Saturday, June 21, 2008

Birthday Party!

I've been pretty busy this past week, not only with the girls in general, but also because we had Amy's 7th birthday party today and I've been prepping for the party! On the one hand I am amazed that I have a child who is 7 (just about, it is actually on Wednesday). On the other, this was probably one of the most fun parties to plan and execute because I got lots of input from the birthday girl as to what she wanted. And both girls were pretty helpful all around getting things ready.

First up, they helped get the cupcakes ready. Since we were doing a pool/wet/fish/Hawaiian party, I thought it would be cute to make the cupcakes with baby goldfish, blue sprinkles and graham cracker crumb sand, with a Teddy Graham. The final touch, a paper umbrella like those you put into a tropical drink. I'm pleased at how they came out and they appeared to be a hit with the guests.

And the kids got to play in the pool, swing, blow bubbles, run through a sprinkler and make a craft which was a fish. We also had water balloons and everyone had fun (even the big kids) tossing those around! I didn't get a picture of one, but for the kids, I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (or honey, depending on the preference) and used a fish shaped cookie cutter to make it fun.
Birthday girl swinging with one of her favorite snacks-popcorn! Birthday girl working on her fish.

Jessica really enjoyed the pink glitter glue!
Happy Birthday Sweetie!
Mom is actually very tired tonight, so this is about all you are going to get from me. Amy had a great time and she got some really fun presents (which were played with the rest of the afternoon and evening). She is also very excited about the 2 wheeled scooter (an upgrade from a 3 wheeled version, because - "I'm a big girl now, Mom!") that Mommy, Daddy and Jessica gave her. She practiced all through the house-good thing we have hardwood floors! As she was playing with Jessica, after everyone had left and after Mommy and Daddy finished cleaning up, Amy became really excited as she saw one of her friends that didn't make it for the actual party come up the driveway! I thought they had something come up and wasn't expecting to see them. So we invited them in and the kids played for a bit. Amy felt like she had a whole other party after her main party!
We ate dinner at Gunther Toody's Diner and as I looked at her, I was amazed anew at how grown up she looked. It seemed to have happened overnight. Sigh...then she lifted her bowl of strawberry sundae and slurped it down...and gave it a lick for good measure. Ahhhh....all's right with the world! :o)
Thanks so much for stopping by. I HOPE to get to do some creating tomorrow.
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Kathi Carlson said...

What a fun day! I love your story and photos. The cupcakes look great.Those little girls look like so much fun . . . maybe someday one of my boys will bring me someone wrapped in a pink blanket! As for creating, it looks like you've been doing plenty - just something different! Hugs!!

Barb W said...

Hey there, Jeanne. Sounds like the party was a success! How fun! And I love the cupcake idea, they turned out so so cute! The girls are adorable, isn't it fun having daughters? Anyway, get some rest and I'll check back on you later. Have a wonderful weekend!~Blessings and Hugs~ Barb.

Kariberry said...

What a fun Birthday Party! Cupcakes look yummy.
I read your tip on Kathi's blog and did a search on the Scor Pal. I think i need one. LOL
Love your blog!

Kathy said...

Sounds like you have been a busy gal! What an accomplishment with all of the party things you were making. The cupcakes look delish! Looks like everyone had a good time. LOL. I think you should rest for awhile, get your strength back, then show us what else you have in your creative mind.

stampmonkey said...

What a fun day for the girls (the pics say it all!), even though it was a ton of work for you. ;) Love the whole fish/water-themed party, and those cupcakes are too cute! It sounds like Amy (and Jessica) really enjoyed herself and that she'll look back on this as one of her favorite birthdays! tfs

Rest up, Jeanne, and then come back and show us what you created. ;)

Ratzlaff Reflections said...

Those cupcakes are SO cute!! Awesome job girls!!