Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Corn Box-Week 2 Lesson

I was going to post this yesterday (Monday) and it didn't happen! Ooops! This lesson was jam packed with all kinds of new things. I decided to use pictures from our Saturday adventure and try to showcase Jessica, since my previous layout was of Amy. Anyway, at the pumpkin patch we went to they had a corn box instead of a sand box! It was pretty cool! The girls absolutely LOVED it! We'd go off to look at something else and they wanted to go back to the corn box. There were little pumpkins and squash buried in the corn, too. Amy was practising her swimming moves and Jessica just had a blast playing.

Now for the lesson. We learned how to add a grunge frame and make it look like the picture was made with it. We learned about the burn tool, which adds the darker color around the edges of the background paper and the notepaper. For me it would be the equivalent of adding ink to the edges of your layout and you all know how I love to add ink to the edges of my creations. :o) We got the template to add the four pictures in the circle and add the journaling in the inner circle. We added the white lines to separate the four pictures. Oh and we learned how to create the black journaling strips with white text. And finally (as if all that wasn't enough) we added an overlay (the flowers in the corners) AND learned how to recolor it. The actual overlay we were given was BLUE.

This lesson was JAM-PACKED with fun stuff to learn. I had such a blast creating this layout.

I didn't get to play with anything today. I ran errands and delivered my Hostess Club orders. Then when we got home, the girls and I carved our pumpkins.
I was a little nervous to let them try to carve themselves, but they really wanted to try it. So I poked starter holes in to give them "dots" to connect and they used those "safe for kids" little knife/saws. Jessica decided early on that I could finish, but at least she tried. Amy absolutely LOVED carving her pumpkin and she really did do a great job! It was a nice time.
I forgot to mention two things from previous posts. First, in the layout about my hair, Amy is the one who took the picture of me in the larger circle. I had her stand on the couch and she did a great job! Most of the pictures were blurry, but that one was pretty darn good!
Second, after we went to the pumpkin patch, we decided to look elsewhere for a corn maze because this place was charing $8 PER PERSON! Seemed awfully steep to me to wander through a maze. We ended up in Brighton and found a maze that was a little less and Jess was free.
I had never been through a maze other than the free ones which are just wander through til you find the end. Well, this one was designed to be the shape of a race car. They also included the words: corn maze, 7News and American Furniture. So in addition to the car shape, we had to work through the letters of the words. Our goal was to find 10 numbered signs and hole punch the corresponding number on our ticket. Each hole punch was a different shape. We could have bought a map(that had the numbers marked), but we chose not to(don't know what we were thinking). As we were looking for #1, a family was leaving and they gave us their map. THANK GOODNESS! We might still be wandering the maze today! LOL
The girls had fun and I discovered that Steve is way better with spatial reasoning than I am, although I did manage to direct us to a few of the signs. And because we were there during the day, there were no spooky scary things popping out at us. Whew...
Guess what the girls wanted to do when we were done at the maze???
Go back to the Corn Box! LOL
Happy Halloween! (since most of you will read this on Wednesday) This year the excitement for Amy is a toss-up. She's excited for Halloween, but is almost more excited about her field trip on Thursday. They are going to a planetarium (sp?) and she's beside herself about being able to get on the bus to go. She still talks about the field trips from last year. And no, I'm not going. She's too independent for Mommy and Jessica to come along. sniff, sniff
And now I'm done!!

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