Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day Flowers digi layout!

I futzed enough with this layout and am calling it done! I used a Kay Miller Designs template that had some other elements included. I tried and tried to make them work, but couldn't so I took them off and kept this clean and simple. I also used papers from Kay Miller Designs' newest kit called It's a Spring Thing. the font is Roselyn and it was on a font cd I bought somewhere sometime!
I had to share this picture I took today. These are the chicks that were born just a few short weeks ago at Jessica's preschool. They quickly outgrew a 10 gallon aquarium, then a 35 gallon aquarium, and have spent this week in a dog kennel/cage.But, they simply need more room, so they are going back to the farm. I honestly cannot believe how quickly they lost their down and started growing feathers. Amazing. The kids really enjoyed having them. I hope Jessica isn't too upset next week when she realizes they are really gone. The kids have been watching caterpillars become a chrysalis (sp?) this week and those are supposed to open up and become butterflies next week. Maybe that will be a good distraction...G'bye Peanut and's been fun watching you grow!
Acrylic discs, flowers and I've jumped around a lot today, huh? LOL

Ah well, at least I've posted something...
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stampmonkey said...

Beautiful LO, Jeanne! I LIKE clean and simple...very refreshing! Purty flowers too. ;)

I, too, am surprised at how quickly those baby chicks grew. Won't be long now before they're hatching eggs for breakfast (or providing another source of protein -- did I really just say that?! lol). Hopefully the new butterflies will prove to be a good distraction for Jessica and the rest of her class.

Kathi Carlson said...

I love your layout, Jeanne! Clean and simple is perfect as not to distract from the beauty of the flowers - everyone of which you deserved I'm sure!!! It looks like the chicks are well on their way to becoming chickens! What a good experience for the kids and grownups, too! Talk to you again soon.

Jackie said...

Oh how fun to watch chickens grow...what an experience for all of you