Friday, September 7, 2007

A Beautiful Birthday Card by Becky!

When I was talking about my birthday last night, I forgot to mention the beautiful birthday card I received from my friend, Becky. She designed it herself and used a technique I showed/told her about on the butterfly. I was so touched that she took the time to create this for me. I wanted to share it with you. Thanks again, Becky! :o)

Jessica didn't have school today, so we ended up going to my scraproom (after a trip to Joann's and the Dollar Tree). I did take the time to clean up a bit and put things away. Back to School time is another "season" where I get the urge to clean up/organize. I guess it must be the "new start" feeling. I felt better clearing out some things and finding a home for some items in a pile that had been steadily building. I'm never "done" in this area, as I am sure many of you will understand. (do I see heads nodding up and down?) But after I straightened up a bit, I started cutting some projects based on an idea that my upline/friend Kay shared when she was out here late last month. She is prepping for Gatherings all at once, so that if someone tells her they'd like to have one, she is ready in advance. I spend far too much time it feels like, prepping right before a Gathering. Anyway, I used my new Fiskars guillotine paper cutter that my dad bought me and I have to admit, Kay was right!!! It does cut down on the amount of time cutting when you can cut several sheets at once! I still need to get used to this cutter, but overall, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I was able to cut in a relatively short amount of time.
I didn't have time to actually complete any project today.
We went to Amy's school for Back To School Night. It felt odd that it was held on a Friday as all my experience with BTS night have been it being held on a Thursday, but it appeared to have a great turnout! We had a hot dog and chips courtesy of the school and then toured Amy's room and chatted a bit with her teacher. She shared her philosophy on teaching in the younger grades and I was pleased to hear about her approach. She's taught kindergarten and second grade, so I feel like she knows where the kids come from and where they need to be by the end of the year. Then we had Amy show us around the school. The school underwent a major construction renovation and I was curious to see it all completed on the inside. It looks nice and she was excited to show us where all her Specials classes (art, music, computer and gym) were held as well as the library. It was nice seeing how excited she was to share with us.
I hope to get out to my scraproom and do some creating this weekend. Tonight I was looking into a new Photo Manager program I bought a few weeks ago and have done nothing with, but I think I am too tired to fully understand it right now. So, I decided to try again when I'm a bit less tired.
Have a great weekend!

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Jeanne said...

I've tried a couple of times to get the paragraph breaks to show up and I am not sure why they aren't. Just thought I'd mention it, since it looks like I just rambled on in one huge paragraph. I know it makes it a bit harder to read. Sorry 'bout that!