Thursday, September 27, 2007

Swimming and a Window...

Sorry no artwork to share today! I had a day where all my plans went awry for one reason or another. So, I thought I would share some photos I've taken recently. :o)

I took my camera to swim class on Tuesday to try to capture some of the things the girls are doing. I discovered however, that the lighting in the area with the pool is not conducive to taking pictures! I only got a few of Jessica that came out okay. The ones of Amy are all blurry. Part of it was the light, I'm sure, but it is also very humid in the pool area and that may have had something to do with it. Oh well. These couple of Jessica are priceless though. This is the girl who sat on the edge of the pool for the first 20 minutes of her first class this summer. I have watched her gain so much confidence in the few weeks we've been going this fall. I think her expression shows it well.

We are in the middle of getting two new windows installed in our house. Let me say that all but two of the windows are original to the house which was built in 1961. The previous owners had installed some storm windows. Well, this window's storm window, especially the rather large center pane was coming out of its casing. So, for the past few years we haven't touched it for fear the glass would come crashing down. We got a great recommendation for this company and decided to replace this window and an even bigger one in our Great Room (which is a converted two car garage). The guys optimistically told us it would take just a few hours to install both windows. Well, they got here at 3pm yesterday and left at 7pm and only got this window mostly installed. Apparently it took a LOT longer than they anticipated to get this one window out. Then they discovered that the top part of the opening needed to be rebuilt because it wasn't flush. But, here you can see the old window leaving and the new window being installed. I was excited that I would finally get to open the vents...but alas, another problem...the screens they brought were 1 inch too small! So, I can admire the window, but not open the vents unless I want to let all the bugs in. LOL They will be back either tomorrow or Saturday to finish.
Despite the delay (which is typical of anything we have tried to do in terms of improving the house), I am very excited to have these two windows installed. The wait will be worth it. Over time, we will replace the rest of the windows, but the great thing is we can do a few at a time if we want.
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AZMom said...

I miss Colorado something fierce!! I just found your blog off the CTMH help yahoogroup. :-) We lived in Highlands Ranch for 12 years and now live in AZ. I hope to move back to CO soon!

Anonymous said...

Jessica is growing up so much and is adorable! I looked at the other pages you completed. They are great! Amy is growing too! I wish we were closer and I could share in their growth. They are both cutie pies!! It was good talking to you the other day! Take care, Monica