Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Friends Are Fabulous!

I've been on the receiving end of some great happy mail recently! The reason, I just had my 45th birthday! August 31st is my birthday, and while the day may have been taken up with school related activities (Back to School Night), my friends have been so sweet to remember it with lovely cards and gifties! You all sure know how to make a gal feel special! Thank you so very much!
This happy mail is from Sparkle!

My friend Becky took note when I mentioned wanting this stamp set in passing! 

My sweet friend and blogging buddy, Kim, sent me this lovely card!
Kim and I started blogging together and would help each other out when we first started on this cyber journey! We've become great friends along the way, too.

My fabulous friend, Kathi, sent me this gorgeous bouquet of flowers. 
What a wonderful surprise this was!

The always sweet Alanna sent me this great card and lovely goodies that arrived today. We really do need to find a mutual meet spot, Alanna, so I can give you a great big hug in person!

Dear sweet Erin made this adorable card  
and a one of a kind gift that she made just for me!

It's hard to get a good photo of it, but she sewed around the edges and look at all those gorgeous butterflies!

I've also received several wonderful emailed birthday wishes!
Thank you all, so much for all the love and generosity you've shared.
I treasure you!
Smooches and hugs!
One of the things I did do on my birthday was work on that crochet project
Remember this?

I finished the project yesterday afternoon.

This is the front, which still needs a ribbon threaded thru the front so the gap isn't so revealing.

This is the back.

I intended this for Amy, and I was going to make a second one for Jessica. Even though the gauge was spot on, it's a bit too snug for Amy (and it's a size 12, the largest size offered). Those flowers are 1 1/2 inches in diameter, which is exactly what the gauge is supposed to be. Theoretically, I could make it again with a bulkier yarn, but quite honestly, the thought of making all those flowers again just isn't all that appealing. So, it will go to Jessica. It's a big big for her, but not by much. And she'll wear a shirt under it anyway, which will help. I found the pattern here. Oh my goodness, there sure are some CUTE patterns in her shop. It was a splurge to buy this pattern and I had fun creating it, but buying more at this time just isn't in the budget.
This will have to a one of its kind creation for me. 

Thanks so much for the visit and the birthday wishes. You always brighten my day.



Laurel said...

So nice to get happy mail and you so deserve it! You are so sweet, happy belated birthday!

Jean said...

Happy happy birthday Jeanne!

Alanna said...

How fun about all the happy birthday mail you got.

I love the top you made and Jessica will look absolutely darling in it. You are truly amazing to be able to make that.

Kim Burmeister said...

Hope you had a great birthday! Looks like a lot of great happy mail.

WOW! Look at your project! It is so pretty!

Carolyn Christie said...

HaPpY HapPy BiRtHdAy Jeanne. WOW what sweet gifts! You are a sweetie!!

Anke said...

Oh happy belated Birthday Jeanne, I am so sorry I missed the date! Sounds like it was a wonderful one though!
I love that little top you made, it's adorable! I can only imagine how much work that must have been!

Sunghee said...

happy belated birthday! You have lovely friends!

Sparkle said...

I'm glad you had a lovely birthday! The top turned out darling!

Barb said...

Oh Jeanne...belated happy birthday to you! Look at all your lovies you received...such pretty goodies. And your crochet work, is as lovely as ever.

AaronB said...

Happy very late birthday! That top is so cute-If I was about 100 lbs lighter I would so wear it!!

itsabrt said...

Well Happy Belated Birthday to you! I hope you have had oodles of of time to to play with your toys! Beth

Jackie said...

Happy late birthday!