Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thinking of You card and Paper Piggies!

Happy Sunday! Well, Monday for those who subscribe...LOL I'll just bet you are wondering what the heck Paper Piggies are. Just for Erin G. I thought I'd post what I've been up to for the past few days. On Wednesday of last week, one of Jessica's preschool teachers asked if I would mind cutting out some pigs for them. She gave me a pattern and a stack of large white paper. I could fit two pigs on one sheet. I said sure since I don't get the chance to volunteer in the classroom. I think doing some of these types of things at home is a good way to help out. She didn't need them til Monday, so I spent a day or do in my spare time tracing out the piggies. Then this weekend I got to work on cutting them out. I actually overworked my wrist/hand yesterday doing too many and then sponging pieces for a card. I think I cut out 60 in all. So, the first picture is all of them neatly stacked and I spread them out a little so you could see the stack a bit. LOL Today I had just about 15 left to cut and the wrist held out with no problems. :o)

Next up is the card I created this weekend. Those in my Hostess Club, this is what you'll be getting with your order, when it gets delivered (shipping is a bit slow right now, so thanks for your patience). I used the newly released Booking Set, so it's not a set available for purchase. (sorry, but isn't it pretty???) I was inspired by a card I saw on a blog last week. The card I saw was 3 1/2 x 8 and I modified it to be a standard sized card. The colors are Outdoor Denim, Indian Corn Blue and Autumn Terracotta. I got a new large circle scallop punch and was just itching to use it! I also received a really cool punch from my friend Becky. Its two punches in one and from Creative Memories. I used the corner punch part. But you can also punch the full "image" by putting your paper in a different part of the punch. It's very neat! (Thanks again, Becky-I was itching to use this punch too). So I was able to tame my itch in one card.
Anyway, after cutting a bunch of the pigs, my hand was sore from holding the scissors, so I started on this card and ended up sponging all the edges of the pieces. It went fairly quickly, but my wrist/arm really let me know I overdid it last night. I was going to try to work on a digi layout, but I didn't want to press my luck overworking the same hand even more! Thankfully a good night's sleep relieved the discomfort I was feeling.
I have another topic I though I would throw out there. I read Stacy Julian's blog pretty regularly and am oftentimes inspired by what she writes. Well one day last week she asked readers to comment on: "If you could change one thing about scrapbooking (and/or our industry in general) that would allow more people to embrace and enjoy this amazing hobby, what would it be?" She's gotten over 200 comments on that post! I've read quite a few of them and see a few themes repeated. So, I thought I'd just ask what you think! Not that I can make any impact, but I have been thinking about what she wrote since I saw the post, so maybe I can get my mind off of the topic by asking for your thoughts on the subject. :o)
Thanks for reading! I hope you find some time to create today!


Clearly Inspired said...

Love the card! You are a very good volunteer. Wow! What a project?! I hope they are grateful.

The Cute & Adorable, Yet Ever So Humble, mE said...

OOOOH Jeanne! I love the card...

.... and I am soooo glad it's on my desk now :) WOOO HOO! I've gotta book a party to get that stamp set!!!! (Thankfully one of my former downlines is a really close friend!)

Thank you for the card! It is even PRETTIER in person!