Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rice Krispies "Gingerbread" Houses...

I was in Michaels the other night, looking for something else entirely (but didn't find). On my way out I spied sign that said the gingerbread house kits were only $7.99, so I stopped and looked and all the kits were gone. Oh well. Then I looked a little lower and found kits to make Rice Krispies houses and the kit was only $4.99 AND it made TWO houses (& more)! Works for me! I haven't felt inspired to have the girls make gingerbread houses this year(and they haven't asked, either). Maybe because I got my gingerbread house "fix" in the crocheting of the gingerbread house.. LOL Knowing how much the girls like Rice Krispies treats, I thought, we'll give it whirl.

They were quite excited. It worked out pretty well. Only there was one tube of white icing for two girls. They, of course, started to bicker over how much time the other was taking to use the icing. So, I snagged my colored gel icing from the cupboard and that soothed their restless creative souls. LOL Thought you might like to see some pictures....

While waiting for the mixture to set, I had them draw out what they wanted their house to look like. To be honest, it was more of a mommy sanity saver as they were anxious to get started and they needed to wait before they could.

Jessica and Amy both wanted to use the blue icing, which looks awfully black to me, but whatever. So, instead of bickering over white, they bickered a little over the blue. Sigh...I tried!

You can see a bit of Amy's "plan" in this photo. Those candies came with the kit. If I'd have planned this a bit better (a-hem), there would have been more and varied candies to use.

Not the best photo in the world, but you can see them intent on their project. Don't you just love how "stripey" Jessica felt yesterday in her outfit selection?Love it when she does that! LOL Hey, they are both stripes, right? That's what she tells me.

Amy's masterpiece. There was enough mixture left over for them to make a few other items, like a tree and a Santa.

Jessica's masterpiece. I love her scallops. She really tried to make patterns, but ran out of the colors needed to finish it. The circle on the side is a snowflake. It's actually a pretty good one, but white on the krispies doesn't show up too well.

I wanted to let you know that my knee appears to be fine. I think I tweaked a muscle (ligament? Connecting tissue?) rather than cause any serious damage. Only, it's colder today than it has been and I can "feel" it in the knee. Lovely. Well, that's where Ibuprofen can help, right? Thanks for the concern that's been expressed. I really appreciate it.

I will try to come back and post either later today or tomorrow morning. I have a couple other things to share that are gifts and I want to be sure not to spoil any surprises. *Ü*

Have a great day!


Dawn said...

You are so good!!!! Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!
love with hugs, boston dawn

Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs said...

I totally have to do this!! What a fabulous idea!!

Sarah said...

They are just DARLING Jeanne!!!! Don't you love how creative children can be. Just wish it wasn't so messy.
Merry Christmas Jeanne.
(Your girls are so beautiful)

Kim Burmeister said...

These are so cute! You are such a good mom creating activities for your girls all the time. You Rock!

Sharli said...

First, I'm glad your knee is ok - I was worried about you, but that's understandable, huh!

The girls look so intent on their project! What a fun thing to do and not expensive at all! I love rice krispie treats myself - so I'm not sure I could make a "house"! LOL

Glad you posted, dear friend!

Sarah said...

OHHHH Jeanne, thanks for sending me a Christmas card/photo!!! I am SO lucky to have 'met' you! You are a wonderful person and you daughters are sooo cute! Wish we could come over and play!

Carolyn Christie said...

Too cute! It sure would be fun to make one of those... but to rich to eat.
Glad your knee is better!

Jena said...

What a great idea - I'll have to remember that one for next year! I didn't want to attempt gingerbread for our houses this year so we used graham crackers. It was SO messy and a pain to get them to stay together - next year we'll be doing something easier! TFS! Hope your knee stops bothering you as well - stay warm!

Kathi Carlson said...

For fun! And a great idea! These might even work for busy, impatient little boys! Next year...