat. It took me another day to restamp the images and start over. But, I think it was worth the effort.
I'm very pleased with how this turned out. 

And now, I thought you might like to see a few pictures of my girls. A week or so ago was Homecoming/Powder Puff week. Amy got a jersey her junior year and stood on the sidelines rather than playing in the game. We've heard the girls are really rough in the game and she didn't want to risk getting hurt right before a marching band competition.  Jessica got a jersey this year, too. And she ended up having to work Bingo the night of the powder puff game. But both girls loved showing off how "tuff" they are.

The theme for Homecoming this year was Hollywood. Jessica wasn't able to find a dress that really fit the theme, but she did find this fun music note dress and that's just as good! She pained her nails with music notes, but I don't have a picture of them handy. Here she is with her boyfriend. They had a good time at the dance. And bonus, driving children can pick each other up! Amy picked Jessica up after her shift ended at work. Sweet!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and can find some crafty time.
Jessica and I are going to a marching band competition tomorrow. Then the Regional Competition is on Monday night. If they do really well there, they could head to the State Competition at the end of the month. If they don't make that, they've had a fun year. The show is fun and Jessica has enjoyed having a very full pit this year. 
Hope you don't mind my sharing some "life" stuff. I enjoy getting to know people I follow and think it makes blog reading even more fun. 


Inkysmiles said...

Hey posting twin! I love this shadowbox card so much ! I love all the little details and layers. Lawn Fawn is becoming a new fave of mine and I might have to make a Christmas one.... That storm sure was a doozy with the cold air it brought in. The leaves on my trees are toast. I dont think they are going to change color this year... just freeze and fall off :(Really hope it it not an indication of a bad winter this year. J & A are so beautiful and GROWN UP! Holy cow! And J can't be old enough to have a boy friend, right? We definitely need to get together and catch up <3.

Kay Miller said...

Your shadow box is ADORABLE!! Your coloring is gorgeous and all of the details are amazing! So fun to look at! I'm loving Shadow boxes right now :) The pictures of the girls are adorable! They look pretty darn tough in their powder puff jerseys! haha! Jessica and her boyfriend are cute as can be! Hope they had a good time at the dance! Enjoy your weekend! ((Hugs))

Sharli Schaitberger said...

Hi Jeanne, your shadow box is amazing - WOW!!! But I really love seeing how the girls have grown into women and dating ( ! ) and so beautiful! One great Mom.

I Card Everyone said...

Jeanne, I don't know what's up with my internet provider... guess what I found in my 'spam' file? I am so sorry that I missed this fabulous post! Thank goodness I asked, right?
Fabulous doesn't really do this creation justice. You continue to blow my mind with your Copic skills - thanks for sharing that combo - I have some shopping to do now, too!
This is going to look so cute on your mantle... sounds like you'll have a Christmas one coming? Can't wait!
You'll excuse me now, as I have to go have another look - so much fun! xx

I Card Everyone said...

OH... I love seeing the girls, and what they're up to, so share away, my friend! xx

Darnell said...

Sorry to be so late coming by, Jeanne! Between the retreat and Nellie, my routine is upside down! Your shadow box creation is sensational! I love all the harvest elements that remind me of Iowa! And thank you for sharing the news and photos of the girls! It's wonderful to see how much they are enjoying their high school years! Love the music notes dress and all your plants!! Hugs, Darnell

cm said...

Your posts are wonderfully engaging, Jeanne! Your daughters definitely look 'tuff' in their jerseys! Jessica is stunning in her musical notes dress; I"m sure she was the belle of the ball. Now I'm curious as to how the band fared in the post will have details, right? I'm trying hard not to skip ahead for a peek *grin*
Your shadow box is OHMYSTARS Autumn awesome! The images, the details, the design and your colouring, that brings everything to life, are a joy to behold! You have major talent, my friend!

Lynn Put said...

Oh my goodness, your shadow box is so cute! Filled with fun fall images. Great homecoming pictures, I hope your daughter had a fun time.