Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm Back! :o)

Well, I didn't make any sort of announcement, but we took a road trip to Sioux Falls, SD this past weekend. We left Thursday morning and just got back last night. Yes, it was a quick trip, but actually the perfect amount of time. We went back for a family reunion on Steve's side of the family. The girls did an awesome job on the drive. Those portable DVD players are fabulous! LOL We picked up Steve's friend, Dave, and dropped him off in Omaha, so he could visit his daughter and continue working on fixing up the house she has there. It was a lot of driving, but with 3 of us adults taking turns, quite enjoyable.

The visit itself went fairly well. The girls had a blast with their grandma Tomshack. We ended up staying at her place while we were there (this was not planned-we were going to stay in a motel). The weather was unseasonably cloudy and rainy, but also HUMID!! Oh boy! Am I spoiled by Colorado's dry weather! It actually wasn't too bad the first day and a half, but of course when we went for the big dinner, the humidity cranked up and the bugs came out! YIKES! Talk about a sauna!! The dinner was held at Falls Park, which is pretty these days I am told.

I'm sharing a few photos from our last full day there. First is a picture of a Chef Salad. Why? We all met for breakfast on Sunday and for some reason, Amy was fixated on getting a salad! She saw the picture of the Chef's Salad on the menu and could not be swayed to select a more breakfast type of food. So we ordered her a "mini" Chef Salad. What came was the regular sized one! As I suspected, what Amy ACTUALLY wanted was the hard boiled eggs that came in the salad. I took the picture of what was left after she was done. Good thing I added a couple of pancakes to my breakfast as she chowed down on those! LOL

The next two pictures are of the first fish Amy has ever caught! Steve has been taking the girls out just about everywhere he can think of around here to catch a fish and has had no luck. We had to travel all the way to Sioux Falls! She caught 5 total I think, all about the same size as this one. This is in about an hour to an hour and a half and in the rain for part of the time. No matter. The joy in her face was worth it all! Except when we had to leave and she realized she couldn't take the fish with her. Oh the sadness and drama!

We also went to the zoo and a butterfly house while we were there. They are definitely smaller than what we have here in Denver, but still fun. The butterflies in the place we visited were SO active! Much more so than I remember them being at the Butterfly Pavilion. We played at a couple of parks, too, but for me, I was more content to wait in the comfort of A/C! Oh then there is the fun the girls had taking a bath in Grandma's tub. It was a corner unit and different than ours, so that made it special. Grandma also has a waterbed...another source of fun and wonder.
Yes, it was a good trip all in all, but I am glad to be home where it is HOT....but NOT STICKY! LOL Today was spent doing laundry, getting groceries, laundry, cleaning out the van, laundry, oh and did I mention doing laundry???
I hope to be able to share some new creations in the next few days. Ahhhhh...it's good to be home! :o)

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Clearly Inspired said...

Glad to have you back! BTW, I love your watermark on your sidebar. Man, I need to learn Adobe 5.0. Can't wait to see more of your artwork!