Friday, June 13, 2008

Computer Stuff...again!

If you checked in to see if I've finally posted some new artwork, I'm sorry to disappoint you...I got nuthin'!

But I thought I'd post and share that I think, maybe, hopefully, fingers, toes, eyes crossed, the computer woes might have been fixed! I was running Norton yesterday, and it made it through one drive with no problems, so I started it on another drive and it ran and ran and ran (and was working, I saw the file numbers/descriptions changing) and ran ALL day long! It wasn't one that I normally use so I didn't know what all was on there. Seriously, that thing ran for about 12 hours! Wasn't finding any problems and it was working, just slower than molasses in January. When hubby got home from work, it still wasn't done. Had dinner, went out to run an errand, got the girls to bed and it was STILL running! Steve finally stopped it and fiddled and futzed worked his magic and decided that was the drive that was what was causing all the problems for me. It was our old main drive to this computer. I did a quick look see and pulled off files I might want someday, copied them to my new main drive and he unplugged the puppy! Then he ran Norton again and it just finished!

He also informed me there was a virus sitting in a quarantined folder. HUH? So, that was probably also causing some issues. We sweep the computer for problematic things and then quarantine them. They aren't supposed to affect the computer. I don't know what I thought happened to that folder...did it somehow magically delete itself??? Anyway, hubby told me I need to delete that stuff every once in a while. (good idea...why didn't I think of that?) Had I known there was a virus there, I would have asked him asap what to do, but I never saw something come thru indicating a problem...Dang viruses! (no comments about Linux, Becky...LOL)

So what have I been doing whilst not on the computer? Um...reading emails on a different computer...the girls' computer no less! (Thank goodness for gmail-as long as I have internet connection...I can keep up a bit that way) But then they'd see me on it and say in their most pathetic voice...I wanted to play a I'd log off just for them...good mom that I am. Whew...where's that smell coming from?

Seriously though...I've been spending time with my girls! Yesterday Amy asked me to play frisbee with her. That was fun!!! Amy can throw a frisbee very well. Catching...not so much, but she can throw it straight to you...more often than not! We've walked the dog each day. We're doing some Summer Bridge activities/workbook each day to keep the brain alive.

We found out that the girls' school is offering a free lunch (for kids) daily all through the summer. So we've been going there to eat lunch. Yesterday we rode our bikes to the school. Which was okay going there, but man oh man, did Jessica whine, cry, wail, moan, complain ALL the way home. She picked the wrong bike to ride...and I told her she needed to use a bigger bike, but did she listen? Noooooo! Being one of "those" parents that allow some natural consequences...I didn't push it. But I didn't think she'd make the ride home feel like fingernails scraping on a chalkboard either! Oh my goodness! I thought my colored hair was going to go straight back to gray! Amy would ride ahead and wait at the next corner oh so patiently, while I would try to cajole Jessica to keep plugging away at it. At dinner, when we were sharing with Daddy, she was laughing about it to him (!!!) and Daddy said...maybe you should use your bigger bike (same thing MOMMY said). And she sweetly said...I think I should (she kept telling me...I think we should take the van...I don't wanna ride my bike. I think the van would be better.) Grrrrrrrr.....Ah...the trials and tribulations of motherhood! LOL Despite that not so entertaining's been fun spending this extra time with them. :o)

Hopefully I'll get some stuff created soon and will be back to share!
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