Saturday, November 3, 2007

1st Ever National Digital Scrapbooking Day!

Today was a fun day for me. Yes, there is indeed a National Digital Scrapbooking Day and it was fun! Just about all the digi shops had specials, freebies, chats, etc. I grabbed some great freebie kits, bought some goodies on sale and watched a webinar for my photo managing/digital kit software. In amongst this fun, I cleaned up my computer corner, swept, cleaned out the couch and chair, found a computer disc I thought I lost (and learned a paper clip can open a non-plugged in device) and even found a cartridge for the girls' video game. Oh mustn't forget that I started and finished all the laundry!

I also managed to work in completing two digi layouts. Ta-da!
This first one was a work in progress most of the day. It is so simple, but it took me a long time to figure out just what I wanted to do. But, in the end, I think it was worth the time it took.
I used a kit from a CD I have called Digital Scrapbook Memories-Playground. The specific kit is Megan's Swing (papers, stitching, swirl).
The "girly" is an alpha from Amy Teets-Sunporch. Fonts: Edwardian Script and Century Gothic.

This second layout is our second Saturday Start To Finish Challenge. I took the pictures this afternoon, but didn't get to start the layout until after the girls went to bed. We are supposed to start and finish the layout in 30 minutes. Last week I did it in around 45 minutes, but today I was able to complete this in 30 minutes! Yea, me!

Our subject was What Makes Me Happy and I thought I would try to have a little fun with it.

Credits: Festival Kit from Shabby Princess, Edwardian Script and Century Gothic fonts.

Man, it was a race to get this one done and while it's not perfect, at least I can say another one done!

By the way, Amy has been practicing her jumproping skills for about a month now and she's getting pretty darn good!

Now, my eyes are tired, so I will close.
Thanks for looking. I promise, one of these days I will work on something besides digi stuff, but for now I am just having too much fun with it!

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