Thursday, August 23, 2007

Two New Digi Layouts!

I signed up for a 4 week online class at called Up and Running with Photoshop and it started on Monday. Today was the first day I was able to sit down and work on this week's assignments. Here's what I was able to complete following the awesome directions I received! I just had to share. I think if you click on the pictures you can read the journaling better.

Both of these layouts are pre-made and I basically just added the photos and journaling. Although on the first one, I did crop and add the star element. I created the title and date as well. It was a great assignment to get my feet wet.

Each day during this course I receive an email from Jessica with tips and info. I guess mid-week we have another assignment and the second layout is what I made for it. Again it's a pre-made layout. I added the photo and changed the color-it was supposed to be black and white, but I didn't make it completely b/w. I thought it looked better with a hint of color. Then I added the journaling. So fun!

I hope you don't mind my sharing my experiences in learning about digi scrapping. :o)

I'm still running behind on creating new non digi projects. I've had a pretty quiet summer, but I'm ending it with a flurry of activity. My creative time is going to be pretty limited until after Labor Day. I'll definitely try to keep posting, but forgive me if I'm a little quiet until then. But after the 5th, both girls will be in school and I'll have a bit of "kid free" time during the day.


Clearly Inspired said...

Wow! These are great! Do you print these off or do you keep them in a digital book on your computer?

Jeanne said...

Thanks, Kim! Ummmm no, these aren't printed off, although you could if you had a large printer! For now, they are on my computer, but I can send the files off to a photo developer and get them printed out. (I don't have a large format printer).

For now, they live in my computer... :o)

Jean said...

Beautiful work! I didn't know photo developers do 12x12. I must be expensive!