Sunday, June 17, 2007

Updating the Blog

I decided to work on the blog and wanted to invite those of you who subscribe to check out the actual site and take a peek at the side bar. I've added some websites I like to visit as well as several blogs of other Close To My Heart consultants. I think you will find much inspiration from these blogs. I know I do. :o)

One of the websites I've listed is the CTMH Color Combo site. This is a neat website that has all of our colors in their system and when you click on a color, it will give you colors that work well together. Until Close To My Heart comes out with a new updated Color Combo Guide, this is a great alternative for finding colors that will work well together. Enjoy.

Also, I know I've shared with many of you that you can get round orange sponges in the Equine Section of Petsmart. I just discovered that, unfortunately, that area of the store is being closed down. I checked it out today and it's pretty bare and no orange sponges to be found. I'll let you know if I find another source for these.

I hope you find some time to create today.

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