Monday, September 13, 2010

Organizing Garage Room/Crafty Space

Last night, the hubby asked me if I could work on clearing out some space in the garage room  this week for the soon to come weight bench. I got to work right after my breakfast.

I needed to clear out under the table that was positioned like a peninsula in the garage and tuck it away. To do that, I needed to clear off some modular shelves I had sitting on it. I got an idea to use those shelves in the closet in the house for storage. Okay, for more efficient storage. I took some pictures of the closet before I got started and again as I finished up for the morning. And I'm willing to share the ultra embarrassing photos, just in case it might inspire someone else.

Top portion of the closet. Sort of had some organization there, but stuff still ended up getting stashed haphazardly
Middle/bottom of wire shelf unit. All of those milk jugs with water are for the fish tank (20 gallon, I think) when Steve cleans it. He changes the water every single week. It used to be just one shelf, but for some reason, he needs a lot of water for the task. Oh and he warms the water up, too, before he puts it into the tank. Spoiled fish, huh? LOL
Okay, the shelf above all the water had Steve's rockets on it and a couple of kites that belong to the girls. Oh and a pair of ice skates for Steve. All of this stuff got moved out onto the same shelving unit in the garage.

Other half of the closet. Stash and dash, what can I say?

Too much stuff in too small of a space, for sure. It has been a bugger to get that ironing board out, I can tell you. Good thing I don't do much ironing or I might have to break it in frustration. LOL Steve irons his own shirts. Am I a good wife, or what? LOL

And now some after, but not quite finished pictures:
Top shelf area.

Mid shelf, where all the rocket stuff was.
Other side of the closet...I think the ironing board will be easier to get in and out of the closet now. 
Yay, for Steve!

And the top portion of that side.

I also moved into the house another filing cabinet I had under the table that is now tucked away in the garage. I took the drawers out and lugged it into this room. Then I had to keep it on its side so I could put the drawers back into it, before tilting it into position. Why did I have to do that? Because the bed that is also in the crafty space got in the way. I can't open the drawers all the way, but enough to make them functional. I need all the storage space (preferably hidden) I can muster in the room. I took a picture, but it's super blurry, so I'll have to take it again later.

I'm going to ask Steve if we can move move the bed to where the computer desk currently sits, and move the desk along the wall where the bed currently resides. Then that file cabinet will be fully functional. I'd do it myself, but I don't want to mess with the computer stuff. She says, with the voice of hard learned experience. 

And that's all the time I had today to devote to the project.
Thanks so much for stopping by!
I hope you have a great week.



Alanna said...

Fun pictures. I'm glad you could do some rearranging.

FYI, I don't iron either.

Anonymous said...

Good for you!
It looks super-great :O)

Sharli said...

Oh My Goodness, Jeanne! Can you come and organize my storage closet, too??? Pretty please!?!?!

This is an amazing transformation!
I love the "wink" at how easy the ironing board will be to reach now. LOL


Kim Burmeister said...

Wow, Jeanne! You did an awesome job! I agree with Sharli...come to my house and organize my closets. Geesh! They really need it.

Love all the pics!

Kathi C. said...

You are not the only one with "stash, stuff, and shut the door" closets. This one, however, is looking pretty good in your "after" photos.

As for Steve ironing his own shirts, good for him. It's good he takes care of the spoiled fish, too. LOL.

Have a great Tuesday, friend!

Shropshire Suz said...

wow you were busy!...great to have a sort out isn't it?...they say its good for the soul hehe
Great job
Hugs Suz x

Carolyn Christie said...

Women you really get er done!! Nice job!!

Jackie said... go your organizing creativity...