Thursday, September 30, 2010

Feeling Fallish...

Hi There!

While the temperatures around here are definitely not fall like, I've been busy this week putting up the rest of my fall decor. I don't have a lot for Halloween, but that may change if I find/create items that will celebrate the holiday without being too over the top. I thought maybe you'd like to see what I've come up with for the rest of the fall feeling in our home.

First up, I spent a few days creating the wreath you see here. It's made with a foam wreath circle from the Dollar Tree and a large roll of orange crepe paper. All you do is cut the crepe paper into four inch long strips, fold them in half and pin them to the wreath form. It takes a lot of pins, but no hot glue, which is nice. I saw the idea here and had a lot of fun creating this. I did a row of three loops, then a row of two loops and I'm pleased with how it came out.

Here's a close up of the decoration I came up with for the wreath. I'm pretty tickled with it. Burlap cut with a scallop circle Nestie. Gathered lace and gathered ribbon. I did pull out the hot glue gun for this piece.

After I got done with the wreath today, I wanted to work on another idea I've seen out there in blogland. I had picked up some frames from the Dollar Tree and chose papers I liked that fit my decor. I then cut letters on my Cricut with the Storybook cartridge and got this...

Ohhhh, I think adding the pumpkins to the apothecary jar, the wreath and the framed letters adds a nice touch to the vignette I've come up with. Yay! I found those little pumpkins in the jar at Joann's yesterday day. I got a decent sized box filled to the brim with the little guys for $5. 

On the coffee table this is what you see...

I'm not 100% convinced I like the leaf ball, it may be changing (I stuck the leaves into a stryrofoam ball). You see more of those little pumpkins in the metal basket I found this week at a Goodwill in Denver (for 50 cents or so) and I also found that cute little fabric pumpkin on the same shopping trip to Joann's yesterday.

I changed out the flowers heere and added a ceramic pumpkin from the thrift store.

And on the porch, I crocheted a bunch of leaves and added them to the poles. The picture doesn't do them justice, I don't think. 
I found a nice spot for that garland of pumpkin lights. *Ü*

Back inside...

I found this pillow at Joann's too. I admit it, I splurged, but I think it was worth it. I smile when I see it. Oh and the leaf garland (there are actually two strands) were tucked inside a bag of foliage I picked up at the thrift store. I don't pay more than a couple of bucks for a bag and I was pleasantly surprised at the treasures tucked inside!

And another little vignette by the tv. Most of the foliage you see here was picked up at the thrift store as well as the vases (but I got those months ago).

I'm happy with the mood I've created in the house. I don't think anyone else really notices, but I do smile when I look around, so it's worth it for that.

Thanks so much for stopping by. 
Hope you have a great end to your week!



Laurel said...

I always love seeing your seasonal decor.

Kim Burmeister said...

Holy Moly! You sure do it up right for fall. I love it ALL! I like the "leaf ball". Your wreath is awesome! I love how you decorate for the holidays.

Sharli said...

Oh Jeanne, YOU make your home so warm and happy! I love your seasonal decorations and while I'm sometimes remiss on even the BIG holidays, I always enjoy seeing your efforts!


Erica said...

great job! you inspired me to go to goodwill the other night & i found some cool stuff for fall too!

mE said...

Beautiful, Beautiful! You're inspiring me more and more to do more fall stuff around here! Tomorrow is officially October (when my pumpkin "season" starts)... I'm totally stoked to start doing pumpkins and fall foliage and decor around here! It's my favorite time of year (excluding Christmas which the all time FAVE).

Hugs to you!


stampmonkey said...

Jeanne, you sure know how to do it up right! Your crepe paper wreath is so pretty, the leaf bouquet is so unique and festive, and I love all the different, fun crocheted garlands you've done and this leaf one with the multi-colored yarn is really beautiful.

I've already read your later post that said how your girls appreciate your decorating, so I'm glad that you're not just decorating for yourself...although, even though that's not the case, it would still be worthy of your effort. ;)

Hope you enjoyed the cooler temps today --it finally feels like fall weather. Too bad we're supposed to be back up to 80 for the next couple days.

big hugs,

Barb said...

VERY nice decor, Jeanne! I love seeing all your special touches. The wreath you made is so cute and you know I love all those mini pumpkins you have setting about. Great job on the crocheted leaves too. Very pretty.

Jackie said...

oh you so make me want to remember to get out my fall decorations :) gotta do that before halloween is over!