Friday, November 15, 2013

Crocheted Owl Gifts

I recently completed a couple of crocheted items that were birthday gifts for my friend, Becky. She really likes owls. I try to find something unique and/or fun that has an owl theme for her. She liked them (yay!) and I thought you might like to see what I made. It was fun getting back into crocheting again.

This first project is called, It's a Hoot!
I found it via Pinterest. Here is one of the pins you can find on Pinterest. A unique feature is the fact that the buttons are crocheted in place as you complete the round of stitching. This is opposed to stitching them in place after you are done with the project. I thought that was pretty neat. And I liked the cable look of the owls themselves. The yarn I used is Red Heart Shimmer. You may not be able to see it, but there is an iridescent thread running through the yarn that adds a wonderful, well, shimmer. I can attest that the pattern was easy to follow and worked up rather quickly.

Next up is an owl doll/pillow/decor item. 
The pattern calls her Maggie the Owl and I was immediately smitten with the geometric shapes and the African Flower design. (Becky is also a fan of anything geometric) How cool to piece the motifs together to create and animal. Here is the pin that sucked me
Here is the finished project.

I have to share that I originally crocheted all the motifs using regular worsted weight yarn as specified in the pattern. I freely admit that I have difficulty visualizing what a finished project will look like in terms of sizing. And it wasn't until I started putting the owl together that I realized just how big it was going to become. Too big for me to feel comfortable with. I took a picture of the one I completed and the front part of the original version. 

Yikes, huh?
I was bummed at first when I realized how large it was going to become, thinking I wouldn't be able to make the owl after all. Then I got the idea to try again, only using a smaller yarn. So I ended up using what is called crochet thread. It is bedspread weight cotton thread. I'm thrilled at how well it worked! I took these pictures on my bed so as to give you an idea of the size of the owl against the standard size decor pillows that are on the bed. Plus I thought the colors worked well together. 

Thanks so much for stopping by.
I hope you have a happy weekend!
Check back soon as I made some cards today. 


Laurel said...

Super cute, love the toque!

KayM said...

I am so lucky to have gotten to see peeks of these before they went live on the blog!! hahaha!! I do love them!! That hat is just a class act!! Love that owl pattern crocheted in and Maggie is just as cute as she can be!! You're so smart!!

Barb said...

Amazing! Amazing and beautiful! I love these owl themed projects. So very pretty!