Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Last Day of 1st Grade!

We made it! Amy had her last day of the first grade today. I hear they had ice-cream. LOL I asked Amy if she wanted a picture of her with her teacher (the gal in the jean jacket and red shirt) but she said no. Then I asked if she wanted a picture with her friend, Hattie. She said yes and it's a cute one I think. A sweet mom of one of the kids in Amy's class had balloons and Otter Pops for them when they came out at the end of the day.

Amy started the day with a braid, but it's always a surprise to see what's she done with it during the day. Today, apparently she took the braid out and tucked her ponytail up in the rubber band. LOL

Hattie's (don't you just love that name?) mom and I have become good friends after hanging out together for two school years now. :o) She started to become involved in the Parent/Teacher group the last month or so of school and when she told me what she was working on for the group, I'd asked if she needed help. If I could, I'd jump in and do what needed to be done. (I plan on becoming "officially" involved in the fall). The big event today was the 5th grade culmination. So, I showed up with Jessica at 8:30 and did what I could to help them set up and then serve cake/lemonade when the ceremony was done. I also helped with cleanup. It was kind of fun to be a bit involved in helping out. I was pleasantly surprised at how many of the 5th graders thanked us for being there and helping their program go smoothly. That's impressive, I think! Jessica played with her good buddy, John (Hattie's brother) who will also be starting Kindergarten in the fall. So, the girls had a fun day and I was able to feel like I'd done something productive and helpful for the school, finally!

We had 90plus degree weather the other day, but a cold front/storm has been moving into the area and today it was cool/overcast and a bit rainy. Thankfully, it didn't rain during this morning's outside 5th Grade Culmination Ceremony, the sun even peeked out a time or two. This afternoon, we heard some thunder. Somehow, temps in the 60s and rain just don't say summer vacation is starting! Tomorrow it's supposed to be only near 60 and rainy. Oh joy!

And I get to take the van to the transmission shop tomorrow because twice now the vehicle has shifted from Drive to Neutral without me touching anything while driving. I've apparently gunned it enough to trigger the Service Engine Soon light. Oh and remember that the Saturn was all of a sudden not starting?? Well, I guess the van is feeling left out and has been doing the SAME thing (sporadically)! It took me like 10 tries to get it to start today after I picked Amy up from school and we were trying to head home. The girls were worried that we'd have to walk home. When I told Steve and he went to check it out this started just fine. Grrrrr....

Ah well...this is the stuff that keeps life interesting, no?

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Heather said...

It seems that crazy weather is the norm this spring/summer - may you have many temperate, lovely days ahead of you!

stampmonkey said...

Glad you enjoyed helping out at school (being a career parent -lol, this is the first year I haven't!), and glad that your girls enjoyed the day as well. It's nice to be involved at the kids' school so you can (1) help out, which they never seem to have enough of, and (2) you get to see who your kids' friends are and how your kids' act at school. ;)
It is surprising that some of the kids were actually thanking you -- what a nice surprise!

And yes, this weather is SO wacky!! We got poured on for most of the day today, with temps in the 40s and 50s. Did you say summer was coming? lol

Kathi Carlson said...

Cute, fun photos and what sounds like a great last day of school. You'll enjoy volunteering at school, but first, I hope you enjoy the summer!! I just hope these weird weather patterns that seem to be everywhere straighten out!