Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Cuts from the Florals Embellished Cartridge

Just to show you some other designs besides the butterflies. *Ü*
There are several flowers and medallions as well as some pretty birds. I didn't get to a bird one today. Again, no cards made with these yet, I'm just playing to see what they look like in real life. On that top left one, I think I angled it wrong, so tilt your head to see it as the rectangle shape I think it really is, as I'm feeling too lazy to take another picture. I'm still using the colors shown in the booklet, but I'll bet it would be fun to play with colors to see these in other combinations. I also think some of them are just itching for some bling, too. That will have to wait until another day.

I'm not sure if you are aware, but it's CHA weekend (Craft and Hobby Association conference) in Los Angeles. I've been kind of following some of the announcements, especially in regards to the Cricut. Apparently this is the 5th anniversary year for Cricut and they've come up with a limited issue anniversary version of the Expression and an Expression 2. It appears the new Expression kind of combines the technology used in the new Imagine machine (minus the printing aspect). And I hear you can use Imagine cartridges in the new Expression for the cuts on those cartridges. They are also developing a new online feature called the Craftroom, where you can design using the online program and then cut the images out (if you own the cartridge, that is). It's an online version of the software called Cricut Design Studio. This new Craftroom is supposed to be free. So some interesting developments with regard to the Cricut this year. DCWV has some fabulous looking paper dresses (life sized from the pictures I've seen) that are pretty incredible. It will be fun to hear what else new is coming down the pike. *Ü*

We've been enjoying some unusually mild weather here in CO recently. Friday it was in the 60s!! But, winter is definitely poised to make a comeback as there is a system on the horizon which will have our temperatures tumbling down into the single digits and possibly below zero. I keep joking though, they are making such a fuss over this system that it may just stay in the 40s! (wishful thinking, I'm sure). Tuesday is the day it's supposed to hover around 0 and that's the day where we have parent teacher conferences and Amy has a Girl Scout meeting. So we'll be able to fully "enjoy" whatever comes our way. LOL

I hope you are having a lovely weekend and a great start to your week. Stay warm, wherever you are.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing some more of the wonderful designs from your Cricut cartridge. It looks like you are having lots of fun with it. I'm sure you're glad that you purchased it. Wouldn't it be nice to go to the CHA in Los Angeles? Anyway, out weather has been the same here in Kansas. We are supposed to get some bad weather starting on Tuesday too. We'll see how well the forecasters do this time:)


Kim Burmeister said...

Jeanne, these designs are fabulous! You are having a lot of fun with your Cricut. Thanks for your inspiration.

We had mild weather at the end of last week, but the temps are back to winter now. Brrr! The mild weather makes me want spring to come. Oh, well! It will be here soon.

Carolyn said...

WOW those are really nice! So glad you're having fun with them!
60's one day and zero the next. I would go crazy! :)
We are in for a snow storm... Blizzard that is. We could get over a foot of the white stuff.
Looking forward to spring!

Kathi C. said...

More beautiful cuts! I'm anxious to see the birds.

Like Kari, I would probably go crazy dealing with such weather extremes. It's extreme here - but only in one direction. No storm warnings but a windchill advisory of a mere 25 to 35 degrees below the doughnut. Brrr...

I'll be thinking about you tomorrow as you brave the cold! Take care, sweet friend.