Sunday, January 16, 2011

Long Time No See...

Yikes! I didn't mean to be quiet for so long. In fact, I've had good intentions to get into my crafty space just about every single day and for some reason or another it simply hasn't happened. So, I don't have much in the way of crafty goodness to share.
I made this card to send to Kathi to celebrate the birth of her granddaughter, Marla Jean.  I'm really happy with how this version turned out. The owl is cut from the Paisley cartridge on my Cricut.  The papers are from Nana's Nursery.

I said this version because I attempted to sew on my first version and that attempt ended up in the garbage. Aside from the sewing being just plain bad, I realized that I was seeing mostly the holes in the stitching and not the stitching itself. My needle was too big and was making the holes too large. Ugh. I changed the needle and I think my stitching will look much better. Another problem I had was that I couldn't get close enough to the edge of the paper while stitching with the sewing machine foot I was using. I looked for one I knew I owned that would make it easier to get closer to the edge, but I couldn't find it. THAT led me on a quest to replace it. After spending way too much time looking for the foot I wanted(apparently they don't sell it anymore), I gave up and decided I'd just practice. Well, a thought popped into my head that I had a little box of sewing tools tucked away in the machine cabinet I have (but don't use as a sewing machine cabinet due to space). Lo and behold...there was that silly foot. Wish I'd have thought of it first, would have saved me some time and frustration. Oh well, I have the foot  on the machine. Now I just have to get into the craft space and start practicing.

One thing I have been doing is playing this fishing game on the Wii. I never would have thought I'd enjoy it so much, but I do. There are 10 lakes to fish and you open up the next one by placing in the top 3 of a tournament. You get to play the tournament only after you earn enough reputation points(catching fish earns you points). I've not been playing constantly, but regularly. I have opened up each lake and earned the "privilege" of participating in the invitational tournament. Which apparently is fishing for specific fish on five of the lakes. Yeah, I started it and am getting completely skunked! LOL It's a pretty cool game (obviously) and I've learned a lot of how to play through trial and error. Just yesterday I realized I have also caught all but one species of fish in the game. I'm gonna have to hunt down the one I haven't caught yet. LOL I don't play during the day, but more in the evenings after the girls go to bed. I've also played the Cars game, but keep driving into walls, so I don't feel like I've gotten the trick of that game yet. I know, I'll have to practice more. LOL

Let's see what else? Amy had her choir performance the other night. It was really neat. There are 72 kids in the choir and they sound fantastic. The theme of this one was songs from around the world. I am so completely impressed that the kids learned all the words to these songs which were all so very different from the songs we are used to. Amy even had a small speaking part and did a great job. I took pictures, but they came out pretty bad. You know the whole bad lighting at night deal. I might be able to fix them in PSE, but haven't done it yet.

Other than that, not a whole heckuvalot going on that's worth sharing. I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I am indeed still alive and will do my best to get into my crafty space soon so I have more to share.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a great day!


Laurel said...

Such a cute card!

Alanna said...

How cute is this? I love the owl and how sweet of you to send it to Kathi.

I have missed you in blog land but it seems like you're keeping busy. Have a great Sunday.

Sparkle said...

What a darling card! The game sounds like fun!

Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs said...

I'm going to have to try that fishing game . . . as soon as I get tired of Wii Sports Resort!!! I'm completely addicted to flyover, and I've found all but one information spot. I'm dreaming in "flyover" mode. How sad is that?!

Jackie said...

do you have to wear one of those fishing hats or vests ??? :) My favorite thing to do on the wii is the penguin on the ice balancing...I can really get to giggling on that trying to stay on the ice :)

Barb said...

Your final version is just adorable!

We love our Wii...I'm going to be on the lookout for the fishing game, I think I might like that one.

Kathi C. said...

As you know, I LOVE the card! The owl is so very cute, and the colors/papers are perfect.

I am so glad you are enjoying your Wii. The fishing game sounds like fun.

Have a great week, my wonderful friend!!

HSCreations said...

Great to see you back! I love the card!!

Sharli said...

Oh, I LOVE this card and I know Kathi will, too! How awesome! I've been "too absent" and miss visiting every day - but I can't promise that will change, at least not right away.


itsabrt said...

I love this card it turned out wonderfully!

crochetwithtamara said...


I love your card and I'm especially fond of owls. It sounds like you have been distracted and I love to go to school concerts. I bet it was great. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.


Carolyn said...

Cute card!! The Wii fishing game sounds like a blast!
I know what you mean about sweing with the wrong needle. Been there done that.
Missed you!!

Jena said...

Hello there dear blogging friend - sorry I haven't been by to visit in a while, life has been crazy! I keep meaning to get caught up on what you've posted, but it's just not happening, so I'll start fresh from here ;-P I ADORE this card you made - but then again, because of Brailee, I am drawn to owls. I am going to attempt to sew on one, too, but not an owl card, a big stuffed owl! I hope I can find all the pieces I need since things are still scattered among my two temporary creative areas or still boxed up from the move. Thanks always for sharing your fabulous creations! Oh, BTW, that Wii game sounds like fun, may have to check it out ;-) Have a great week!

Kim Burmeister said...

Jeanne, your owl is darling! I love all the pieces you used to make him. I scallops on the chest are awesome!