Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Crochet Stocking "Ornament"

Does it feel like I've dropped off the face of the blogosphere? It does to me! I've been busy, but don't have much to show for it, I'm afraid. Hopefully, I'll have more to share soon.

In the meantime, I have been trying to think of creative ideas for Christmas gifts and came across this idea last weekend. I thought it would be neat to work up and stick in a gift card or something, and then the recipient could have an ornament for their tree. I found some neat holiday yarn at Walmart and decided to create with it.
It wasn't hard at all, but the result is a bit unexpected:

That's one big ornament, isn't it?! LOL It actually fits Jessica's hand! Then I looked at the size on the pattern (which I neglected to notice when I started-selective vision, possibly)'s supposed to be big 6 1/2 inches long. Guess I'm doing pretty well with gauge, then. So, this could still work as a gift card holder, as long as there is something else (like candy maybe) included so the gift card doesn't get lost in that thing. Then maybe the recipient could hang it up as a unique stocking or something. LOL The picture shows it nestled in a tree (close up), and I'm thinking, that must be one big tree, too. The thumb looks all wonky in the picture, not sure why.

Might have to put that thinking cap back on and get my fingers flexed to do some more searching for ideas.

We've sure been enjoying some lovely fall weather. Up until yesterday, that is. A storm blew in and dropped the temps about 30 degrees from the day before. We got some rain, and then our first snow and something I don't remember seeing before, snow pellets! I was working on something and could hear a loud banging type noise. I couldn't figure it out at first, so I went to look. I was hearing them fall. It was kind of wild. Not used to seeing hail in a snow storm. It was louder because we have a metal carport. It didn't last too long and today the snow is melted. We could get another, more significant, snowfall tomorrow.  We'll see!

Seeing as I'm talking about the weather now, I'll sign off with thanks for stopping by! Hope your week is going well.


Kathi C. said...

That sweet mitten would fit right in on my tree. There's big stuff, little things - a real hodge podge of memorabilia. You've heard the story. It could be used in all sorts of places. A pair of them would be cute hanging in the center of a wreath or on a peg,etc. The bottom line is the mitten is great - I love the snowflake on the red background.

Our weather must be a day behind yours. It's raining. Whether or not it turns to snow remains to me seen. As for snow pellets, we've had 'em. Anything goes in this neck of the woods. LOL.

Have a great Thursday!

Laurel said...

OH how sweet is this!

Jena said...

Super cute - I think the size is a bonus. Can't wait to see what else you whip up this holiday season! Stay warm!

Oh, and yes, I will post the 'reveal' to my guess who post - you were the only one who even participated, so I lost the excitement on that one ;-P

Carolyn said...

Too cute! Remember... Bigger is better, heck you can get a whole lot more candy in that.
No snow for us yet.

Sparkle said...

I think it's darling...but had to laugh that it fits Jessica's hand.

Kim Burmeister said...

This is so cute, Jeanne! It has a dual purpose too...hee hee! I thinkn it will look adorable on your tree. Some people have those humongous trees that might make it look little. I don't, but know people who do. Whatever is perfect!

Erica said...

super cute...have you seen teh advent banner that is a bunch of knitted stockings? why not do one w/ a bunch of those? string them up & each one has a days treat leading up to xmas...hang over fireplace, along stair fact...why don't you whip me up 25!!

Sharli said...

It's just darling Jeanne! I love that it's a little big . . . and agree with Kathi about the colors and design. Wonderful!

When I saw your photo I wondered if you were going to tell me that you made it for the remote control. LOL


Anke said...

That mitten is really cute! I wish I had more time to get into some of the hands-on stuff again, but I just can't fit it in right now! You are so talented!

Karisa said...

That turned out great! I'm so glad you enjoyed one of our patterns :)

Karisa Tell

Barb said...

Cute, cute, cute! Funny that it fits your daughter! :)