Thursday, November 4, 2010

Can You Stand A Few More Paper Lace Cards?

I think I got super lucky in finding this cartridge. The Cricut website says it's coming soon. I was at Hobby Lobby and they had a card hanging for it as well as finding it at Michaels. My friend, Kari, who lives in the midwest, went to her Michaels and they don't have it, not even a card for it. Perhaps my area is putting them out a smidge early? I don't know. But I do know I haven't been this excited about a product in a very long time. I hope you don't mind seeing a couple of more cards I made today. I wanted to use a color other than black. LOL My Amber Autumn stack isn't getting put away, so it's being put to good use. *Ü*
Oooooh, can I say that I love, love, love these colors together? Again, super simple, but I think it has a vintage feel to it. I keep thinking if I add to it, it'll be too busy.

And here's another quilt type card. This image is call mod, but it looked very quilt like to me.
Do you like that baker's twine?
Go ahead and enlarge the picture to see it better.

Wanna know where I got it?
From my craft room.

I love the look of baker's twine but I can't find it around here. Wait. I take that back. I can find it at Archiver's,  but I think it costs too much for what you get. They have a pack there for $4. I think you get two colors, maybe about 10 yards. They had Martha Stewart's but I passed it up the first time, and then I got a coupon, went back and it's been sold out. Sometimes when you snooze you lose. 

I took a good look at the stuff they had in stock.
Guess what it is?
DMC floss.
No joke.
Two colors of DMC floss. 
4 strands per color.
DMC costs somewhere around 35 cents for a skein of, I believe, 5 yards. 
The frugal side of me couldn't pay what they wanted.
I have a lot of DMC floss 
and I also have cotton thread floss.
You can find it in the same area as embroidery floss, the skeins are usually hanging up and there's a texture to them. You can also buy them in packs.

Anyway, I thought for sure I could twist the stuff at home.
Today I tried it. And it worked!

What I did was take two colors of an undetermined length. I didn't measure, maybe 24 inches? 
I tied one end in a knot and taped it to my desk. I took a strand in each hand and crossed over and over again. I kind of pulled the strands apart after I crossed them to tighten it. I also used some tension, so the strands were straight and not droopy. It's hard to explain, but easy to do.

Anyway, that faux baker's twine in the second card is make with that cotton thread twisted together.
Neat, huh?
Even if you don't think so, nod your head okay? 
Because I thought it was sort of clever. 
I can try to match my "twine" to my project. 

Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you are having a great day.
Now I gotta go clean up the mess I've made in my craft space.



Alanna said...

I don't mind more of these paper lace cards. It's so exciting to see your excitement about this. i love it and both your cards. The cuts look so good layered over other papers.

I wonder if our Michaels has this in stock.

Oh, and how cool that you made your own bakers twine. If anyone were to do that, it would definitely be you. You rock!

Jena said...

I finally got a chance to come back and visit your blog after a busy couple of weeks - I missed a lot! I've enjoyed your latest card creations and your halloween pics - thanks for sharing!

Sparkle said...

What darling cards! I love the mod pattern!

Kim Burmeister said...

Jeanne, these cards are fabulous! I like these colors as much as the black and white. I don't think you are going to be able to go wrong with this cartridge. Awesome!

Carolyn said...

Jeanne your cards are gorgeous!! I still love your cartridge.
I think i have to pay HL a visit today! :O

mE said...

I AM IN LOVE with the top card!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! I seriously need this cartridge but B and I aren't supposed to make "big ticket" purchases for ourselves between Oct 1 and Christmas. LOL! Im thinking of making an exception because this would be fun for our Christmas cards!

I dont think that it would be to busy to add something to the vintagey card.. maybe a really fru fru vintage flower nestled next to the words, but not much else.

Thanks for the bakers twine idea, too! I've been oogling it but don't want to pay Papertrey's price for it...


Sanela Kubiak said...

I absolutely LOVE the first card. Great artwork.

Sharli said...

LOVE these cards, keep them coming - I'm not tired at all!!

I am inspired by your faux baker's twine - that's really clever! Now you can match thousands of colors (well, over 600 I believe in the DMC line).


Kathi C. said...

A couple more beauties. I love them both, and the tip for faux baker's twine is outstanding. Leave it to you to figure it out.

Barb said...

Your cards are beautiful, Jeanne. LOVE the first one! The colors are just rich...LOVE it!