Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and a Couple of Cards

Happy New Year to each of you! I hope you are looking forward to a wonderful New Year, one with no mistakes in it yet (to paraphrase Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables).

I've managed to create a couple more cards to share. I might have gotten more made if we hadn't cleaned up and put away Christmas today. Things look a little bare at the moment, but that's okay. It gives the eyes a chance to rest after the fullness of holiday decorations. (At least, that is what I am telling myself). If nothing else, it does feel good to have that chore done with.

This is my version of this one on Lea's Cupcakes and Sunshine blog. Mine doesn't have quite so many pearls, mainly because I don't own any of the flourish-y pearls, but I rather like my plain and simple version. 

Hmmmm, wondering if the butterfly needs some antennae? I cut these butterflies with the Cricut and I'm going to guess and say from my new Paisley cartridge. It had a head and antennae, but I cut them off thinking I didn't need them for the look I was going for. The larger butterfly was cut from vellum and then I searched for my Prisma glitter (out in the garage). I ran it through the Xyron and sprinkled it with the glitter. The papers are from Cotton Bloom (DCWV). The ribbon is from Michaels and I like how it picks up the subtle green. I'd have tried yellow, but I didn't have any wide yellow ribbon. Thinking of You is from a Verve set, Grateful Elegance I believe. (gonna have to start taking notes, I'm thinking, for I am having a harder time remembering just what I used).

I've not been as frugal lately as I usually am with regards to papercrafting purchases. I'm going to blame it on the holidays. I got the Paisley cartridge for a steal at Michaels a week or so ago. You are not going to believe me when I tell you that I bought it for...$19.99! I kid you not! Please tell me how I could ever pass that up. It was some clearance deal and maybe this particular store wasn't supposed to put it out, but they did and it rang up for that low price. I was eyeing another one, but then frugality won out and I am happily content with this cartridge. And just today, I picked up another cartridge, but I am going to be a tease and not say which one just yet. Joann's is having a New Year's sale and the price, while not as good as $19.99, made my purchase less than half price. I don't think they'll go on sale again for awhile and I figured I'd get while the gettin' was good. I'm giddy over it, but didn't get to play with it as much as I wanted to today (remember, we cleaned up Christmas). Maybe tomorrow? I made one other purchase today that I'm quite happy with. Michaels has their paper packs on sale for 40% off. Well, the other day I got an email from them that had a 25% off coupon you could use even on sale items, good for today only. So, I picked up the other new DCWV stack called Green Tea for a bit more than 50% off. Love the colors in this stack, too. 

Yea, I'm chatty today. I've thought about limiting my posts to just the cards, but I don't think I can do that. Sorry to those who feel like I talk too much. I guess they can just look at the pictures and move on, right?

Okay, here's my second card
Another uber simple one, but I like it. This brown pattern paper is in Green Tea. The label is cut from the Storybook cartridge. The star....George and Basic Shapes (I think, I cut them the other day and I put all the stuff away). You can't quite tell in the picture, but the star pops up a little. I scored those lines (obviously) and then folded them so the star would be more dimensional. The lines are inked with Chocolate. The sentiment is from Birthday Brackets (Stampendous). 

Tomorrow is Steve's birthday and I thought I might give this to him. I think he'll like it. He honestly doesn't say much about what I create, so I'm not sure if he will or not. Although today I was going to toss a Christmas decoration that I didn't like anymore (remember that wild and crazy pompom covered ball I made...let's just say it didn't grow on me) HE say he liked it and wanted to keep it. Well, okay then.

I have to share this with you because I'm tickled about it. For Christmas this year, several new Wii games ended up under our tree. One being a fishing game (that came with the fishing pole) and another being a Cars (as in Lightning McQueen) game. I was thinking maybe Steve might enjoy the fishing game and it might get him started on playing the Wii. Well, he tried the fishing game, but hasn't figured out how to cast all that well yet, so he's not as eager to play that one, although he'll watch us. No, the game that he really likes to play is the Cars one! And let me tell you, he's good at it, too! Much better than the rest of us (maybe that's why he likes it so well, huh?) He even played it for awhile after the girls went to bed. LOL So, for his birthday, I got him another game, this one is a flying one, where he can fly airplanes. It's a Tom Clancy version game. Tom Clancy is an author who's books Steve really likes to read. I'm told the storyline in the game is similar to his books and the guy who sold it to me has his own game at home. I hope he'll like it. 

And about that fishing game? I am really enjoying it myself. I'm figuring out how to cast and have earned enough reputation points to participate in tournaments. So far I've unlocked two new lakes because I placed well enough or won those tourneys. Not too shabby for a gal who won't even bait her own hook when she goes fishing "in real life." LOL Don't ask me how I did it, but the biggest fish I've caught so far weighed 40 lbs! I can cast almost as well as Amy now. hee, hee.

Okay, I think that's enough blather for one day. 
Hope your first day of 2011 has been terrific!


Kathi C. said...

Your cards are awesome, and I love, love, love your chattiness. I am glad to hear you have treated yourself to some new supplies. Lucky you to have sales to take advantage of!

Cool that Steve expressed his like for the decoration you were going to toss - just like a man. LOL. Cooler that he's taken up Wii.

It sounds like you are having the weekend - a good one - that you deserve. Happy New Year, my wonderful friend!

Kim Burmeister said...

Beautiful cards, Jeanne! Wow! Some great deals on those cartridges.

Sounds like you are all enjoying your Wii. I love how you have to play the game to unlock other parts of it. Great fishing! Hee hee!

Sharli said...

Hi Jeanne,
Your cards are great - the butterfly is perfect the way it is - don't add a thing! I LOVE your "chattiness" - please don't change that, I'd miss it terribly! Your stories make me feel like I've known you and your family forever - maybe we are cousins that were separated . . . tee hee. But anyway - I come to the blog for everything that you offer - not just photos of cards.

Hugs, dear friend!

stampmonkey said...

I love your butterfly card --pretty colors too!

If you think you talk a lot, then I guess I'm in good company...I "talk" as much if not more than you in many of my posts. ;) The way I see it is that it feels like I'm having a conversation with you when I read your blog (even if it's usually one-sided -lol). Just be you. It's your blog. Don't change a thing.

Sounds like you're all having a lot of fun with your Wii games. Too funny that you've become quite the fisherman. ;)

My dad and hubby both love Tom Clancy. In fact, my hubby just picked up an older book of his at a thrift store for .50! And we just gifted my dad with his brand new book at Christmas...he's loving it so far (they are sooooo long, they take forever to read!).

Wishing you a blessed 2011, my sweet friend!