Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Few More Gifts...

Yesterday afternoon the girls and I went to my friend, Becky's, house so the girls could have a playdate with her kids, Aaron and Julia. Becky and I weren't sure that Aaron would be up for having some fun since their beloved dog, Bronco, had to go to doggie heaven. Bronco had been ill since August and it was time. I hope the girls helped distract him a bit from feeling sad about the loss of his friend. They have another dog, Tucker, who probably helps to ease the sadness just a bit.

Anyway, I had to create a couple of goodies for the kids and waited to share until after we saw them.

I have the book Amigurumi Two (as well as the first one, which pretty much started my love of Amigirumi) and in it were a pair of robots. A boy and a girl. Amy and Jessica thought that the boy suited Aaron and that he would love it.

Amy wants the girl one now...are you surprised? She is very much the same except she has two antennae (and is stitched with red and pink stripes). Anyway, the girls had fun playing with this little guy until we left for our playdate. hee, hee! They kept talking in a robotic voice while doing so. Too fun.

The girls pretty much pore over my patterns and tell me each critter they want me to make. Let's just say, I will never be without something that I could be creating. I might even need an extra room just to house all the ones they want. LOL

Miss Julia LOVES kitties. And I found the pattern for this little cutie on the cover of this book at the library. I modified the face slightly. I initially bought the eyes that look like real eyes, you know with color and the pupil. I placed (but didn't attach) them on the face and proceeded to freak out just a bit. You know those portraits that are hung up where it looks like the eyes are following you? Well, that's how this one looked to me as I was trying to figure out the placement. It gave me the heebie jeebies and I thought it might also give Miss Julia the heebie jeebies, too. So I used my trusty black safety eyes.

I also changed the color of the nose and mouth. In the book they are yellow. Yellow? Seriously? That was a little disconcerting, too, so I used a sweet pink that reminded me of Sarah's nose.

What really appealed to me was the fact that the kitty was created in such a way as to look like it was playing with the ball of yarn. So of course, I had to roll up a little ball. I wasn't quite sure how to secure it so it wouldn't unroll, so Miss Julia (or her mom) can roll it back up if they want (or toss it if it gets too

These were fun to make!

I just came across a post on Bakerella's blog that had my jaw hanging open and drool dripping down onto my keyboard. I don't know if you subscribe, but this is too incredible NOT to share. Check out Candyland. Wow!

Hope you have an awesome Christmas Eve!


AnGeL aka StampinJunkie said...

I've been wanting to make some of these but you kitty is the best one I've seen yet!!

Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family!

Laurel said...

Oh my goodness, how adorable!

Maricar said...

That kitten is adorable.

Sharli said...

So cute! I love the kitty - and agree that the nose must be pink! You are so creative and thoughtful!


Carolyn Christie said...

Soooo adorable!! You are a lady of many talents!

Thank You for your friendship, visits and sweet comment over the year.
Love & Hugs!!

Merry Christmas to you and family!

Kim Burmeister said...

Jeanne, these are AWESOME! I would want the girl one too. I can't wait until you show us her. Sounds cute! The kitty is darling. Great job!

Merry Christmas!

Jena said...

Darling - love the cat playing in the yarn, that should be your little buddy as you're making your yarn creations ;-) TFS!